Trick or Treat Friday

(Updated)It may not have been the best weather to be out trick or treating. But whether your six or 66, Halloween is a time where people can be anyone or anything for a night.Our Phil Perkins first visited a must-see haunted house for trick or treaters — and then caught up with some adults who still love dressing up.For the last fourteen years, the Parcher family in Dundas have perfected the art of the haunted house.John Parcher: “Motion and pneumatics, the kids will be able to turn on the electric chair and zap their friends.”In the daytime, trick or treaters kept their distance, but once the sun and the mood set, they showed up in droves.The house saw its fair share of avengers and ice princesses.“What are you dressed up as?” “Elsa” “And you?” “Elsa”.And some very original creatures.“I’m dressed up as a post-apocalyptic soldier with gas mask and helmet and a glowing back-pack.”Not only is this horror hotel mostly hand-made, it’s also interactive.Safe to say, everyone loved taking turns getting a jolt — including entire families who also got in on the Halloween spirit!‘Princess Leah’: “Well, you dream about it as a kid that your parents will get as involved and y’know mine just never did. So I’m making up for lost time right here.”The folks at the Thirsty Cactus in Dundas were holding a Halloween party for adults into the early morning to raise money for charity.

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