Site managers should have overall awareness of website optimization


first, establish the overall situation on the management side of the website. We all know that management is to coordinate between the various departments of company staff, make concerted effort of the Department to complete the task, and as the site managers we have to do is to order how to coordinate between the various means of optimization, make effective strategies to play the optimization effect due to achieve the optimization goal, we. Many webmaster problem is easy to fall into, for the overall lack of consideration, did not expect the stability of ascension website weight, only focus on the immediate benefits, in order to optimize the effect of the pursuit of fast track hesitate to buy the chain, collection of articles, pseudo original and even the use of cheating tools to optimize the site, these extreme practice is not a qualified manager for the website optimization should have thought. Benign optimization is mainly reflected in the content, the chain structure of the site, reasonable and effective adjustment, rather than a single highlight a kind of optimization method.

third, their work departments effective coordination of Shanghai dragon. As a manager and dealing with people is essential, many responsibilities are different, all the phenomenon of wrangling in the work is often happened, then, as the manager must in advance to set up department work plan, clear the individual job responsibility, to prevent buck passing phenomenon, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel is mainly responsible for the optimization the results of their website, weight, included the primary responsibility, the website program is the main structure of the site layout, program code >

many owners will encounter a variety of problems in the website optimization, many webmaster especially new love hearsay, today I heard the important content to do a lot of good content, tomorrow to hear the high quality of the chain can rapidly improve site weight of the construction of the chain, heard backstage data analysis user experience is the core of adjusting the structure of hard experience of optimization, in my view, we optimize the website based on the details of the grasp but also pay attention to the overall view, the optimization project is the work of the system, we can not only from a certain aspect to stabilize our website weight and ranking, these details are mutual influence, but we need these details will be effective and reasonable organized. How are we going to do?

second, web site managers to monitor the site operation effect. As a Shanghai Longfeng management qualified for the website, must the operation optimization effect of full responsibility, Shanghai dragon, artist, and editor they each sweep the snow in front of the door, just put their work done, then, whether the work can promote the weights of the website promotion, whether truly for the website maintenance benign development plays a promoting role, we must seriously consider the issue of management, managers need to do is to art, structure, optimization, data analysis of Shanghai Longfeng effect to control macroscopically, the data before the summary and the effect of improvement were analyzed, these fine-tuning truly play its application the value of.

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