Shanghai dragon began the eleventh chapter from zero the influence factors of ranking

anchor text is very important for the search engine, search engine will give a very intuitive signal, tell it to your station is what, do what, so for this one search engine to give it all the weight is very high, resulting in a large number of Shanghai Longfeng staff every day a large number of job involvement to which.

The authority of the white


key words used in the title of the

search engine hate garbage station, the old station through many years there are few waste ingredients inside, so the search engine for website time into affect your ranking factors, if your site is formed spam sites can not do so for a long time, a website can do for a long time, through the search engine database can query to the earliest records, in the eyes of others is to do good website.

website link is this site has many links to transfer the weight to you, a website has nothing to do with external links and made a number of external links, the quality of the external links will affect your key words ranking authority to check your inbound links, through third party tools query to see a link to your website link PR, BP output value factors to judge the authority of the import link exhibition I held you.

an example, if a link to the page from the home page, and then a link to another page, the final 4 points, 5 times at a page, this means you tell you the search engine pages, those articles are important, from the home page click on many times before to this page, it is clear that this page is not important. If a page is very important, many web pages link to the page, the page is obviously important, followed by considering correlation factors on the inside, you are a classified information network, a shoe link, link to sell cosmetics article, then transfer the weight obtained will influence.

2, the anchor text

4, website

3, website link authority

5, in the chain of the site’s home page link, column, column links to articles, the article link home page weight transfer.

if the impact of key words ranking the biggest factor in non key words used in the title, because setting the key words in the title tag largely marked your site’s theme, the positioning. The search engine is directly linked to your site is what, so in the search engine as eye-catching title to use, we used the search results is a direct look at the title, really is that we attract the title, search engines give you the weight, as a normal web site for more in front of the word ranking so, on the front is a good idea for key word in the selection of the three major labels, but the point to note is the key to remember words accumulation.

6, correlation link. >

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