Reasonable selection of keywords in Shanghai Longfeng depends not to argue!

Shanghai Longfeng selection weaknesses

is the best way to do a few sites, do sub station to increase the page relevance and specificity, a core keyword of a website is the most consistent with the optimization standard, therefore, if your website is not optimized to look at your website to kill a lot of keywords.


for a long time and did not share the Shanghai dragon article, here to say sorry to write this article is to consult more friends, many of my friends in Shanghai Longfeng often lost, lost because do not know how to optimize a key word ranking, remember. Here is a! A! A! Have to say, many people do not, in fact, is the first step of the problem, also is the key selection of



selection greedy example: computer, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, a host of other keywords together! Or a number of different product types together, even keywords greedy.

1. greedy and dissatisfied Tunxiang words are figured out to kill

by the way here for example to you about popular bidding and Shanghai dragon is what kind of love in the eyes of Shanghai, love Shanghai as a strict city "

solution: for some companies, the product itself is diverse, how to make Shanghai Longfeng? It is actually very simple, first select the core products, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization for single core products, the purpose is to let the search engine better recognition of website content, please pre search engine, let it know the website is to help users. In this, and concentrate on a piece of content, rather than what to do, so after a period of time, can quickly increase the confidence of the search engine, so the early accumulated a certain amount of weight, from the website, gradually introduced second products business, so the second keywords ranking will be easier.


yes, but excessive greed will only allow you to fall edge, if you choose not to pay the Shanghai dragon as a promotion, so best not to like to do PPC so greedy, God is fair, since it is not willing to spend a lot of investment, then investment own energy, reduce selfishness; keywords many of my friends do a lot, I asked him why so many words, he would say that these are my product! Is it because all of your product, love Shanghai will bring you all the words on the home page? Of course not, for natural ranking, Shanghai is still love service users. Not because of the quality of your products to bovine X on your special care, and not related to the keywords, the weight will only distract a single keyword, let the core of search engine recognition site More difficult. Of course, some people will Tucao, home page of the website is bad ah, why can row up, why don’t you ask yourself in addition to send the chain update soft do what

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