Analysis of Shanghai dragon Petals the main core is not the original Shanghai Dragon

introduction: originally I analyzed the beautiful saying Shanghai is not Shanghai dragon dragon, more cattle, but by a team to pull the user, the attention of the team to promote the social, with the flow of Shanghai Longfeng nature under no words. Similarly, today Ian gave us the analysis expression of petals network another point of view: "the core is not the original" Shanghai dragon, the user is king. The petals network robots analysis, let us know some of the tips in the Shanghai dragon petals net, we can learn from the next.


User-agent: *

Disallow: /oauth/

1, petals net Robots.txt file: first look at the search engine to see after the first petal network robots protocol inside the content, this is an important step in site analysis, so that we can probably know what URL this site is prohibited and allowed to crawl crawl.

Disallow: / md=

robots For huaban贵族宝贝

Disallow: / *

Disallow: /bookmarklet/>

Disallow: /gift/goods/*&

#2014-5-26 add

Disallow: /js/

Disallow: /css/

Disallow: /pins/*/zoom/


and Shanghai dragon grass root Shanghai dragon "original, optimization of thinking Shanghai dragon chain auxiliary", so the petals network as a photo sharing website ucg. The size of the collection content first and the "original" behind the amazing draw further apart, so the amount collected and what kind of hidden secret? Ian today to take you into the petals net, Shanghai Dragon Art Appreciation Network "petals together".

as everyone knows, the petals net is a picture collection sharing website, the website content most users are collected by the acquisition tools from other websites, the content is very low degree of the original. Petals web content completely from the original existence, although from the original, but the petals net was falling in love with amazing sea with 89 million of the amount collected.


If you press the

Disallow: /img/

Disallow: /pins/*/js-share/

, a website structure

? ?

Disallow: /404/

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