life, there are often a lot of husband and wife together entrepreneurship. Are generally open a small shop or get a snack stalls, as long as willing to endure hardship, basically will go to a good income. And now environmental entrepreneurship to win a lot of people’s attention, today’s Article 80 after the couple’s environmental entrepreneurship harvest rich wealth.

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are aware of every business shop has a complete industrial chain behind, collection, production, packaging, logistics, sales of a complete process of coordinated operation is the key point of a proper operation of the store. Take drinks shop procurement, how to establish a reasonable procurement model of the shop?.

1. establish a strict raw material procurement system

does not have a strict raw material procurement system, it can not effectively control the beverage shop. Depending on the size of the shop, the procurement function is not exactly the same. read more

Southwest Forestry University Innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere is very strong, with a lot of college students to actively participate in, and, in 2015 graduates employment and entrepreneurship work objectives and responsibilities of the new achievements!

the provincial college work, the Education Department of Yunnan Province, the province’s colleges and universities employment target responsibility assessment, Southwest Forestry University was awarded the "Yunnan province in 2015 college graduates employment work goal responsibility appraisal Award", "Yunnan Province in 2015 to encourage the students to do advanced collective". At the same time, Southwest Forestry University entrepreneurship Park was reviewed by the Yunnan Provincial Department of human resources and social security as the Yunnan youth entrepreneurship demonstration park, the provincial financial subsidies 1 million yuan. read more

you still can not find a good project to make money and worry? 2016 small investment to become a good project, recommend ten yuan jewelry shop to join the venture. Ten yuan jewelry store business, the unique advantages of the project, so that more optimistic about the trend of jewelry industry venture capital businesses to build up the family fortunes of the road.

male fear into the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang, said the choice for the importance of everyone. For entrepreneurs who want to join the venture, the choice of a good project is to find the right path to get rich. Small project because of its less investment, lower risk, favored by the majority of investors. In such a competitive today, what is the choice of good projects? 2013 the latest small investment franchise list, recommend ten yuan jewelry store to join, teach you to relax the Nuggets, when the boss is so simple! Ten yuan jewelry store to join the real strength of a good project, production, supply, sales through-train, low-cost supply, to ensure maximum profit dealers! read more

entrepreneurial innovation policy is driven by China’s development, it can be said that China’s future is a creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, which is Li Yining’s point of view. China Entrepreneurs’ golden age has come to lead, China will also have a better development.

3 6, member of the CPPCC National Committee, director of the Peking University Faculty of Social Sciences Li Yining said in response to a question, Chinese economy is in post industrialization from industrialization transformation period, but the trend in 2016 is optimistic about the steady progress, steady. He believes that the deepening of reform to stimulate a new round of entrepreneurial boom, I suggest you go to Zhongguancun Venture Street to see what people in the discussion of what issues, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, which is China’s future". read more

Xuyi international Lobster Festival officially started in 2001 to create a festival brand. China · Xuyi international Lobster Festival was held by local governments and leading media agencies by the people’s Government of Xuyi County of Jiangsu province with Australia and New Zealand, Sweden and other countries of the International Festival, the 2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival opening soon, invites you to visit!

2015 Xuyi Lobster Festival: June 12th (opening) –


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What is the most important thing for

entrepreneurs to start their own business? Not money, nor management, but entrepreneurial mentality and entrepreneurial orientation! With a very clear idea, with four good attitude, is the beginning of success! The following is a specific introduction, a look at it!

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snack bar, in our side has been very common delicious. For business with a small capital entrepreneur, entrepreneurial choice has the very high popularity of snacks, always have the advantage of the choice to join. How about magic potatoes? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also joined the magic potatoes project, or a very good choice!

magic potatoes?

Chengdu potato snack shop franchise which generally requires investment? How many money? There is no doubt that magic is the best snack potato, potato salad dressing, independent research and development of magic magic potato salad sauce, sesame sauce, potato magic sand sauce spicy sauce, potato potato magic magic desktop sweet chili sauce, tomato sauce and other characteristics of magic potato sauce French fries, potato chips, and collocation edible varieties, good taste, easy to gain more profit read more

understand the latest developments in the industry, in order to gain full wealth in the first time. Our obsession with technology is increasingly confusing us. When we are immersed in technology and more on the "net" of life at the same time, we have to begin to miss the past more low-key and easy life. We are closely connected with the technology, but we will also be confused about the future.

1. entrepreneurial inspiration: experience personally on the scene. We need more entertainment. These amusements must be able to mobilize all our senses.

2. use image exchange, which is an image reading era. More and more we live in a world of vision. Camera, camera and computer all day in our hands, we use Instagram to capture and share our breakfast, we are on the way to work with Vine shooting and video sharing, our friend in the blog dinner photo, released on the Facebook of our living room decoration photos.

3. faster, faster, faster. We are in what Mike calls "the age of impatience" (Mack). Customers expect more, faster and more convenient than ever before. And we’re getting more and more impulsive. Therefore, all provide faster service companies are favored.

4. mobile Internet can bring any opportunity. Having a cell phone now means that you are connected to the world. More and more mobile technologies, and even simple SMS text messages, are being used to provide health care, education, and financial opportunities for people in developing countries. read more