n 2013 the enterprise station keywords Shanghai dragon die


review: in 2012 December, I received a friend’s phone, he said he had some corporate customers station appeared a keyword ranking disappear, such as a chemical company for Potassium Permanganate, anhydrous sodium sulfite 2 keywords Shanghai dragon, after the Potassium Permanganate keywords love Shanghai algorithm update still search ranking, but already after 100 anhydrous sodium sulfite. When a friend mentioned this matter I did not mind, today in the browse the Shanghai dragon forum to discuss when the original district found that this is not the case, now believe that for many enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have found the problem, is the key of a customer website ranking has a keyword which ranking disappear, this is what causes it, the author analysis, this is the legendary love Shanghai will prove that artificial right down to a key

love Shanghai smitten: love is a Shanghai listed company, is responsible for all the shareholders. So it must be profitable! Love Shanghai first hit Shanghai Dragon Medical, results are huge gains from the medical industry of bidding, all private hospitals because the site is down right to do the bidding, a private hospital day bidding cost on the yuan. Love Shanghai second hit Shanghai Longfeng individual practitioners blog so that you can not get to obviously, Shanghai dragon aspects of the business from Shanghai love, so that more enterprises stand to have sex in Shanghai auction! Love Shanghai third times for keywords ranking of artificial right down, and obviously. Now do Shanghai dragon, everyone who doesn’t have dozens of customers, and most customers do not optimize a keyword, orders are usually multiple keywords. Shanghai love through this form of combat, let Shanghai dragon Er wasn’t with the customer account! So that originally tend to do Shanghai Longfeng business owners trust in Shanghai Longfeng decreased, in the course of time, have to choose to love Shanghai bidding! Thus, love Shanghai exposed ambition, known to all


analysis: in 2013 the enterprise station keywords Shanghai dragon die. Don’t expect love in Shanghai of Shanghai dragon kind and generous website right down through the hospital, in any case can not be recovered through personal blog, Shanghai dragon is down right included large number >


analysis of the causes of the incident: all Shanghai Longfeng practitioners know that we as a Shanghai dragon Er is from love Shanghai mouth to eat, although that’s not nice, but true. Therefore, love Shanghai will continue to spare no effort to combat Shanghai dragon. I believe we have the experience of last June, Shanghai dragon big shock, and later in July the medical industry website all right down, and then to August on personal blog of Shanghai Longfeng right down, to the end of the enterprise station a keyword ranking artificial drop right! This change on the surface a series of love Shanghai look not associated in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners again and again to suppress the

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