first_imgThe Latest: Indiana Hoosiers football team resumes workouts They were initially approved to test procedures ahead of a planned wider re-opening of stadiums in October.The Oval cricket stadium in London has been used as a test for fans returning in the last week.___Formula One driver Sergio Perez says he might have contracted the coronavirus during a trip to Mexico between races in Hungary and Britain.The Racing Point driver tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday and will miss Sunday’s race at Silverstone and another the following week at the same track while in isolation. MotoGP says the races in Argentina, Thailand and Malaysia are off for this year.The series also added a race in Europe. It will take place in November after the race in Valencia. The venue for the additional race is still to be announced.___Britain has reversed course and now says spectators will not be able to attend sporting events in England because the coronavirus infection rate is rising.Fans were due to attend horse racing, cricket and snooker in the coming days as part of pilot events but Prime Minister Boris Johnson says fans will no longer gather at sporting events until at least Aug. 15. “The health and safety of my family has always been the most important thing in my life,” Woods said in a statement. “I love the game of football and will be rooting hard for my teammates this season, and I look forward to rejoining the Jaguars in 2021.”Jaguars coach Doug Marrone says he understands Woods’ decision.“We will fully support any of our players and coaches that choose to opt out this season,” Marrone said. “It is important for every individual to feel comfortable and to believe that they’re doing what’s right for themselves and their family. As an organization, we respect Al’s decision and are fully understanding.”___Three more MotoGP races have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. The school’s medical advisory group approved the resumption of enhanced voluntary summer training. Players are now permitted to spend up to eight hours per week on strength training, six hours per week on meetings and film review, and six hours per week on walk-throughs.The athletic department says it has conducted 480 tests, with 33 coming back positive. Anyone with a positive result must isolate themselves until further notice, and contact tracing measures are established. Anyone to be found in close contact with the person who tested positive also is quarantined until further notice.___Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Al Woods, who has played for five teams during his 10-year NFL career, is opting out of the 2020 season.The 33-year-old Woods signed a one-year, $2.75 million deal with Jacksonville in free agency. He played for Seattle in 2019. He also spent time with Indianapolis, Tennessee, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay since being drafted in the fourth round in 2010. He has 196 tackles and 5 ½ sacks. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___Indiana University’s football team has resumed voluntary workouts after a two-week pause following six positive COVID-19 tests.center_img July 31, 2020 Associated Press Perez says he was visiting his mother in Mexico after she was hospitalized following a “big accident.”Perez says it is “one of the saddest days in my career” missing races “but it just shows how vulnerable we (are) to this virus.”The Mexican used a private jet to fly home and says he has no symptoms.The pandemic delayed the start of the season by more than three months.___ More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sportslast_img read more

first_imgArea:1.2 million sq kmPopulation (Mid-2009 estimates):49.3 millionCurrency:1 Rand = 100centsTime:GMT + 2 hrsOfficial Name:Republic of South AfricaCapitals:Cape Town (legislative), Pretoria (administrative), Bloemfontein (judicial)Head of State:President Jacob ZumaMain Languages:11 Official languages. English preferred language of businessReligion:Predominantly Christian. Freedom of worship guaranteed by the ConstitutionForm of State:Federal, comprising a central government and nine provincial governmentsLegal System:Based on Roman Dutch law and 1996 ConstitutionNational Legislature:Bi-cameral parliament, elected every five years, comprising a 400- seat National Assembly and a 90- seat Council of ProvincesElectoral System:List-system with proportional representation based on universal adult suffrageTotal GDP 2009:R2,450 bn (at current prices)GDP per Capita:R49,696Real GDP Growth:-1.8%Inflation 2009 (year-on-year) : CPI: 6.3% PPI: 0.7%Exports:Gold, minerals, diamonds, metals and metal products, foods, automotive componentsImports:Machinery, transport equipment, manufactured goods, chemicals, oilMain Trading Partners:Germany, USA, UK, China, Japan, FranceInternational dialing code:+27last_img read more

first_imgDr Petrus de Kock, General Manager for Research at Brand South Africa, speaking at the Brand South Africa and Gauteng Growth and Development Agency research roundtable on BRICS, on Wednesday 30 September.Johannesburg, Wednesday 30 September 2015 – Since its inception, the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) forum has made great strides in challenging the traditional global political and economic paradigm.Today, Brand South Africa in collaboration with the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) hosted a research roundtable titled “Deepening the relationship between South Africa, Brazil, Russia, India and China”, which reflected on how the BRICS formation challenges the current global political, economic and social paradigm and the implications of this for the BRICS brand. Most notably, the BRICS has reached a high level of institutionalisation through the establishment of the BRICS New Development Bank.Brand South Africa, the GGDA and representatives from various high commissions representing the Russia, China, India and Brazil discussed and interrogated evidence that argues that the increased formalisation of intra- and inter-BRICS interactions, including the establishment of institutions such as the BRICS New Development Bank, has led to the development of the BRICS brand, a collective image of the five member states.General Manager for Research at Brand South Africa, Dr Petrus de Kock, said analysts expressed surprise at some of the successes of the BRICS – particularly in the context of the formation of the BRICS New Development Bank.Dr De Kock said: “Based on research conducted by the BRICS Research Group, and other analysts, the BRICS have achieved a 70% implementation/compliance rate in terms of implementing Summit decisions. As a relatively young multilateral organisation, the high compliance levels by member states are a progressive indicator. This means that levels of co-operation are not only high, but that buy-in into the organisation and its objectives, is of strategic significance for all member states.”The influence of the forum on political and economic developments cannot be understated. BRICS countries have expanded the scope of co-operation and put in place a multi-layered and all-dimensional structure of co-operation covering political, economic, financial, trade, social, cultural and people-to-people exchanges.The five BRICS countries currently represent over 3 billion people, or 42% of the world population. All five members are in the top 25 of the world by population, and four are in the top 10. The five nations have a combined nominal GDP of US$16.039 trillion, equivalent to approximately 20% of the gross world product, and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves. It is estimated that the combined GDP (PPP) of BRICS would reach US$50 trillion mark by 2020.It is principally debated that the accomplishments and growing institutionalisation of the BRICS is enabling the Forum, to develop a brand personality, that consistently advocates for the implementation of the global developmental agenda.And due to the collective influence of collaboration among the members, as the BRICS brand grows and develops (through, among other things, institutionalisation), the nation brands of the five members states stand to benefit not only in terms of trade and economic interactions, but also due to the impact the BRICS brand can have on global governance.Follow the conversation on @Brand_SA #CompetitiveSAlast_img read more

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now Effective prospecting requires that you choose an effective medium for communication. Some forms of communication are more effective than others, often by a wide margin.Face-to-Face: This is the platinum standard. The more important the communication and conversation, the more certain it is that you should have the conversation face-to-face. The best and most important relationships you will ever have will come as a result of—and be maintained by—spending time with that person. But in-person prospecting isn’t an option for most salespeople.Video conference: Not as good as face-to-face, but more effective than most other mediums. You can see the other person’s face, and you can pick up physical cues that you might miss on the telephone. Video is the best alternative if you can’t be there in person. Someday soon, this may be the way we make the first contact.Phone calls: The phone isn’t in the top two choices when you need to have an important conversation, but it is still better than everything that follows. The phone allows you to engage in dialogue in real time. You can pick up verbal cues. Both you and the person you are speaking to can respond to what each other says. More still, you can collaborate and explore. You can also ask for commitments, and resolve your dream client’s concerns or reservations.Text Message: Yes, I put text messages above email. If children are our future, real-time communication will dominate. Text allows for short, immediate responses from another party. Every person you know has their cell phone within reach, even when they are sleeping. Almost everyone responds in real time. No one has 3,200 unanswered text messages in an inbox. More and more, this short form communication is going to be used for business.Email: Email isn’t an effective medium for most communication. It’s perfect to follow up meetings with information, next steps, and a record of what occurred in other meetings. It’s terrific for calendar invites. But it is horrible for meaningful conversations because it allows the person reading the email to read a particular tone into the text. Small issues seem much larger. Large issues seem smaller. Email also doesn’t allow for efficient or effective dialogue. Which makes it a poor first choice for prospecting.Mail: I remember when hearing the computer say “You’ve got mail,” was exciting and when snail mail was boring. Now the idea of getting more email is terrifying and getting real mail from another human being is a novelty. The fact that mail is a novelty means that it gets attention. Overnight packages fall into the category, too.You have to choose how you will engage with your prospective clients, and you want to select the medium that best enables you to achieve your outcome. Right now, it’s likely that it’s the phone.last_img read more