July 2017

does not China is the traditional Confucian thought, pay attention to Wuwei mentality. It is a realm of thought, a requirement of ancient self-cultivation.

external means not because things (property, objects) rich, rich and proud and overjoyed; not because of personal disappointment and sadness down. It refers to success or failure to maintain a constant indifferent attitude, not because of a momentary success and failure whenever improperly belittle oneself, maintain an open-minded indifferent attitude. read more

, August 25, 2009. South Korea’s first launch vehicle, "Luo old" launched. At 5 local time at 25 p.m. (4 Beijing time) successfully lifted off, the whole nation jubilation. But two hours later came the news, "Luo old number" failed to enter the scheduled track. For a while, it was transformed into a sigh of the whole nation. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said. The air mission achieved half of the success and suffered partial defeat". Has aroused strong dissatisfaction reaction among the Korean people. Some people have made it clear that success is success and failure is failure. Koreans can accept this launch is not perfect, after all, this is a long-term and arduous task, but can not accept the government’s evasive. Refuse to concede defeat. read more

Recently there are many

webmaster server is compromised, the invasion is really be taken by surprise ah, "webmaster safety net" for all Jack server has been hacked before and after the analysis of some of the details and processing methods, hoping to pray for a role, if there is a wrong understanding that also see.

an attacker invades a system and is always driven by a primary purpose. For example, display technology, enterprise confidential data, destroy the normal enterprise business process and so on, sometimes in May after the invasion, the attack, by some to become another purpose, for example, was to show off, but after entering the system, found some important confidential data, due to the interests of the the attacker driven, resulted in the theft of confidential data. read more

It’s easy for

to make a website, but it’s not easy to run it. Website wants to realize certain sale truly, not only should speak management skill, and also need to pay a lot of sweat. When the site just opened soon, when the initial operation, many people have to worry about the popularity of the site, how to make the website gather more popular, quickly open the sales situation? In addition to good promotion work, their own site binding independent domain name brief note is the first step of success. read more

A5 (admin5.com) station network December 31st news, in the end, we first review under the A5 domain name auction yesterday, zhm.com to 415 thousand of the auction the highest success node shoot,.Cc domain name and then continued halo, digital.Com domain name and.Cn three times have to shoot……

in addition, as the last day of 2015, on time tonight at 7:30, A5 trading Cross auction Oh, allegedly, there is a price auction in seckill will receive a new year gift, both were all tonight A5 auction, will also receive a surprise gift, to submit information to read more

Lanting Pavilion, chairman and CEO, former chief executive officer of Google,


seems to be in the electricity supplier industry, are only "stuffy" to "get rich", such as the horse vip.com listed last year, for example, has just submitted to the IPO prospectus of the Lanting Pavilion set potential LightInTheBox, the former to "sell Weihuo" for positioning, the latter for overseas entry into B2C, to avoid the electric industry fierce competition and price fight, find a profitable development path. read more

good data may not represent everything,

most of the people confined to the circle of friends have more than once Tucao "micro-blog is dead", once brush once three minutes, micro-blog frequency has shifted to another position. But in the past few years, it’s undeniable that you can still see the news events that have been watched by micro-blog, the live scripts and the interaction of fans and stars in this platform. As far as micro-blog’s earnings are concerned, they are still getting decent data. read more

face Adsense competition, many webmaster will turn to the local site construction. Indeed, but the promotion of local websites basically no shortcut at all, for local sites, especially local forums, we believe that the importance of offline promotion must be greater than online promotion.

today, Shuren technology and we talk about this matter, the author is Yangzhou Jiangdu people, so here and share with you our Jiangdu Forum promotion methods and experience. According to peer, this is absolutely dry yo. read more

this is the translation of Bowen’s "How to Properly Redesign a Website", which reads as follows:

in the Internet era today, website revision is very frequent. That’s thanks to the emergence of new technologies (everyone wants to follow technology trends), perhaps because of the changing rules. Whatever the reason, proper revision is important. Make sure the new design will bring you more advantages in front of your competitors.

we don’t want to change the website for the sake of spending money. The reason for the revision is because we feel that the site needs to be visually improved, and our visitors want to see something new from a visual point of view. We should consider the revision from the user’s point of view. Users should be our target when considering creating a new logo for our blogs, publications, and any other form of web page. read more

in the "universal WeChat, everybody is a friend", WeChat marketing is really too hot, not only is the small fart child talking, say, old experts in the enterprise, even some important departments are talking about. And now for enterprise network marketing, if only relying on search engines, has been far from enough, more and more enterprises began WeChat marketing, and WeChat public number has become the choice of many enterprises.

said WeChat public number operators or not, basically all the public number will push content, and push content is also related to the content of the reading rate and conversion rate of the problem, so in addition to the quality of the content, the contents of the public number of typesetting is particularly important. Take a look at some of the well done public numbers, and they all care about details, and the layout of the push is very beautiful. read more