About Shanghai dragon on the rain we should not question the merits of others.

;In fact, a lot of people watching the

the crowd you " predecessor "

hero " ly"

actually I still hope you can find yourself, some people say there is a need for Shanghai, how to say this thing, in fact, the ranking is up even the high-profile? >


curse you " predecessor "

I don’t know how you look at it, but I’m sure a bit, you do not own, why? Do you look at the person, there is always the connotation is successful, when the name "LY" came out, I pay more attention to his method and style, and there is not the curse forever, regardless of heimao or Baimao at a point is to Shanghai dragon, in order to search engine rankings, if a person has such strength we are not supposed to question ~ no matter what, ranking is the ultimate goal of the

! !The ;

the change of their body: this sentence is my gift to you, why give you, because you don’t equate to nothing to watch and pay attention to the details of this lively, take the road that is to say when the success of others when we should be more to learn, rather than attack, and its change the body is said to really learn expertise himself is "

recent discussion about "ly" only visible to many, ly now become the focus of Shanghai dragon in the support, a curse, but after all about our common goal is to improve the ranking of Shanghai dragon


LY fluctuations, I think ly in his show at the same time, there is more to teach you, why? You know, in the industry category, do you think a person can put real skill all thrown to you? A man has the strength of a person to seize this is a market, the general characteristics of our Chinese, is not willing to take the 100% to treat "adversary", only yourself to learn there are links in the process of exploration! I want to ask you crowd " senior " whether you learn what the LY in this storm? Actually I a rookie level I can understand some truth, I believe you " " also learned predecessors; many things


" so that the crowd; you do not have " predecessors; swear, I believe you have to understand the true meaning of " storm ‘

Shanghai dragon!

my first statement, I do not care what, because the concept of no support in Shanghai dragon

curse who will curse, but the curse before I think we should consider their own, when you criticize others at the same time, think of you being the feeling, empathy, everything needed is calm and ~


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