North education always adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide to the implementation of quality education as the main line, in order to improve the people’s satisfaction with education as the goal, on the one hand grasping the quality of teaching, school management, on the one hand the standardization of school construction, infrastructure construction continues to accelerate the pace of schools, school construction steadily, campus scenery get greatly improved, scale and benefit simultaneously enhance the progress of education informationization and modernization quickly, steadily improved the quality of teaching, a major breakthrough in education reform, the smooth realization of the goal, making education to achieve leapfrog development, to create a comprehensive happiness, life lay a solid foundation for North north. read more

in the East and west toward the long and narrow territory of Xining, north of the city like a silver scissors embedded in the above…… Along with the urban construction pace, Seongbuk are strong after blooming and potential to expand urban space, to create a livable landscape ecological city tour city, on the implementation of fine management of affordable housing construction, demolition resettlement, flood monitoring, urban infrastructure construction and other key projects for is to let more people get benefits, so that more people can live a happy and harmonious life, truly "people’s livelihood" and "help people", "people’s livelihood" Le Minsheng "". Especially in the construction of affordable housing and small urban construction projects, highlighting the modern, beautiful, atmospheric, practical features, and strive to build a project, a boutique, leaving a bright spot.
according to the demolition demolition according to law for the benefit of the people of
this year, North District firmly establish the "resettlement demolition resettlement demolition and to promote," the idea of working in accordance with the "overall planning, unified deployment, step by step, to the point, from easy to difficult, the overall advancement of the work requirements, adhere to the law and the harmonious combination of the demolition demolition principle, take a number of measures to actively and steadily, in order to carry out the demolition work, demolition efforts to complete the annual objectives and tasks.
for the successful completion of the municipal government issued the demolition of 1 million 301 thousand and 700 square meters, North District set up by the party secretary, mayor served as commander of the headquarters relocation, the district government and eight by the leadership of the head of the demolition team signed letters of responsibility, requirements of the working group to do publicity, package pack time, package safety, package removal, package stability of the "Five Guarantees" policy, efforts to ensure the effective implementation of the demolition work, let people really see the demolition is the benefit of a good thing, is to the majority of households benefit and practical benefits. The demolition work group in promoting inspection services to promote the demolition, demolition, demolition of the atmosphere to promote the principle, focus on good housing assessment, housing difficulties groups will do, measure, review, archive demolition "mark five". For the majority of households understanding, support and cooperation, the demolition work group to strictly implement the "find out the base, said through reason, general ledger, clear regulations, clarifying the move" five measures, consideration of the situation, the difficulties, the active site of the facts, reduce the contradiction, to solve the problem. With sincerity, careful, warm heart attitude, do the demolition work.
since 2007, Chengbei District of Xining city in the "sunshine demolition, demolition of harmony" principle, will be the first public demolition name, housing area, the amount of compensation, let residents fully enjoy the right to know, right, right of expression and clear the right of supervision, which greatly stabilizes the demolition of the mood of the masses. The organization completed the Golmud of Qinghai Tibet railway line, West Road, North freight transit emergency center 25 national, provincial and municipal key construction projects; read more

modern life can not be a lack of leisure snacks, whether in the bustling business community or community as long as there is a characteristic snack bar, it is very hot business. However, in casual snacks such as shopping malls in the battlefield of the market in order to not only rely on talent shows itself, characteristics, to snack franchise business is hot, we must constantly sum up experience from daily management.

for snack stores for entrepreneurs, a store to popularity, the most important business integrity, service with a smile is not small, professional knowledge to remember, to create the most effective method for this project which is a food franchise success. read more

from the East District of the village (neighborhood) committees general election leading team office learned that the area from the village (neighborhood) "since the committees election to start work, according to the village two committees general work deployment, focus, key words when good, Yan head, according to law, promote general the election work of high standards and strict requirements, high quality development. At present, 30 neighborhood committees, 15 village party election completed; 9 village committees and 20 residents have completed the transition, the rest of the village (neighborhood) to determine the candidate is being planned to promote, to the end of the month will be completed the work of the election.
the village (neighborhood) party organization general election and the comparison of the new village Party organizations were elected 71 people, of which the party organization is mainly responsible for the average age was lowered from 47.5 to 43 years old, the average age of members of the team was lowered from 45.5 to 43.8 years old, female members accounted for 5% college degree or above; 19.7% cadres, compared with the previous year increased 3%; compared with the last neighborhood party, the new party committees were elected 134 people, of which the party organization is mainly responsible for the average age was lowered from 41.8 to 39.7 years old, 35 years old of the following members of the party organizations to raise the proportion of 5%, raise the proportion of women members 4% college degree or above; 41% cadres, than the previous upgrade 7%. On the whole, the age, gender, and cultural structure of the grass-roots party organizations in the region are more reasonable, and the overall quality has been further improved. read more

North District People’s Procuratorate in order to further promote the work of the three priorities, actively participate in social management innovation to resolve social conflicts, the extension of the legal supervision tentacles extended to the school. In order to further improve the legal awareness of young students, enhance student learning, understanding, knowledge and awareness of the law, the afternoon of June 18th, the North District procuratorate prosecutor Liang Jianfu to the Xining thirteenth middle school for all students as the lecture hall "wonderful to be a qualified student".
  read more

recently, the national red tourism work coordination group of 14 member units jointly announced the national red tourism scenic spots based on the original list, our province China Red Army xilujun Memorial, Haibei Atomic City ruins, Yushu Earthquake Memorial Hall 3 classic red tourism scenic area, new Guoluo Prefecture banma County Red Army ditch the revolutionary relics, Sea East County of Xunhua City, the ten Panchen Lama’s two classic red tourism scenic spots. Up to now, the province has reached 5 Red Classic scenic. read more

in the most beautiful season, Qinghai will usher in the event once a year — seventeenth Chinese · Qinghai investment and trade fair green development in the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge (hereinafter referred to as the Green Fair). Open cooperation · green development, is still the theme of this session of the fair! Sonorous rhythm, a solid pace, the Green Fair has been singing the theme of green development, continue to attract new ideas, new opportunities, eventually merged into the development of sweet music; the Green Fair constantly highlight the ecological protection in our province priority concept, vigorously promote the recycling economy the development of. read more

Wang Jianjun governor on behalf of the government work report made, we should strive to improve and protect the livelihood of the people". Adhere to the development of thought of taking people as the center, starting from the interests of the masses of all ethnic groups will be most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, with a good grasp of the livelihood of the people, to do the work concerning the overall situation. Bear the focus of attention of the people of the two – employment and social security work of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, in the past year to hand over a report card? In 2017, but also to bring the people’s livelihood benefits. January 17th, the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress, the six meeting of the press conference, the provincial human resources and social security department director Yang Yi one by one to answer these focus on the topic of the second. read more

in order to give more love to poor mothers in the Midwest, solve practical problems, their October 10th, North Zone of the first mother parcels release ceremony held in Chaoyang Square, 200 poor mother to mother parcels".
it is understood that this event is a large public event by the fund China women development initiated. Mainly choose the daily necessities of life of poor mothers, mobilize the community through the "one on one" way to donate. At present, the North District Women’s Federation has received the "mother intimate package 710, these parcels are from different regions who love donations, although it carries little parcel, love and care of different regions of the country, people in different industries. The first batch of 710 love parcels were donated to the poor mother Mafang area, which the minority mother more than 80 people. The scene to get parcel 200 sisters joy shows between the lines.
according to the city of North’s person in charge, in order to express their gratitude, 200 mothers received the parcel to fill in the bag and timely reply card sent back to the donor, but also sent to the initiative of the masses, I hope that everyone can use their own practical action to give to other poor mothers their love. Subsequently, there will be 1864 mother parcels have arrived in the north, the District Women’s Federation will ensure that every love parcel sent to the hands of the recipient’s mother. (author: Fang Xu) read more