Shanghai Longfeng job positions and job skills and Strategies

1, Shanghai dragon specialist. Shanghai Longfeng commissioner is doing it? That is specifically released from the chain, writing, data analysis, and of course we also called the chain Commissioner, writing specialist, data analyst, this position the current market demand is very wide. A few days ago I was in the market to see some of Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel took a look at the interview, as long as your Shanghai Dragon technology based solid enough, so your chances of being employed is very high. Of course, the current job wages in 3000 to 7000 yuan. This is the first job entry of Shanghai Longfeng positions, if you are out of the workplace and staff Shanghai Longfeng just started, you need in this post on the Commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng familiar Shanghai dragon skills to lay a good foundation for future development. In addition to general Commissioner: the chain Commissioner, Commissioner and content data analyst, in larger companies is also provided with a keyword mining specialist, you like love Shanghai, mom etc..

according to the current market demand for Shanghai dragon staff, I own a estimates that it needs for Shanghai Longfeng personnel at around 3 million people market gap. I like to share something about Shanghai Longfeng job interview:

3, Shanghai dragon consultants. This position is relative to the industry in Shanghai Longfeng predecessors and the establishment of the general staff, Shanghai dragon is not able to do so, Shanghai dragon consultants to do what work? Do employees in general is related Shanghai Dragon technology training, to the enterprise development prospect and some experience to the enterprise site do some guidance. The salary is very considerable, generally as a unit to million. This than >

, a choice of occupation. As a technical staff of Shanghai Longfeng, we should find what kind of job, the need to set your own ability to add their own opportunities, if we have a strong comprehensive ability, the choice of our interview very wide. What can we do for the choice of occupation, there are three jobs for you to choose.

2, Shanghai dragon head. Shanghai dragon head is a decent job, mainly in charge of the enterprise and the company’s website in Shanghai Longfeng responsible for work, relative to the previous one that was more relaxed, of course, Shanghai dragon executives need superb Shanghai Dragon technology, at least you than the average person to look at the unique, you deal with the relationship between their side things and colleagues. The current market price of Shanghai Longfeng supervisor in 5000 to 10000 yuan. If you have confidence in yourself, then you can try and challenge your ability. Shanghai Longfeng supervisor asked you in Shanghai Longfeng post for at least a year or more, the main task is to write the planning, decision making, internal training and the development of contract and quotation and other aspects of the problem, to be in this position if you need to accumulate a lot of experience, at least in many industries. You know, to solve the relevant problems and proficient in the Shanghai dragon.

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