The enterprise website optimization 3 commonly used methods of Shanghai Dragon

sometimes feel older, a lot of 90 little dolls out of the website optimization, Shanghai dragon network promotion are very successful, but he felt the gap is very obvious, though also made hundreds of websites, the experience is rich, but I feel the Internet update is really too fast today. Practical things, maybe tomorrow is not, at least you know, the search engine algorithm are adjusted every hour and moment, whether big or small. Why do I say these things, because yesterday afternoon to go out to play, there is a fellow will mention it in the restaurant, the villagers aged about more than 50 of it, he said to be looking for someone to help their company to do a website, put certain keywords in a row of love love Shanghai, Shanghai price is too expensive, so. The money is gone, the villagers of me, is the primary school culture, before building toil at home (like me), and then came out last year to engage in a little industry, earn a little money, carrying the villagers say bad words, he is a big thick, even mobile phone didn’t know how to play the people know that the network is fierce, as can be imagined, if we do, prospect is to be, well, not so much, in fact, mainly want to use this thing into today’s topic: Website Optimization of small and medium sized enterprises Several commonly used methods of Shanghai dragon

1, website structure: the general set up on the site must be to operate, because in the latter case we generally do not change, so we are not satisfied with the Baidu, in this step we have to consider some of the later factors, on site structure and details are well, to be free in the late to deal with these things, will be relatively difficult, and may not reach the best effect. We in this fast, I say a few main points in the home to bring the best to update the columns, such as news, industry news, home often update can drive keywords rankings, everyone knows the truth (of course I say the truth, if the site do not keywords the special competition, sometimes do not have to deliberately go to think of every detail, we just need to do the site structure on the whole line can be. A very simple truth, some update is not very frequent, also few sites to do the site map is sometimes to feel a waste of time, of course, do not do than strong, each specific to operate it)


first said, this knowledge is relatively simple and the old drift, some, for beginners friends, the method of threshold is very low, especially some small enterprises do not consider company or person to do site optimization, you can own to operate, because these are indeed relatively simple.

2, the website content: in the enterprise website optimization is one of the more difficult, often enterprise site relative to other sites, the source is relatively small, is indeed a bit difficult to update it. Carefully observe some site will find a lot of content is on the Internet directly reproduced, what the enterprise product can send a picture, no related presentations, or.

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