The site is K is also a kind of beauty webmaster how empathy

Shanghai Longfeng site is K is a normal thing, as the saying goes, the website is not the webmaster K, certainly not a good webmaster. Love Shanghai since 628, has been in Shanghai dragon hearts left a deep impression of word-of-mouth marketing love Shanghai is fast in the webmaster circles. I don’t talk about technology today, don’t talk about the Shanghai dragon, more don’t talk nonsense topic, I want to talk about is just a kind of feelings, feelings of empathy.

, the search engine does not search, then you have to start from the user’s point of view, this time you really need to think about, you do website and user needs the same? Your site does not violate the rules? No rule without Cheng Fangyuan, this is the same the truth of history. So the site was first thought K itself, then from the practical direction to solve the problem.

first ask all the webmaster friends: you make a website for what? To the user or to the search engines to see? If you are in order to search engine, then you are not qualified to abuse, if you were to look to the client, then you are not qualified to stay. Why? Because the search engine in the circle, it want anyone on the website, it did not want anyone on the website you can. Of course, this argument is paranoid, but not without reason, because the search engine doesn’t owe you what, it does not owe you a penny, if he were included in your site, you owe him back but, because he wants to collect your content resources. If the website is K, you don’t like it, that will only work has hurt yourself, can you redo a website does not have, why too distressed? (webmaster friends, do not scold the author, read this scold not later)

Of course, if the site was K

website by K is also a kind of beauty", we want a concept, a beautiful word, what is beauty? Is that people with beautiful eyes, and feel all the better. The Shanghai Dragon said, the site was K, the plan was, what about the beautiful

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again said your site is for the user to read, then you are really not qualified to lose, because users do not want to know the weight of your site how high, how many links. Users want to see is your website content is more rich, how much is the needs of users, can help users. These are of interest to the user, will rank problem is not the concern of webmaster. The user of the principle is very simple, you can give him something that he will chase you down, and you can do if the website allows users to chase down, it can make the search engine to love life.

, the site was K, you don’t need to be sad, not sad, but can not stay. Because in this world who do not owe. Especially in the world of the Internet search engine K, your website, is bound to its practice, even if it is wrong K, I have not qualified to criticize, because it does not owe you. The user does not.

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