Reflections on the short link if there is an effect on the Shanghai Dragon

and 302 redirect in previous years, a lot of Black Hat Shanghai dragon has been widely used to cheat, this technology at present, the major search engines are to strengthen the crackdown, as in previous years, the nobility baby Business贵族宝贝 and recently on the BMW website to punish germany. Even if the site is not the objective of spam, is also very easy to search engine easily mistaken for spam being punished.

short address application I believe we all know that micro-blog address short links, for domestic, short link sina of micro-blog for, Tencent, short link of the Sohu is, NetEase, the author made a HTTP head to test the several short links, that figure.


301 redirect: 301 represents a permanent shift (Permanently Moved

Most of the

301 redirect is the web address to change after the best method of search engine friendly, as long as it is not a temporary move, it is recommended to do 301 redirection.

302 redirect: 302 represents the temporary transfer (Temporarily Moved

can see, short link Tencent to do a 301 redirect to the original link, the other 3 do a 302 redirect, what is 301, what is the 302? Let’s take a look at:

made the website to replace the domain name of the webmaster should do a 301 redirect that experienced 301 redirection effect, general weight transfer can take months, and generally can not be transferred, can only transfer the most weight, so the 301 redirect itself is detrimental to the weight transfer, so that the link is a short man effect of Shanghai dragon, but fortunately now still short address service to do a 301 redirect, if not you have no way, another is like micro-blog instant message board star class page weight was very low, so that the majority of owners do not spend too much time in micro-blog do outside the chain, but can still do promotion to import traffic on micro-blog, wrote an article on micro-blog into the flow of the time, you can Refer to my blog (贵族宝贝 Shanghai, ued>



first in the new year, Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon blessing A5 staff and the majority of small owners happy New Year! Two days ago at Le Sishu wrote an article about the short link influence to Shanghai dragon article: impact on Shanghai dragon and application of short URL, the article illustrates the short link to do 301 redirection is no impact on the Shanghai dragon of the original link, also requested that the noble baby video as authoritative support engineer.

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