Shanghai Longfeng optimization stage so that website optimization is more simple

personally feel that this stage is the most difficult to do, because this phase of the site is mostly new, not through the keyword ranking pre adjustment and flow into improve the weight, no evaluation period. Love Shanghai assessment period average 3 months, 12 weeks, this cycle is considered cheating love Shanghai time cost and popular keywords ranking to determine the cycle, so that in this stage the site is still in the internship period.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization: the target keywords did not enter the top 20

first Tucao, most of the underlying Shanghai dragon who now lives in the Internet, can be said to be in dire straits. On the one hand, the salary is low, but the requirements of Shanghai Longfeng staff will HTML, programming, data analysis, Shanghai Phoenix, will auction, website design, website production, PS, will reinstall the computer, database, user experience and management construction domain, will maintain the server and so on, the it is like Wu Yi, eighteen swordsmen, Shanghai dragon staff a new generation can be said to be omnipotent. On the other hand, search engine optimization bombardment, Shanghai dragon who didn’t know how to deal with, every blind optimization, but I do not know can be said today Shanghai Longfeng decide on what path to follow, optimization personnel living environment is unusually harsh.

today, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er no longer have that passion, that every day countless times to the webmaster tools query site, have? Updates to stop the chain, have wood has? Gesanchaiwu to love Shanghai search keywords ranking, have? Well, at the present stage Shanghai dragon indeed than before difficulties, but we should not blindly, every day to update the content of the hair of the chain, it can not change the website, also can not change you. To optimize the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng right, to optimize the site more accurately, to orderly promote the website weight, want to improve website ranking, want to get more traffic, faster to optimize the good website, want to raise, want a promotion, we must understand the principle of the sea love ranking. May have a broad point, the next wood will be ranked according to the principle of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai will enhance the site’s weight or website optimization is divided into 3 stages to let everyone know how to optimize the site with the most correct way.

so in Shanghai Longfeng optimization early, want to lift the weight, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel need to do high quality safety link. This is the wood.

on the other hand, the vast majority of users will only see the love of Shanghai top 2 search results page of results, which is why we are said to be in the top 20. When a new keyword ranking out, did not enter the top 2 pages, there are few users will click into, so in Shanghai Longfeng optimization search engine can not determine the user experience is good or bad, this time the search engine can only be judged according to the third party platform recommended, also is the chain of voting judgment.


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