Despite the reduction in prices a large decline in family accommodation reservations

first_imgAlmost a third of respondents (31 percent) have a drop in reservations of more than 80 percent, and 90 percent of them also cancel reservations, with the share of canceled reservations for July and August being mostly up to 60 percent.  Suffered financial damage from 50.00 to 100.000 kuna “These data show that family accommodation is an extremely affected sector of tourism, on which the existence of almost 110.000 families depends and which is of inestimable importance for the business of many ancillary companies and crafts. The current occupancy is mostly realized by filling the accommodation facilities in canceled and free terms at significantly lower prices, so we anticipate that ultimately this year’s financial results will be incomparable with last year’s “, said the president of the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Martina Nimac Kalcina, adding that due to the connection of family accommodation with a number of other activities, it is necessary to adopt additional measures to help renters.  The Croatian Chamber of Commerce survey was conducted on a sample of over 2100 respondents, and is being conducted in several phases until the end of this season in order to provide as accurate data as possible on the situation in the family accommodation market. Only 6 percent of them answered that they do not have significant financial losses. Among the surveyed service providers, a third are retirees, among whom 75 percent are those without whom income is significantly endangered (46 percent) or subsistence (29 percent). About 20 percent of them need a moratorium on the existing loan, and a similar number need a new loan to survive until next season. The results of the HGK survey on the impact of coronavirus on the business of family accommodation providers showed that as many as 95 percent of respondents have a reduced number of reservations compared to last year, despite three quarters of them reducing prices, mostly up to 30 percent. CCCcenter_img More than half of the respondents (53 percent) state that the measures of the Government of the Republic of Croatia helped them to some extent or significantly, while the measures of local and county bodies were used by only 18 percent of private landlords. Source: HGK Germany is a key emitting market; followed by other European countries, Austria, Italy and Slovenia The financial damage suffered in the first six months of this year for most renters (77 percent) ranges up to HRK 50.000, while for the next three months this estimate rises to HRK 100.000. The largest share of reservations (60 percent) is received through leading online sales channels, and a smaller part directly (30 percent) or through domestic travel agencies (11 percent). The survey confirmed that our key emission markets are Germany, Austria and Italy, as well as Slovenia. Germany is a key emission market; followed by other European countries, Austria, Italy and Slovenia. last_img

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