Analysis do you really understand the meaning of the original article

two: the original article is of value to the users of

three: the original article is concise and easy to understand the

sometimes, we will meet such a problem, we read an essay, we will feel enough, stay for a long time to ruminate, on this page or excerpt, this is a good article, the length of time we stay in this page is called the user behavior, search engines will judge it this article is loved by the users, and then give a good ranking.

website and nature

for example, our website is selling mechanical products, so we site every day to update the contents should be on machinery, can be introduced, our product features, and so on, or there is a demand for mechanical products users concern, mechanical maintenance and repair etc..

on the other hand, if not on mechanical articles, website will receive the punishment of the search engine, because you hurt the user, he came to your site to find what he wants, but the search engine is for customer service, so the original article is related to the site and nature.

well, the topic about the original pony share to end here, I hope the pony "

original article, you should have a clear and concise layout, make people feel good to hear or see, feel comfortable, make friends who do not love and clean people? Secondly, we must express our center in the article in plain words on the Internet, the user’s heart is restless, it is difficult to read something, it is difficult for users to take time to figure out, so don’t challenge their patience, maybe you don’t care about a result is more close the window.

with intelligent search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon road gradually narrow, it seems that Shanghai can only work at Phoenix Er where is the article, so the content is king fired more fire, in other words: the entry of Shanghai dragon, all know the original article is very important, but many people have do not understand the real meaning of the original article, so still complaining about not included, ranking is not good, so, today they share their pony understanding of the original article.

we have such experience, when we read an article, if the sort of scattered, level is not clear, this article you will be very difficult to read, even in the beginning, you will think that this is a very bad article, because it is your first impression is chaos, then we read an article the article, read a few times, but it is not not knowing why it is so so, see the article to express the meaning of the original article, this is a failure.

layout. !

: the original article is related to the

on the other hand, an article in the original words, users read without any feeling experience, read or read it quickly lost interest, off the page, this is also a kind of user behavior, search engines will be recorded, visible, the original article is of value to the users of

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