first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):The projected cost of Trans Mountain Corp.’s plan to almost triple the capacity of its aging oil pipeline network has surged to C$12.6 billion from a last estimate of C$7.4 billion because of court-ordered changes and numerous delays.The price tag for the 590,000-barrel-per-day expansion project has not been updated since 2017, before the Canadian government purchased the pipeline network from Kinder Morgan Inc. for C$4.5 billion in 2018, which included the existing 300,000-bbl/d network.The revised cost included court-ordered accommodations to First Nations groups and benefits agreements with a larger number of nations, Trans Mountain CEO and President Ian Anderson said on a conference call. The company expected the expansion to be in service in 2022, a year behind its earlier schedule.The company said its new estimate includes C$8.4 billion for construction and C$1.7 billion in financing costs, as well as C$600 million for contingencies. To date, about C$2.5 billion has been spent on the project. Trans Mountain now has benefit agreements with 58 First Nations groups along the pipeline route that will cost about C$500 million.“The cost increase has really come about through two primary drivers, one being the starting and the stopping of construction, the costs of delay, the carrying costs, the additional regulatory and legal processes,” Anderson said on the Feb. 7 call. “The other being the many project changes and enhancements in market conditions that we face now in 2020 versus the [version] that was thought to be a project back in 2017.”Houston-based Kinder Morgan sold the pipeline to the federal government after threatening to walk away from the expansion due to court challenges and challenges at other levels of government. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau authorized the C$4.5 billion purchase, claiming the outlet for oil exports was vital to the nation’s economy. The purchase set a value of about C$3 billion on the existing pipeline and C$1.5 billion for the expansion project. The increased cost estimate includes C$1.1 billion that Kinder Morgan had spent on the expansion before the purchase.[Gene Laverty]More ($): Trans Mountain cost soars 70% on court-ordered changes, delays Cost to complete Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline project soars to C$12.6 billion, up 70%last_img read more

first_imgBy Marian Romero/Diálogo October 12, 2017 The Chilean Navy’s Training Ship Esmeralda was in Cartagena, Colombia August 25th-28th for its 62nd instructional voyage. While on port, Chilean military members received navy-officer training, which included practical classes on navigation of sailing ships, seamanship, celestial navigation, leadership, ethics and principles, engineering, and management of malfunctions, among others. “Since the beginning of the last century, when a Chilean mission participated in the creation of a Colombian naval school, we have been connected,” said Colombian Navy Rear Admiral Gabriel Pérez Garcés, the commander of Colombia’s Caribbean Naval Force. “Today we have exchange professors visiting, and we also send professors to Chile.” The T.S. Esmeralda is commanded by Chilean Navy Captain Patricio Espinoza Sapunar. It has a crew of 291 troops, including 74 officer cadets, the first officer rank in Chile; 35 with the rank of seaman, and 12 guest officers from partner navies from around the world. “The visit of the T.S. Esmeralda constitutes a combination of diplomatic, professional, cultural, and athletic activities,” Capt. Espinoza said. “This is a very enriching experience because they have the opportunity to interact with different cultures and exchange opinions with officers or cadets who are in a similar situation.” The training ship was welcomed by its Colombian host, the “Almirante Padilla” Naval Cadet School. Colombian Navy officers were responsible for the in-port training of naval cadets. “In addition to the warm reception on the part of the Colombian civilian and military authorities, there was an athletic event that brought together cadets from the two naval academies,” Capt. Espinoza said. “The excellent relationship between Chile and Colombia has allowed for permanent support and exchange of technology and personnel between the two navies.” A thorough learning experience The T.S. Esmeralda is one of the largest sailing vessels in the world. It is 113 meters in length with a 13-meter beam. There are certain challenges and benefits to this brigantine-schooner type vessel which are learned during the instruction voyage, which in this case, will be five months long. “Teamwork, cohabitation, and raising your level of tolerance for your shipmates are crucial on this type of ship because the crew must remain in tight spaces for prolonged periods of time,” Capt. Espinoza said. “Learning to adequately guide the personnel is one of the main challenges for the cadets during this experience, which can only be obtained through onboard experience.” The goal of training during a voyage is to offer the cadets the opportunity to see different cultures and have different experiences, like the characteristics of the societies, the architecture, and the history of each of the countries they visit. The T.S. Esmeralda provides cultural tours and social activities to complement the experience. “Training on a sailing ship, in contrast to warships, allows for staying in contact with the elements, natural conditions that normally are not perceived on a warship,” Rear Adm. Pérez said. “On a warship, the training is more technical and doctrine-focused, while a sailing ship allows for an experience that is closer to the sea environment, which is very important for any navy officer.” “In Colombia, we have benefited greatly from training with Chile. Because of its geographic conditions, with its enormous Pacific coast, they have developed a number of maritime resources over a long period of time that are associated with their economic development and progress,” Rear Adm. Pérez added. “Chile has a robust navy which has a lot to offer.” The ship’s voyage The selection of the route taken yearly by the T.S. Esmeralda is the result of planning that begins one year in advance by the Chilean Navy, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During that time, priorities for the voyage and commitments with navies of the countries to be visited are evaluated, along with the Navy’s interests. The routes of the training ship vary. It might go to Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, etc. The choice depends on the interests of the Chilean government and Navy or a particularly important event that would involve the ship. This year, the voyage began on May 7th. It set off from Valparaíso, Chile, and after visiting nine ports in five countries in the western hemisphere, it returned to its port of origin on October 1st. “We learn something different at every port we visit,” Capt. Espinoza concluded. Cartagena, with its historical heritage and its massive naval presence, is one of the ports most visited by the T.S. Esmeralda, registering a total of 16 visits since 1956.”last_img read more

first_imgJustices approve trial court budgeting agency The Florida Supreme Court has authorized setting up the Trial Court Budget Commission to oversee the preparation and implementation of trial court finances in the overall state court budget. The new commission had been recommended by the court’s Article V Funding Steering Committee and comes as the legislature is studying how to take over more funding of trial courts from counties following approval by voters of a constitutional amendment in 1998. The court acted August 31 in Amendments to Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, case no. SC00-429. The court also published an amendment to the Rules of Judicial Administration governing the TCBC activities. (See the official notice on page 17.) “The rule establishes the TCBC to oversee the preparation and implementation of the trial court component of the judicial branch budget in order to support a trial court system that will effectively carry out the administration of justice,” Chief Justice Charles T. Wells wrote for a unanimous court. “TCBC will be directly responsible for recommending budgeting and funding policies and procedures for the trial court budget. The rule provides for the active, direct participation of trial court judges and administrative officers in the creation and implementation of budgetary policy in order to maintain a trial court funding structure that is efficient and accountable, and enables the courts to function in a manner which ensures statewide operational consistency but is also responsive to local funding needs.” The opinion noted the steering committee was created by immediate past Chief Justice Major B. Harding in response to the passage of the constitutional amendment. The committee has met several times to work out how the shift from county to state funding, which must be accomplished by July 1, 2004, will be accomplished. The committee proposed creating the TCBC to chief circuit judges, who unanimously supported the idea. Wells noted the TCBC will work under Art. III, Sec. 18(h) of the Florida Constitution and Chap. 216 F.S., which govern court budgeting. “The TCBC is intended to provide a mechanism and a process through which trial court administrative officers can actively participate in the development of trial court plans and budgets in a manner that is consistent with constitutional requirements, statutory directives, and budget instructions pursuant to Chapter 216, as well as specific provisions of the General Appropriations Act and associated implementing legislation,” he wrote. “.. . The TCBC will provide opportunities for chief judges and trial court representatives to articulate the state budgetary needs for their court functions and programs. Most importantly, however, it is our expectation that TCBC members will strive to serve the interest of justice and make decisions that promote equity and fairness in the allocation of State Court System resources.” Because there can be competing interests among various trial courts and disagreements about what budget priorities should be, Wells said it is crucial for the TCBC to develop procedures that ensure everyone is heard and that decisions are fair. He also said the court expects judges and other court officials to support the commission. “The responsibility that this rule imposes on TCBC members is burdensome, and it is likely that some decisions of the TCBC will be both difficult and unpopular,” the decision said. “Yet it is imperative for the smooth operation of the courts and their ability to serve all the people of Florida that the judicial branch personnel recognize the necessity of collaboration, cooperation and compromise, and that they refrain from advancing their own interests at the expense of others in the system.” Aside from budgeting, the TCBC will also be charged with carrying out planning and accountability functions for the trial courts, as outlined in state law. “The trial court budget recommendations of the TCBC shall be to the Supreme Court, and the final approval of those recommendations shall be by the Supreme Court or the Chief Justice, as appropriate,” Wells wrote. “The recommendations of the TCBC may be adopted in whole or in part, or specific issues may be referred back to the TCBC for further study or recommendations.” The rules provide that the TCBC will have 21 members — 14 trial judges and seven trial court administrators — appointed by the Chief Justice, and no circuit can have more than two members. Initial terms will be staggered for two, four and six years and subsequent terms will be for six years. The rules will become effective December 1, and the court has invited interested parties to file comments by October 15. September 15, 2000 Regular News Justices approve trial court budgeting agencylast_img read more

first_img 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr A recent report released by the National Automobile Dealers Association predicted an increase in auto sales and leasing for a third straight year in 2017.[i]With these car activities building momentum among consumers, there is an increased opportunity, and honestly, a need, for a strong game plan for scoring these potential auto loans.Not only are you already competing with other financial institutions for loan opportunities, but now you’re also up against new players who have entered the field. Less traditional businesses like retail, mobile and peer-to-peer lenders are getting into the game to expand their services and attract new members.This poses a threat to what credit unions have been seeing in terms of winning over auto lending consumers; many individuals are now looking for the best deal on the market no matter who is offering it to them. continue reading »last_img read more

first_img 47SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Monica Tarr Monica Tarr is the President of Bennett Bay Consulting helping contact centers improve customer experiences, empower teams, and discover efficiencies. Monica’s uncanny ability to blend customer insights, employee behavior, … Web: Details Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where everything went exactly the way we wanted everyday, with every transaction we touched? Imagine a world where every process was foolproof and worked 100% correctly all the time. A place where every customer got what he or she needed, on time, every time. EERRRRRCCCHHH (Insert sound of needle scratching record). Perfection doesn’t happen.We know perfection isn’t a reasonable goal because we set customer satisfaction benchmarks to metrics under 100%. And, that’s completely reasonable.Mistakes happen. Weather happens. Life happens. How companies respond to what causes customers strife is where: Loyalty happens.Take Southwest Airlines (Yes, a happy story involving an airline):Southwest has a 10:50 pm flight out of Denver. Considering the late hour, delays can make the drive home dangerous for a weary traveler.On this particular Thursday, this flight was over an hour late departing. Every 15 minutes, another announcement of a further delay for another different reason. Turns out the crux of the delay was that they were holding the Denver flight so an arriving flight of 30 eighth graders and their chaperones could make it back to their home destination. OK, that’s a pretty good excuse, but it doesn’t make a worn out business traveler who won’t get home until 3:00 am feel much better. He’s definitely going to avoid that flight next time.You know what makes him feel better? THIS!It’s the response to the mistake or the “what happens” circumstances that create the magic. The power in Southwest’s response is in their acknowledging the delay, which shows respect. They show a little extra “luv” by offering a discount on the next flight.As Amy Gallo writes in her Harvard Business Review article, “You’ve Made a Mistake, Now What”: “First and foremost, it’s critical to be transparent, candid, and own up to the error. Don’t try to blame others. The key is to be action-oriented and focus on the future.”Recovering from genuine errors can be easy. If you act quickly and communicate openly, customers are likely to forgive you. Just don’t make a habit of it or your recovery efforts will turn into expensive, empty promises that don’t lead to loyalty.What are your most elegant recoveries and how did you get there?last_img read more

first_img– Advertisement – “The market is now pricing in a Biden presidency with a Republican Senate, and the rotation that we saw was based on that,” Levine said. “And if there’s an increasing risk that that’s not the case for the Senate, then this entire move could also be somewhat at risk as well.”Levine also said that the strength of tech stocks was due in part to their strong earnings performance and resiliency in the case of new economic restrictions in the United States during the winter to slow the spread of the coronavirus.Republicans have filed a flurry of legal challenges in several states related to the ongoing vote counts, and the Trump campaign said it will request a recount in Wisconsin. The Biden campaign, meanwhile, has called for all votes to be counted.“Democracy’s sometimes messy. It sometime requires a little patience as well,” the former vice president in a short speech in Delaware on Thursday, adding that he was confident his ticket would be declared the winner once all the votes are counted.On the economic front, Friday will bring a fresh look at the labor market for investors, with the Labor Department’s October jobs reported scheduled to be released before the bell. The report comes on the heels of disappoint readings for ADP private payrolls and initial jobless claims. U.S. stock futures were flat on Thursday evening as Wall Street eyed its best week since April even as the results of the presidential election remained unclear.Futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 1 point, while those for the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq-100 were basically flat.The three indexes notched their fourth-straight positive session on Thursday and were on track for their best week since April 9. The S&P 500 and the Dow are up 7% so far this week. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite has led the way with a nearly 9% gain. The sharp rally follows a slump in the prior week.- Advertisement – The surge in stocks has come despite lingering uncertainty about the outcome of Tuesday’s election. Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads with 253 electoral votes, according to NBC News projections, while President Donald Trump has 214. Votes are still being counted in several key states including Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.Victories by Republicans in several key Senate races, thus lowering the odds of a “blue wave” and potential higher taxes and stronger regulations, have been cited by Wall Street strategists as a reason for the rally in tech stocks. However, the Republicans have not yet won the necessary seats to control the Senate, according to NBC News projections, with two potential run-off elections in Georgia.Alicia Levine, chief strategist at BNY Mellon Investment Management, said that the possibility of Democrats winning narrow control of the Senate was one of the major risks not priced into the market even if the runoffs wouldn’t necessarily cause the markets to dip.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement – Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Nov. 4th. 2020.NYSElast_img read more

first_img Share National Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Ricketts. (File photo)A health official in Dominica has expressed concern regarding the increasing rate of obesity among the island’s school children.Statistics indicate that from 2006 the rate of obesity among children has been increasing; in 2006 a survey indicated that 9.8% of the island’s children were obese, 11.1% in 2007, 11.8% n 2008 and 9.8% in 2009.National Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Ricketts explained at a Media Breakfast Meeting on Friday last week that there needs to be a clear message to address this situation.“There is an increasing trend in the proportion of our children who are being identified as obese or overweight. There needs to be a message and if you think about it, for some of us who perhaps are older yes we’re going to try to do something about it but the impact in terms of reversing the trend is probably going to be greatest felt when we address the situation in the younger children.”Dr. Ricketts suggests that a concerted effort must be made to give our children a chance at long and healthy lives.“We have; as adults, as parents as a community, we have to make a concerted effort to change the lifestyle patterns of our young children to give them a better chance at a healthier life and a longer life and a longer healthy life in the future.”He also cautions that fast foods are a contributing factor to the increasing rate of obesity as healthy foods are not promoted sufficiently.“When we feed them fast foods and foods that are high in fat and calories and we don’t promote the eating of our local foods and vegetables, plus it is cheaper by the way to do that; not only are we not training them correctly but we’re also setting them up for significant health problems in the future.”Dr. Ricketts also noted that parents should ensure that servings of fresh fruits and vegetables are included in their children’s diet daily.Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring! Share Sharecenter_img Tweet LocalNews Increasing rate of obesity among children cause for concern by: – February 13, 2012 28 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

first_imgOldenburg firefighters responded to a blaze near Metamora late Tuesday afternoon.Eagle Fire Co. Fire Chief Kevin Froehling said the chimney fire occurred at the residence of Bob Gibbs on West Fork Road.“Fire was an electrical fire that began in the wall near the fireplace,” the fire chief explained.Froehling noted some smoke damage, however, a quick response limited structural damage to the room the fireplace is located.No injuries were reported.last_img

first_img Loading… President Aurelio De Laurentiis has, according to CalcioNapoli24, had the opportunity to bring Umtiti and Junior Firpo to the San Paolo, but the report claims both players have salaries exceeding the costs the patron is willing to offer.Napoli have allegedly shown their admiration for both players, but Umtiti’s salary of €8m a year and the €5m of Junior Firpo has put the Azzurri off trying to make a deal with the pair. Barcelona have reportedly offered both Samuel Umtiti and Junior Firpo to Napoli, but the Partenopei have allegedly rejected the approach from Catalonia.Advertisement Promoted ContentBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them8 Things About Ancient Egypt That We Don’t Yet Know7 Things That Actually Ruin Your Phone10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterIs This 1921 Cartoon The First Ever Meme?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Great Ancient Mysteries That Make China Worth Visiting10 Irresistibly Beautiful Asian ActressesThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting The Tasks Done Read Also: Ronaldo enters 14-day quarantine after returning to JuventusUmtiti was linked with a move to Napoli and appeared to be the first choice as a replacement if Kalidou Koulibaly is sold.CalcioNapoli24 understands that Barcelona also have offered the pair to other possible suitors, underlining that they don’t feature in Barca’s plans.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

first_imgBy Neal PalmerABILENE, Texas (Oct. 17-19) – Chase Allen proved this weekend he can not only build race cars, he can drive them, too. Allen won Saturday’s IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified main event at Abilene Speedway’s Ryan Bard Memorial Southern Challenge. He took off from the pole, was fast right out of the gate and earned $3,000, plus a spot on the ballot for the 2014 Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational. National champion William Gould started outside the front row and looked to have one of the cars that might have something for Allen. Before halfway, the front pair had pulled away from the rest of the field by a straightway. Gould kept the pressure on Allen while Jerry Harpole, Chris Elliott, Josh McGaha and Keith White battled well behind them.Elliott worked hard trying to get under Harpole, then decided to try the outside. He shot into third as they hit the front stretch. Elliott pulled away once clear, but with the laps winding down he just had too much ground to make up. Allen went on to pull away in the final laps and when the checkers flew he was several car lengths ahead of Gould. Elliott, Harpole and White completed the top five.One hundred and thirty cars from Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico vied at the 19th annual spe­cial. Total purse was more than $70,000. Chad Hertel was the $2,500 Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMod winner while Mi­chael Therwanger topped the $2,000 to win feature event for IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars.Taking home an even grand were IMCA Eagle Motorsports RaceSaver Sprint Car winner Josh Baughman and IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock winner Cody Frank. Hertel defended his home turf in the Southern SportMod main after winning Thursday’s qualifier for the pole start and holding off G.W. Egbert IV in the big show.Egbert ran out of lap to catch up and Hertel went on to the win. Justin Shaw, Dean Abbey and Justin Cass rounded out the top five. From his inside row three starting spot, Therwhanger worked his way to second and finally found his way past Matt Guillaume for the top Stock Car prize.Pulling away in the late stages, he won ahead of Guillaume, Chad Estes, Gabe Tucker and Den­nis Bissonnette.Jeremy Oliver looked to have the Hobby Stock to beat when that feature got underway. With about five laps to go, however, Oliver was working his way through traffic when a lapped car spun in front of him.Oliver took evasive action but was unable to completely clear the spun car, clipping his bumper and cutting down his tire. That handed the lead to Frank.Frank sailed on to take the checkers ahead of Kenny Ware, Joe Colyer, Andy Roller and Barrett Hutchison. Baughman was a winged rocket right out of the trailer and seemed to have the ¼-mile red clay oval well in hand when he hit the dirt for the Sprint Car main. Ryan Hall kept Baughman in view as the lead duo sped around the track, but Baughman proved to be too much to handle and went on to win in flying colors. Dustin Woods, Danny Merrell and Brandon Williams were next across the stripe.Oct. 17 Qualifying Feature Results Modifieds – 1. Chase Allen; 2. Keith White; 3. Chris Elliott; 4. Josh McGaha; 5. Joe Spillman; 6. Kevin Sustaire; 7. Vince Ogle; 8. Fred Wojtek; 9. Neal Flowers; 10. Charles Brewer; 11. Robby Edwards; 12. Ben Ketteman; 13. Jimmy Tidwell; 14. David Davis; 15. Jerry Harpole; 16. William Gould; 17. Charlie Smith; 18. Chad Estes; 19. Tommy Fain; 20. Glen Hibbard; 21. Doug Easter­ling.Southern SportMods – 1. Chad Hertel; 2. G.W. Egbert IV; 3. Gabe Tucker; 4. Dean Abbey; 5. Bradley Poor; 6. George Egbert III; 7. Justin Cass; 8. Kyle Lathram; 9. David Sanford; 10. Kyle Wisdom; 11. Robert Cook; 12. Terry Owen; 13. T.C. Hogan; 14. Chris Grusendorf; 15. Cory Wil­liams; 16. Clint Pelzel; 17. Brandon Elkins; 18. Levi Ely; 19. Robert Crabtree; 20. Dustin Robin­son; 21. Shane Priddy. Stock Cars – 1. Matt Guillaume; 2. David Phillips; 3. Michael Therwanger; 4. Dennis Bissonnette; 5. Jason Adcock; 6. Lance Shaw; 7. Michael Sheen; 8. Jody York 9. Kelly Brown; 10. Cary White; 11. Kevin Sustaire; 12. Gabe Tucker; 13. Chad Estes; 14. Kirk Martin; 15. Lewis Hammond; 16. Hunter Russell; 17. Tristan Carman; 18. Marc Egert; 19. Mike Golightly; 20. Billy Wade; 21. Travis Graves.Hobby Stocks – 1. Jeremy Oliver; 2. Cody Frank; 3. Andy Roller; 4. Joe Colyer; 5. Jamie Her­ring; 6. Brandon Gaddis; 7. Barrett Hutchison; 8. Dan Lang; 9. Jerrad Steele; 10. April Phillips; 11. Tru­man Davis; 12. Colin Deming; 13. Gerald Spalding Jr.; 14. Scotty W. Brown; 15. Gerald Spal­ding Sr.; 16. Garrett Rawls; 17. Colby Dello; 18. Kenny Ware; 19. Chad Reedy; 20. Michael Ledbet­ter; 21. Rodney Sparks.Oct. 18 Qualifying Feature Results Modifieds – 1. Gould; 2. Harpole; 3. Toby Herring; 4. Brewer; 5. Fain; 6. Chad Melton; 7. Ketteman; 8. Smith; 9. Hibbard; 10. Estes; 11. Davis; 12. Flowers; 13. Mike McCarthy; 14. Danny Hogue; 15. Brandon Byars; 16. Ronnie Sebree; 17. Easterling; 18. Scooter Bates; 19. Troy Mel­ton; 20. Bobby Sikes Jr.Southern SportMods – 1. Williams; 2. Justin Shaw; 3. Brian Flowers; 4. Mark Patterson; 5. Cook; 6. Ely; 7. Priddy; 8. Owen; 9. Robinson; 10. Jeffrey Abbey; 11. Kenny Ware; 12. Rodger Pierce; 13. Pelzel; 14. William Beckham; 15. Tim McDonald; 16. Chase Parson; 17. Kenneth Graves; 18. Lodi Mitchell; 19. Ronnie O’Neal; 20. Hogan. Stock Cars – 1. Tucker; 2. Martin; 3. Estes; 4. Robert Cook; 5. Dustin White; 6. Ronnie Christo­pher; 7. Robert Barnett Sr.; 8. Jason Christopher; 9. Carman; 10. Bill Brzezinski; 11. L.P. O’Neal; 12. Jason Batt; 13. Mark Lord; 14. Travis Sutherlin; 15. Sustaire; 16. Terry Wojtek; 17. Malcolm Kill; 18. Tyler Muirhead; 19. Mart Wampler; 20. Graves. Hobby Stocks – 1. Ware; 2. Rawls; 3. Hutchison; 4. Reedy; 5. Phillips; 6. Deming; 7. Brown; 8. Steele; 9. Gerald Spalding Sr.; 10. Dello; 11. Lang; 12. Davis; 13. Ledbetter; 14. Gerald Spalding Jr.Oct. 19 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Allen; 2. Gould; 3. Elliott; 4. Harpole; 5. White; 6. McGaha; 7. Brewer; 8. Hibbard; 9. Ogle; 10. Herring; 11. Wojtek; 12. Flowers; 13. Edwards; 14. Ketteman; 15. Chad Melton; 16. Tidwell; 17. Smith; 18. Sustaire; 19. Spillman; 20. Fain. Southern SportMods – 1. Hertel; 2. G.W. Egbert IV; 3. Shaw; 4. Dean Abbey; 5. Cass; 6. Jeffrey Ab­bey; 7. George Egbert III; 8. Ware; 9. Graves; 10. Julie Boettler; 11. Pelzel; 12. Williams; 13. Tucker; 14. Patterson; 15. Cook; 16. Ely; 17. Owen; 18. Flowers; 19. Priddy; 20. Bradley Poor. Stock Cars – 1. Therwanger; 2. Guillaume; 3. Estes; 4. Tucker; 5. Bissonnette; 6. Sheen; 7. Shaw; 8. Dustin White; 9. Hammond; 10. Cary White; 11. Adcock; 12. Scott Kristinek; 13. Tim Pfalzgraf; 14. Phillips; 15. Batt; 16. Cook; Travis Sutherlin; 18. Martin; 19. Ronnie Christopher; 20. Sustaire.Sprint Cars – 1. Josh Baughman; 2. Ryan Hall; 3. Dustin Woods; 4. Danny Merrell; 5. Brandon Williams; 6. Trevor Reed; 7. Gary Floyd.Hobby Stocks – 1. Frank; 2. Ware; 3. Colyer; 4. Roller; 5. Hutchison; 6. Reedy; 7. Herring; 8. Deming; 9. Phillips; 10. Brown; 11. Rawls; 12. Gaddis; 13. Lang; 14. Davis; 15. Oliver; 16. Ledbet­ter; 17. Steele; 18. Dello; 19. Gerald Spalding Sr.; 20. Gerald Spalding Jr.; 21. Sparks.last_img read more