To enhance the user experience will know the weapon clever use of anchor text

third, the anchor text as far as the "FAQ"

anchor text is always the decisive factor in improve website ranking, whether you are still standing outside the station optimization optimization, a link must do. Although the anchor text search engine has been weakened to the rankings, but compared with pure text, anchor text effect is still far greater than pure text. Ok! Etc.anyway, crown net Xiaobian anchor paper was how to enhance the user experience of sharing:

we know that the usual many webmaster of the anchor text is basically Xiaoyidatong, always do basically just to rank and not pay attention to user experience. Today Xiaobian would recommend different small, it will be more convenient for users to show relevant content.

first, the anchor text differences with

anchor text number is not the more the better nor less worse. The number of anchor text according to their own site to the corresponding deployment. For the new station, anchor text pre 1~2 as well, the weight is relatively high, can increase a few appropriate, but no more than 5.

anchor text in addition to the "FAQ", you can also recommend relevant content, to assist the recommendation, allowing users to understand the information they need.

what is the "FAQ"? "Questions" simply see the word did not understand what is the meaning of the user in your article, you can build a special pages for the explanation of the word.

Ok! By the above we can see that this article of the anchor text operation of Shanghai Longfeng, so this approach is to "type questions". Because a lot of people do not know what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon, then, is to allow users to understand more deeply what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon.

fifth, the anchor text link source is a professional page, not all home


anchor text links should be related to the anchor text links do not, no matter what the anchor text link to the home page, if all the links to the home page, so make sure that will greatly reduce the user experience, if users see the unknown words, and you have made a link, so the user will click when the user clicks on the browser, to further understand the content and find your link anchor text does not match, a little cheated "

we all know the anchor text for website optimization is one of the crucial link, the reasonable use of the anchor text can improve website rankings and weight fast. What is the anchor text, anchor text is simply click on a word will jump to the corresponding page, then this effect is called the anchor text.

fourth, the anchor text should recommend relevant content

and the amount of the number of anchor text

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