?One reason: the conversion of brand keywords can quickly improve the website

overlooking the search by the industry, we can find that a relatively large flow basically are some key words in the well-known large sites firmly grasp, if you have that these sites and a stroke of courage, I think it is a kind of competition and more brave than wise behavior, for these sites, even if you have a unremittingly heart to see results or a long period of time, or even just useless. The number of keywords, the webmaster why far away, for a tree instead of the entire forest. But even if we really put these words do we want to position, but these words can not let you look at fiercely as a tiger does competitors comfortable keep ranking. We except through some long tail keywords, the keywords I want to talk about today’s brand. Then the enterprise brand keywords and keyword mainstream compared to why its so important for an enterprise read more


for the purpose of making money do stand

has just entered the center of this industry, there will be a master site of psychology, so it is hard for them to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the predecessors, simply by virtue of their idea of operation. But the fact is the lack of novice webmaster experience, with our own power blind attempt will not only waste their time, there are likely to face down the dangerous site.

search engine and user experience is the main source of traffic to the site, because the search engine will directly affect the site’s ranking, so owners should pay attention to search engine. But you want to make your site get high flow long, we must understand the user’s personal experience, the only way to achieve win-win. read more

is the first love from Shanghai: know where the indirect drainage to the main station

said here is not what we usually do outside the chain of love that Shanghai know Shanghai open platform, but love a love of Shanghai based on Web search and love Shanghai know the openness of knowledge sharing platform, as long as you have a formal business license can apply online, through the audit, you can have a your company provides Shanghai love quiz platform.

is not the same as love Shanghai know, love Shanghai know open platform can easily put a link, because the right to audit in our own hands. The chain released on this platform are effective and high quality, because this is our own maintenance platform, there is a good correlation between the content and the main station. The weight of this platform will gradually increase, the quality of the chain released this platform will be more and more high. This is our own culture a chain of the platform, and this platform operation and maintenance is very simple, we do not need to spend a lot of time. read more

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two, the blog promotion

Links exchange

search engine optimization, I believe we are not unfamiliar, it is a kind of method for the lowest cost and most effective. If the mining amount of long tail keywords, each page of the website to Shanghai dragon, it will bring considerable traffic to the site, and can bring more potential customers, so as to enhance the site’s conversion rate.

four, the Internet open platform

, along with the development of Internet technology and the increasingly mature, network education has become a mainstream way of learning, has become a hotspot of educational services. Through the analysis of the successful experience of some countries is not difficult to see, the network education has become an important part of personal occupation career, but also an important way to break the bottleneck of a personal occupation occupation transition. Today, the network education site overwhelming, so how to make your own website under the network push talent shows itself? 365 training sites of some commonly used network marketing method to summarize. read more

title? Title is displayed in the browser title bar content. This is the theme of the content label can only tell search engines this page I inside of the.Title content within the head tag, can facilitate the search engine index page, in the search engine results show to tell the user, user these site visits. As we all know, so we do not have too much, so in operation should pay attention to what specific? I summed up the following 8 points to share with.

!The correlation between What is

4, the title and content: read more


3, the love Shanghai billboard manufacturing related topics;

2, the forum is also included to the latest information in

love Shanghai is always some new action, a few days ago I wrote "how to face the new changes of Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai" and "real time search algorithm of love Shanghai included new found: two micro-blog, QQ space" two articles have mentioned new love Shanghai real-time search, real-time search can be said to be the inevitable result of social development and user experience. Owners must understand some knowledge of social marketing. read more

every webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization if you want to know, and years of accumulated high weight rivals, in order to get a good ranking in the love of Shanghai, we in addition to the excellent quality of website content, a part of the chain is not little, said that "content is king the chain for the emperor", is the truth! The content of the web site, may every webmaster do not feel very difficult to do, and then do the chain is a very troublesome thing, so, how are we going to get outside the chain of high quality fast and effective read more

: the second Links number. Friend exchange chain also depends on the number of other sites, the general chain to between 30 to 50, for a very high weight website, 30 to 50 of the friends of the chain has put his weight about, if you add the chain, the weight will not be assigned to you, and when spiders crawl it is difficult to estimate to your site, it will affect the quality of a chain, so the owners in the choice of friends of the chain, or to pay more attention to quality, quality problems to solve home. read more

under the sun about I do B2B platform records, with reference to

third, this kind of platform can be repeated, repeated here released is the release of supply and demand information, if approved, can be released after a day, issued a message, the amount of the chain more naturally. Of course, each B2B platform audit has a tight song, suggest that you registered mark, which audit loose, which is relatively strict, after repeated when released at a glance, don’t walk the road again.

fifth, the above mentioned one layer of meaning is, the B2B website had a role in the promotion, the second layer of meaning, collected a good B2B site, other sites to do optimization next time, can be repeated use of registration. read more

, a charging mode

a new web site to open visibility or platform to attract more people, will often take essay activities, and these activities are generally with the platform for cooperation, such as A5 often help businesses organize essay activities. Essay activities actually promotion value is greater than the value chain, but I only said that his chain of value. The campaign generally have dozens of people or hundreds of people, hundreds of thousands of people and even participate in the final selection of the winners, and then a few, most is a dozen. And everyone wants to win the prize, will go on to promote their own articles, the articles published elsewhere. An article with a chain, the chain will have a lot of as can be imagined. read more