Shanghai Longfeng win is from the continuous learning and exploration

is in the understanding of the Shanghai dragon and my boyfriend said you were going to the site outside the chain, the competitors to follow you. So slowly for a long time, I know what is the Shanghai dragon. At that time very envy Sina and NetEase large portal that was quickly included. The heart is not the taste. Then you think so. Others in our earlier work, today’s success is also paid a lot of sweat and continuous learning. Through a year of efforts, the website ranking has improved, so that the mystery, not everyone is different in the forum webmaster said. A lot of things, is to rely on their own learning and exploration can be obtained.

. The webmaster will confound. That is not your own search engine violated the law. But most of the time, we are all listening to the wind is rain. Obviously he is well behaved as the content and the chain. The so-called heilian and copied their fundamental has never touched. How to search engine rules? So, when our rankings little fluctuation or decline, don’t panic. Don’t listen to any more to the views of others. Not immediately to modify your website title to the website. All these will make your site to failure. We have to do is to calm down, the finishing their own ideas. Find yourself this time to do Shanghai dragon in the whole process of the details. Good memories in Shanghai Longfeng situation, everyone will know that you have no say. If not, then it is not your problem, Shanghai is the best search engine problems. According to everyone’s guess, love Shanghai will be a large area of the update. Sometimes, even the rules to do the optimization, escape is right down the situation. How do you say? Approaching, love Shanghai search engine is not a person, but a piece of code, even the people, will appear more or less, some wrong. So don’t complain. Wait, wait for the love of Shanghai. The rules of the website, and can get their own efforts to get the good ranking.

When your website ranking drop

so, learning is a person’s life. Shanghai dragon is our business. We have to live in this world only. So, do not have any opportunistic heart. Don’t think the competition ranking is better than ours, we have to copy others as like as two peas into their website. Don’t think you can defeat your opponent. Because after all, love Shanghai has a collection of his website content. As we all know, the search engine spiders love new things, when he found the same content in the website of others, will be very depressed, no interest. Will soon leave. At the same time when the love of Shanghai a new round of updates, your site will disappear. The Internet may never disappear. This is not the author, scare you. Because now love Shanghai more and more strict rules. More and more standardized. As our society, the bad guys to the.

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