in order to give more love to poor mothers in the Midwest, solve practical problems, their October 10th, North Zone of the first mother parcels release ceremony held in Chaoyang Square, 200 poor mother to mother parcels".
it is understood that this event is a large public event by the fund China women development initiated. Mainly choose the daily necessities of life of poor mothers, mobilize the community through the "one on one" way to donate. At present, the North District Women’s Federation has received the "mother intimate package 710, these parcels are from different regions who love donations, although it carries little parcel, love and care of different regions of the country, people in different industries. The first batch of 710 love parcels were donated to the poor mother Mafang area, which the minority mother more than 80 people. The scene to get parcel 200 sisters joy shows between the lines.
according to the city of North’s person in charge, in order to express their gratitude, 200 mothers received the parcel to fill in the bag and timely reply card sent back to the donor, but also sent to the initiative of the masses, I hope that everyone can use their own practical action to give to other poor mothers their love. Subsequently, there will be 1864 mother parcels have arrived in the north, the District Women’s Federation will ensure that every love parcel sent to the hands of the recipient’s mother. (author: Fang Xu) read more

July 18th afternoon, the city held the city’s ten thousand cadres into the enterprise service activities summary. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng stressed that the service enterprise is a long-term work, the relevant departments should study in business activities, to establish a long-term mechanism for helping to put the truth really, national policy support and project support for real power enterprises.

in the thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities, the city deployed 1000 cadres to set up 8 municipal services working group and the steering group, municipal leaders take the lead contact point of business services, in-depth the city’s 500 key enterprises to carry out policy propaganda, problem investigation, emergency office and other service activities.During the

activities not only solve the difficulties and the urgent question of some enterprises, but also to promote the long-term development of enterprises. Relief Small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households value-added tax, business tax, surcharge and 22 million 145 thousand and 700 yuan fee, amounted to more than 10.5 households benefit. In the first half, the city’s 9125 main new cultivation of the market, foster industrial enterprises on the regulation of the 2. Has built all kinds of business innovation base 27, built area of 1 million 51 thousand and 300 square meters (small entrepreneurial base 4, 8 science and technology incubator, micro enterprise incubator 15), a total of 2259 enterprises settled, and promote the rapid development of Small and micro businesses. read more

5 9 to 12, the CPC Central Committee, Keyser, Secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the CPC delegation visited Switzerland and met with the Swiss Federal Parliament Speaker of the Federal Parliament and the governor of Bern, governor of the state of the United States, Luo Huining, chairman of the board of Governors of the United States and the United States and the United States and china.

Luo Huining said that President Xi Jinping and the Swiss Swiss innovation leaders decided to establish a strategic partnership, indicate the direction for the development of future relations between the two countries, the two sides should speed up the implementation of consensus of the two heads of state, strengthen inter party, parliamentary and local exchanges. Rui Fang said that attaches great importance to relations with China, is willing to strengthen cooperation in various fields.
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to carry out a wide range of Chengbei District Science and technology training, organize various scientific propaganda activities, grasp the scientific and technological project as the focal point, always adhere to the outstanding service, outstanding innovation, highlighting the characteristics of the "three outstanding", and actively promote the work of science and technology popularization, quality, regular, solid and strong promotion of science and technology to the family, leading and supporting role good for the region’s development and reform.
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Second hand housing transaction tax 5 to 2, said here, the "change to the 2" refers to the second-hand housing transaction tax exemption period of 5. In March 30th, the Ministry of Finance issued a new deal, since March 31st, individuals will purchase less than 2 years of housing sales, the full collection of sales tax; buy more than 2 years (including 2 years) of non ordinary housing foreign sales, according to its sales revenue minus the purchase of housing price difference levy business tax; individuals will purchase more than 2 years (including 2 years) of the ordinary housing foreign sales, exempt from sales tax. read more

according to provincial and municipal, District Family Planning Bureau of the relevant requirements, to further improve the jurisdiction of the birth population quality, carry out the primary prevention of birth defects, with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, adhere to the people-oriented, deepening the concept of quality service, based on population and family planning service network advantages, the implementation of the "Kang Fu family, family oriented, action oriented plan pregnant couples, carry out free pre pregnancy health check, improve the reproductive population eugenic knowledge of science and health, to prevent birth defects, improve the quality of the population. On the morning of August 28th Mafang Street on the six floor conference room held a pre pregnancy check project lectures and on-site to do free inspection of women of childbearing age. The training of all personnel from the area of the village (community) of married women of childbearing age, floating population and planning engineer a total of more than 60 people.

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According to Xining customs statistics, 1-4 months, the province’s total import and export value of 3 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 32.1% over the same period last year. Among them, imports 860 million yuan, down by 49.7%, exports of $2 billion 490 million, an increase of 198.4%; trade surplus of $1 billion 630 million.

before April import and export value of rapid growth, the overall showed the following characteristics: first, the general trade, and the increase is larger. 1-4 months of the province’s general trade import and export 3 billion 290 million yuan, an increase of 34%, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of 98.2%. Two Xining import and export value continues to lead the province, and a steady increase in the proportion of. 1-4 month Xining import and export value of 3 billion 140 million yuan, an increase of 42%, up to the province’s total import and export value of 93.7%. Three is the main export commodities grew faster. 1-4 month in Qinghai Province, the largest export commodity textile yarn, fabrics and products grew 24%, 312.4% growth of apparel and clothing accessories, electromechanical products increased by 1073.1%, the growth of high-tech products 2647.5%, while iron alloy decreased by 17.9%. Four is the main import and export. 1-4 month in Qinghai province’s largest imports of coal and lignite decreased by 35.5%, alumina decreased by 30.5%, mechanical and electrical products decreased by $73.1%, aluminum ore and concentrate fell by 66.1%; wool growth of 25.3%, agricultural growth of 55.5%. Five is the private enterprise import and export. 1-4 private enterprises import and export value of 2 billion 920 million yuan, an increase of 55.7%, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of over the same period of 87.2%. The total value of imports and exports of state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises was 350 million yuan, $57 million 880 thousand and $17 million 740 thousand, respectively, down by 35.8%, 6.2% and $65.7%, respectively. read more

6 month 21 days, led by the Ministry of Agriculture Organization of 10 provinces and cities nationwide Agricultural Bureau held the 2016 Committee, first aid green agricultural achievements experience exchange forum in Xining. It is reported that since the agricultural aid green, the Ministry of agriculture has arranged for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry funds up to 8 billion yuan. At the same time, the province’s counterpart aid green invested a total of 350 million yuan, accounting for about 7% of the total amount of aid green funds, accounting for the past two years, the total amount of aid to the work of green agriculture and animal husbandry in the past 53.8% of the total investment of five. read more

this year, north area according to the project location problem, take the building, building, the Justice Bureau, health supervision archives, business premises and other 3 government investment projects and the north area sanitation building and parking lot construction, project construction, the overall project construction progress smoothly.
North Sanitation District comprehensive building and park covers an area of 13045.1 square meters, plans to build 1 17 storey office building, 3 layer integrated Business Archives storehouse and the underground parking lot, a total construction area of 25086.8 square meters. The spirit of "construction project planning and construction of a reasonable layout, intensive land use, save money", to build business District Justice Bureau, housing district archives office, District Health Supervision Institute of housing and sanitation building, and the 3 district archives archives, the underground parking lot with the main project of environmental sanitation comprehensive building for the construction, the implementation of unified planning and procedures, unified design, unified construction, quality and schedule control of the "five unified" service management, the need for four or five sets of separate planning and construction procedures, take a number of departments of time and manpower in a number of construction projects, the integration of a scale of construction projects, not only make full use of the limited construction land resources, saving construction funds, but also ensures the quality monitoring of project construction and implementation schedule. The construction units to overcome the unfavorable factors to the construction of the complex geological conditions, the difficulty of the foundation engineering construction, strengthen the organization and management of construction projects, construction quality, progress, the building of 7 storey main sanitation construction, 3 layers of archives has been completed.
north area from the area of the development of space is limited, the actual construction projects for the increasing difficulty of different types of construction projects to find potential mining, construction land, with the construction of embedded Tang, the joint construction of land consolidation, "dig chimeric linkage" to solve the project construction land difficult the problem, and achieved good results. read more