Ramadan to Begin in Morocco Thursday

Rabat- The holy month of Ramadan will begin on Thursday in Morocco, the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs said in a statement on Wednesday.Other Arab and Muslim countries will also begin Ramadan on Thursday. On Tuesday Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine announced that Thursday would be the first day of Ramadan.The sighting of the crescent in most Muslim countries coincides with the date announced several weeks by the Fiqh Council of North America. The FCNA, which relies on astronomical calculations, had announced that the first day of Ramadan would be Thursday June 18, while the first day of Eid El Fitr, would be Friday July 17th. Moroccan authorities rely on special committees across the country to monitor the sighting of the moon, in line with the Prophet’s saying: “Fast when you see the crescent and break the fast when you see it; if it is not apparent, then make the month of Sha’ban thirty days.”

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