The detailed steps of operation optimization

up to now because the home is very bad to users out of the probability of the user click on the home page beyond count, jump directly reached 70% in the high rate jumped out of the site. If the website optimization details very well, your jump out rate and ranking will rise one level.

second a lot of websites have made the mistake of the site to do the high-end atmosphere on the grade, or very non mainstream. If it is used to do the optimization of the site is not recommended to aesthetic considerations, not appearance is not important, but not as beautiful as the reference standard. If the site is beautiful in many aspects as the standard will affect the optimization. For example, a lot of JS effects, effect do very Hyun, but the real users know how to use? If you have a second stop thinking time in the use of an effect, then the design is very failure. If the user open web site at the point of the home needs 1 seconds to read the website is what to do, or what is.

page is a page the most important site, no matter how important the content of home or around the home page set to expand the content of keywords. In this case, the content of home is the key demand content. For example, search Shanghai dragon, the drop-down box appears Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon forum, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon video optimization. That is to say you want to do this website keywords Shanghai dragon, then the page content, or navigation system consists of the following contents, which is to meet the needs of users. On the contrary the website there is no content above, instead of the keyword Shanghai dragon consultants, Shanghai dragon books, Shanghai dragon company the search volume is very small, to make up the word Shanghai dragon is relatively difficult. Here comes the very few search keywords index does not mean very little, but to search the keywords users need these words very few users. As we went to the cake shop to buy a cake, strawberry and orange taste if users buy very much, then we will be strawberry and orange flavored cake to do more on the counter in front of it, and buy less durian flavor cakes do less in inconspicuous places, not even do this flavor. The cake, because the cost will increase.


many people are worried that if this is not affecting the user experience? Then we turn to think, at the counter size under the same circumstances: the counter is placed A we usually love to eat and taste, rarely out of the phenomenon. The counter B is every kind of, nearly half of the guests buy platform does not have a taste, so those who buy more taste frequently out of stock phenomenon. So much for the user, you can choose A or B?. In practice, of course you will choose the A instead of B, because you know there must be you love to eat the taste. As the Internet is like this, a web page size is limited, not unlimited expansion, if too much will cause the content selection costs rise.

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