In order to further promote the development of the housing loan business, in recent years, Xining provident fund management center issued the "Interim Provisions" of commercial housing loans to the housing provident fund loan policy, permit commercial housing loans to the provident fund loan business, this business is not only to increase the loan distribution efforts, but also to facilitate the public housing loans. So, what people can enjoy this kind of business? What procedures are needed to handle the business?

specific loan process: print mortgage loan repayment list to the provident fund management center consulting business hall; the applicant to apply for early repayment of bank mortgage loans; the funds repaid all bank mortgage loans; applicants holding my ID card to the Xining City real estate, land management, land, real estate mortgage loans he warrants the cancellation of registration the applicant will loan formalities; the required information to the trustee bank (the applicant can choose the trustee bank); trustee bank trial after the provident fund management center for approval; after approval by the trustee bank according to the approval center signed a loan contract with the applicant and the relevant procedures; the trustee bank for real estate and land mortgage formalities; loan, transfer of funds to the borrower’s account.

the term of the loan to Xining housing provident fund management center and related regulations.  
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is one of the provinces where natural disasters are serious, poor farmers and herdsmen by tolls is major problem in life. Since 2007, the provincial financial subsidies for agricultural insurance premiums continue to increase investment, a total investment of 336 million yuan, an average annual increase of 54%, insured farmers amounted to 140 thousand times, as the province’s farmers and herdsmen production and living an umbrella propped up.

in our province many kinds of disasters occurred frequently, causing a large loss of objective reality, in 2007, the Provincial Department of finance made a pilot to carry out financial agricultural insurance premium subsidies, this is the financial sector following the abolition of agricultural tax, the implementation of tuition fee subsidies, free compulsory education in rural areas of food after a new agricultural measures. In order to implement this policy, the agricultural insurance scheme of province finance made the central and provincial government policies and take a large proportion of the premium "law of large number", by the farmers and herdsmen to assume a small amount of premium, to fully mobilize the Farmers Insurance and insurance agencies enthusiasm, enhance insurance awareness of farmers and herdsmen. read more

To enrich the cultural life of the people, Seongbuk Xining carefully organized summer theatrical performances, weekend square performance, passion square we sing, digital movies in rural communities, the results of non heritage exhibition, and combined with the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and the Green Fair, Lake Race major festivals and independent cultural propaganda week, to create a civilized city etc. from the beginning of June, the District Museum every afternoon in turn arranged opera, dancing and singing, and other operas, the launch of the 130 field rich in content and theme of the novel summer holidays square cultural activities in succession. It is understood that the summer square cultural activities will continue until the end of September. (author: Su Jianping, Ma Yinhong, Fan Shengdong) read more

many entrepreneurs understand that great investment value of the beauty industry, have decided to invest in the beauty industry, beauty salons are in effect the location of many factors, these factors should be paid enough attention to it, the city commercial factors, shop location conditions and the shop itself factors are the main factors.

The development of

1, city commercial conditions of the beauty industry, closely linked with the development of society and economy, the per capita income level, the supply of goods, transportation conditions, technical facilities and people’s consumption habits have a direct impact on the consumption concept of beauty salon management. The city conditions mentioned here include: read more

Xining will unswervingly adhere to the "mountain" and "water" and "Qi" and "emission reduction", let the sky bluer, the water clearer, and more green city, make Xining become a vibrant city, economic life, social harmony and stability of the city, rich cultural connotation, city life the comfort and convenience of city, a beautiful ecological environment of the city."

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Yesterday, in the sixth session of the "World Cup popularity" China · Qinghai International (winter) crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge elite tournament players gathered in Guide, in the clear water of the the Yellow River successfully completed the test. Today, the game officially started, the top 74 winter swimming players from 14 countries will compete in the cold water in the Yellow River.

the coldest days, cold. Yesterday morning at 10 am, Guide County temperature minus 16 degrees celsius. The cold weather, did not stop the pursuit of the spirit of the Olympic sports winter swimming enthusiasts. Under the orderly guidance and arrangement of the referee, after a brief warm-up, the contestants were divided into four groups to test the water. About half an hour, the players successfully completed the test.The referee of the tournament

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Community facilities and housing maintenance has been plagued by the problem of the people. "Xining special maintenance fund management approach" after the introduction, the general public is very concerned about: how to buy housing maintenance funds? Which utilities can apply for special maintenance funds? To this end, the city real estate management department in January 21st in this newspaper published a full text of the approach. In order to allow the public to understand more, the city property management departments on the details of this approach for the public to interpret the exclusive. read more

The province’s public hospital, after the first hospital settlement service model, will be launched in September 1st. According to the relevant implementation of the province introduced the program, after the first hospitalization settlement service model, the 21 categories of major diseases in accordance with the provisions of reimbursement.

it is understood that the provisions of the relevant implementation plan of the province introduced, health insurance agencies and civil affairs departments according to the provisions of timely settlement and designated medical institutions insured (combined) hospitalization reimbursement of medical expenses and medical expenses of patients with relief. 21 kinds of major diseases NCMS, medical insurance for urban residents with medical expenses and medical assistance expenses, in accordance with the "General Office of Qinghai Provincial People’s government issued a" notice on further improvement of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance system and the views of the "Qinghai Provincial People’s Government Office forwarded the provincial Department of human resources and social security departments of urban and rural areas residents of Qinghai Province Great disease medical security measures (Trial)" Notice of execution. 21 kinds of major diseases for children with acute leukemia, congenital heart disease, severe mental illness, multi drug resistant tuberculosis, AIDS opportunistic infections, hemophilia, cleft palate, type I diabetes, hyperthyroidism, acute myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, advanced cirrhosis, chronic myeloid leukemia and end-stage renal disease, lung cancer, esophagus cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer. (author: Wang Zi) read more

In June 17th, Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival Organizing Committee held the 2014 annual Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival of Xining media and business promotion, and to the provincial capital, the formation of long-term media depth, normalization of interaction and cooperation, make valuable films into the public view, FIRST Youth Film Festival in shaping the cultural image summer in Xining.

in order to further promote the province’s price reform process, better play the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission to clean up the abolition of the 53 prices and fees.

in recent years, according to the national and provincial government on the deployment of price reform, the province continued to accelerate the pace of price reform, government pricing is significantly reduced, the provincial administrative fees abolished, the implementation of government pricing of the project management and service charges and related enterprises project management and service charges implementation of inventory management, in the market price on the road of reform has made important strides. read more