Several writing site title need to pay attention to what the problem

, of course, there may be other title, of course, hope to add friends. Well, because of the time wrote here.

, of course, for the different sites of the title of the written nature is not the same. Not all of the headlines are written so.

second, is the industry website, this website to see your prestige in the industry? If you can, you good prestige in the industry, and directly to your website name written on the front. This ensures your weight. Then write some very important words, tell others your main items. This can reflect your brand, but also to show your products.

fourth, many now there is another method of the title, the title can be said to be very new. The title as a word to write. This style can be very attractive, and will not cause the keyword, and virtually to keywords into inside. Such as "Fuzhou Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon training promotion and website optimization Shanghai dragon service" this sentence you don’t see what keywords, but from the word segmentation can be seen here many keywords ah. I give you the analysis of "Fuzhou Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training, website optimization, Shanghai, Fuzhou Shanghai dragon dragon service training, Fuzhou site optimization, Fuzhou Shanghai, Fuzhou Shanghai dragon dragon service training, Shanghai dragon training and so on. Key words so much, if not a good analysis. How can the analysis. This title can be said to write is very successful.

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third, if you are just starting out in the industry of the enterprise, not what prestige. When you write the title, you should put the main items written on the front, the more important the product must be written on the front. If your product is local sales, it is recommended to bring regional words such as "Fuzhou site construction" and then write your company. Because you are not your advertising company but, need people to find your company products. At present, many enterprises are from the start. But remember not to put keyword stuffing. There is a limit to the title.

we all know, the title of the site is very important, a character represents each word the title of the website, you can see from the title of this website is to do what. The search engine also attaches great importance to the title. The title of the site is like a person’s name. The title is a site of the window.

first, brand website how to write the title. In fact, the title of the best brand website wrote. What is your brand website is good, because you are the most valuable. Such as "Sina" direct write "Sina home page" on it. Similarly you are well-known website to write your website name, a word not to write. Because your name is the brand, the brand is the most valuable, we all know what your website to provide services. So there is no need to write superfluous words, the official website of the dilute your weight.

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