While some laugh, others with the help of Black Egg open new markets and grow

first_imgWhile some laugh, others with the help of Black Egg open new markets and grow. Provocative? Yes, of course, but the most important thing is not PR but the fact.After the last article on the topic Black Egg business model, a big debate has opened that continues even today, and the biggest debate is that the Black Egg is a synonym for cheap accommodation, which is certainly a misconception. On the contrary, Crno Jaje is an excellent channel for promotion and sales, and they cooperate with the strongest hotels in Croatia. Then there is certainly something in that “Black Egg”, if the strongest hotels in Croatia see their interest, right?”We have been recognized by the strongest hoteliers in Croatia, and this fact only shows that Crno jaje is not a synonym for cheap accommodation, but as an excellent sales channel and a smart modality of work for the largest hoteliers. They know when, how and how to use Black Egg as a sales platform. ” Hrvoje Bujas, the owner of Crni Jaj, pointed out and added that they cooperate with Valamar, Maistra, Toplice Sv. Martin, Supetar Waterman Resort and many others.At the moment, my focus is on their campaign for Martinje, which is interestingly not limited to Zagorje, so here is the reason for a new story. “Martinje, which was actually just an event limited to Zagorje and Međimurje, we put it together as an offer and a nice package so we sell arrangements from Istria, Kvarner, Zagorje, Međimurje, Podravina, Moslavina, Banovina, all the way to Slavonia and Baranja, I hope and Dalmatia next year “Hrvoje Bujas points out and adds that Crno jaje has placed completely new products on the market in the last seven years or reengineered the existing one.We all know that the most important base for continental tourism is the domestic market, ie domestic guests as a basis. That’s why it’s great for me to see continental destinations wake up slowly and be proactive. Yes, it is a difficult and long way to success, but everything starts with the first step and branding.An excellent channel for the promotion of continental tourism and weekend events This is exactly the kind of promotion that continental tourism needs. Weekend trips as a starting point to get to know the hidden and unexplored interior, ie continental Croatia. What to do for the weekend? Experience Slavonia, Zagorje, Lika and everything is well packed in various Dolska motifs. From local gastronomy, active vacation to wellness.Experience the sound of the forest, the river, the silence of the golden plain, etc.… We have as many motives for the play on words as we want. But first and foremost we have to make tourist arrangements, and offer them to the market. Both to the agencies and to the target group through promotion. We need to send a call to be discovered. This is the first prerequisite.A great example is Baranja, which has positioned itself as the best destination in Slavonia. If someone had told you five years ago that people would get in the car for the weekend from Zagreb on their way to Baranja, they would have said that he was crazy. But this is exactly what is happening, and everything is accompanied by a great response of business team building in Baranja. Crno Jaje certainly played a big role, where Baranja positioned itself through all their channels for years, as well as campaigns on Nova TV and Dom TV, with which Crnja jaje collaborates and places certain campaigns, and where Baranja was constantly spinning and jumping out of the pate.And the numbers prove that the thing works. As Bujas points out, no one can fill a hotel in seven days like we can, there is no tool on the market other than Black Egg. “This year, over 500 arrangements for Martinje were sold, whether it was a one-day trip or a package of two nights, an increase of 30% over last year.. “Here’s another example that immediately popped up at first glance. This is the Sv. Martin Spa campaign, where the offer for 3 nights and New Year’s Eve is 3121 kn. And it’s not that cheap, is it? Have a full hotel for three days + extra spending, great calculation. On the other hand, who wouldn’t love to have their hotel filled for the New Year, St. Martin’s Day or any other event in their own organization?”We have rebranded the approach to the organization of New Year’s Eve, we currently have as many as 50 offers, many completely different from standard offers on the market, such as Welcome to Wellness & evening with Nena Belan in Sveti Martin or for the first time since Croatian independence New Year’s Eve 2019 in Hotel Imperial Park in Vodice with a beautiful evening with Goran Karan, and in other hotels also perform Škoro, Suhodolčan… This year we expect over 100 offers for the New Year, and sales growth of a further 10%.”Says Bujas and adds that Crno Jaje wants to provide its customers with a new and unique experience at a good price, and partners on the other hand, in a fast way and with a strong TV campaign on NovaTv and DomaTv to fill all their capacities.If you ask me how to fill a hotel out of season or sell a weekend with an overnight stay with some content I definitely recommend Black Egg as one of the tools. Finally, in addition to sales, there is also a segment of large media reach and destination positioning, which is a great value in the long run and with a combination of other promotion channels.The market is growing and developing, as is the competition fighting for the same guests in the domestic market. If you want to grow you have to find various ways to reach the target group because the noise in communication is getting bigger and bigger day by day. More and more hotels are organizing New Year’s Eve and various weekend packages as motives for arrival. From wellness weekends for guests to rest their body and soul, organization of concerts, sports events, to various gastronomic tours.In any case, whether you like Black Egg or not (btw it’s not even important in business, but the account balance at the end of the month) is the fact that thanks to this business model sold out a lot of restaurants, hotels, events, stories… Market competition is open , let the better, more skilful and creative win.RELATED NEWS:last_img

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