More than and 40 exhibitors, hundreds of vehicles of different models, and more than 200 beautiful composition models in this team, the National Day holiday, the Xining evening news show is still in a strong, for the public, fans presents a car feast. Every day tens of thousands of exhibitors, hundreds of sales results, not only to the evening show to see the public car buying concept of change, but also to witness the Qinghai people buy a car is not bad money".

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December 30, 2015, the National Center for urban livelihood satisfaction survey report (2015) released in Chengdu for the first time. The report shows that in China’s 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) where the administrative body of the central city, Lhasa, Shanghai, Xining, the highest satisfaction index of the three cities.

in innovation and entrepreneurship activities under the leadership of management, China business ushered in a new development opportunity. Women entrepreneurs also by Dongfeng, to attract a lot of attention. China’s women’s handicrafts Expo provides a platform for women entrepreneurs to show and attract investment.

10 25, organized by the National Women’s Federation of women China handmade products Expo ended successfully in Zhejiang, Yiwu.

5 days, with the Yiwu International Commodities Fair in the East, around the women’s Handmade collective appearance, shine, attracted from all corners of the country’s cloud business customers. read more

October 14th, the city’s deputy director Liu De call the newspaper, with city reflect the failure he encountered on the overpass on the public facilities of the scene, once again called on the public to the city as their home care, take care of city public facilities, so that they long for the public service.

day 14:40, Liu Road over the Yangtze River Road, South Gate Street Flyover, saw a 60 year old woman with a pliers, was buried in the bridge guardrail basket disassembly. Liu De asked, "is this your home?" "I don’t think it’s useful." Elderly women say. "If Xining people like you, the city’s public facilities will not be ruined……" Liu Deyu to longly persuade, finally, older women leave removing baskets, went away. read more

Continuous snowfall, so that people clearly feel that this winter the weather is a bit cold, but in the end how cold the weather? Provincial Climate Center experts gave the answer: from November 2013 to January 12, 2014, the province’s average temperature is lower than the average annual temperature of 0.5 degrees, the lowest temperature of low temperature of 0.2 degrees C. At the same time, the province’s average temperature is lower than the number of days 10.0 C, the highest since 1998 the most extreme climate warming. read more

since entering in June, came to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County tourism tourists increased significantly compared with previous years, chase tourism has entered the hot period ahead of schedule, compared with the past nearly 20 days in advance.

With the chase of the ecological cultural tourism brand

, chase tourism attraction is more and more strong, is becoming one of the most important tourist destinations in the province and outside the majority of tourists eco-tourism. Relying on resources Datong tourism sector, focusing on the needs of the tourism market, and actively tap the potential of the tourism market, tourism rich content, in the traditional driving, ecological sightseeing tourism and tourism experience based leisure travel, the timely introduction of suitable for different needs of the audience of the religious and cultural tours, cultural tours, sports travel and leisure vacation travel business meeting such as tourism, not only by the majority of tourists, but also the connotation and denotation of Datong tourism has got further development. read more

this year, the province to strengthen the coordination of construction projects and services, industrial investment growth. 1 to November, the whole industry to complete the investment of RMB 117 billion 780 million yuan. General industrial investment accounted for 30% of the total investment in fixed assets investment, accounting for 71.7% of the full aperture of industry, investment in fixed assets and boost the whole society full bore industrial growth of 5, 11 percentage points, the contribution rate were 23.1%, 91.4%.

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Reporter learned from the provincial CDC, this year, the comprehensive intervention of oral diseases in children in the Midwest project will benefit a number of counties in North District, Xining city of Hainan county and Guide County, Haidong District of Ledu city and other children in Huzhu county. The intervention object is 7 years old to 9 years old children, they will receive free oral health education, oral health examination and the first molar (commonly known as the "six year old teeth) for pit and fissure sealing, so that their oral hygiene habits and oral hygiene status improved significantly. read more

is the area to actively support the development of medium and small enterprises, help enterprises solve practical difficulties, as of now, the north area of coordination Small and micro businesses to the area of bank loans 18 million yuan, Small and micro businesses financing difficult to effectively alleviate the problem.
it is understood that in order to help the area small and medium enterprises to solve practical difficulties, Chengbei District in accordance with the division of regions and departments, construct the service system from the financial support, financing services, corporate training, government procurement, marketing and other aspects, and actively build information service platform, to strengthen the political and business bank docking, as of now, the coordination of bank the area to Small and micro businesses loans of 18 million yuan, Small and micro businesses financing difficult to effectively alleviate the problem. North District identified a number of key enterprises, to understand the difficulties and problems existing in the basic management, production management, marketing and business development in key enterprises, coordinate and solve practical difficulties in water resources allocation of electric enterprises, project construction funds, land and other aspects of the in-depth understanding of the financing needs of enterprises, strengthen communication and coordination with finance institutions, Guarantee Corporation, small loan companies, are helping to develop targeted measures to help companies tide over the crisis, increase vitality, promote development. (author: Fang Sheng Sheng Dong) read more

– total investment in fixed assets of 93 billion 90 million yuan from to September, an increase of 26.5%. – the city’s 757 construction projects opened in 648, the opening rate is 85.6%. "Although the fixed asset investment growth rate fell 0.8 percentage points last month, but our internal factors to accelerate the economic development increasing, many large and medium-sized construction projects are still in force to accelerate, the role of investment significantly." For this year’s investment in key projects and the municipal development and Reform Commission, the staff analysis said that Xining is currently in the foundation, structural adjustment stage, maintain stable and rapid economic and social development relying mainly on investment, investment is the key. The growth rate of investment in the province ranked second [status] according to reports, this year in the domestic downtown pressure on the economy continue to increase in the background, I still take the investment growth, guarantee the project construction, as an important means of steady growth, the first 9 months of fixed asset investment to achieve sustained steady growth, the average monthly investment growth remained at a high level in September 27.9%, although the growth rate has dropped slightly, but still 3.47 percentage points higher than the province, the province’s growth among the second states. Analysis of the previous three quarters of investment operations, investment growth has declined, mainly due to the decline in the real estate market and industrial prices continued to fall, the impact of downward pressure on industrial production. Because these two investments, accounting for more than 60% of the total investment in the city, so the pulling effect on investment weakened. Infrastructure investment increased by 4 months [state] in the first quarter of, the city’s infrastructure investment is still maintained a rapid growth, the cumulative investment of 19 billion 890 million yuan, an increase of 63.3%. Accelerate in the province to promote the construction of the eastern city of group to promote and accelerate the urbanization policy, infrastructure investment for 4 consecutive months, the growth rate remained above 60%, infrastructure investment accounted for more than three years ago by 12.5% to 21.4%. Among them, the city’s 757 investment projects contributed, as of now has been turned back to work 648. In addition to the train station, comprehensive reform of the central square of the North expansion, and some new projects supporting DOPA ramped "fight" investment, fourteen medium project has been basically completed investment objectives, Guoluo Road East extension, seamounts road project has completed an investment of more than 80%. Financial support is the source of the smooth implementation of these projects. This year, a total of 3 billion 200 million yuan for the construction of various types of construction funds, a strong support for the city’s construction. This year, the province has arranged 2 billion yuan to promote the construction of the eastern city of Xining to accelerate the construction of the park, infrastructure, construction of the county and the recycling economy and other fields, to varying degrees, stimulating investment in the field of investment in the construction of the city of. In addition, with the continuous expansion of the field of private investment, investment enthusiasm increased, the proportion of private investment in the city has reached 58.26%, the pulling effect of investment has been significantly enhanced.   read more