Drying Ball Diamonds

first_imgWe are all familiar with the large tarps that major league baseball teams use to keep the infield dry.  They also use a drying compound when a particular area gets damp.  But what about those diamonds that can’t afford these large tarps and expensive drying compounds?When I took the American Legion Baseball Team to Madison one year for a double header, we found the infield very wet.  Since we had already driven to Madison, the team there said “we will find a way to get this diamond dry”.  Since we were at the city park, they decided to borrow a barrel of racing fuel stored in a shed by the diamond.  This fuel belonged to the Miss Madison racing boat.  They poured the fuel on the dirt part of the  infield and lit a match to it.  Fifteen minutes later the infield was bone dry and ready for play.  I don’t know who footed the bill for this barrel of very expensive racing fuel.Recently at a college World Series game the grounds keepers used tennis squeegees to roll the water off the outfield.  As the water was pushed passed the foul lines, it was scooped up and thrown on the warning track.  Fortunately, they found a lot of squeegees and many willing hands to push them because the outfield looked like a lake before they started.  It is amazing what inquiring minds can come up with if you want to play a game bad enough.last_img

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