Carbon monoxide poisonings in BC prompt warning about detectors

first_imgVANCOUVER — A senior paramedic in British Columbia is encouraging homeowners to buy carbon monoxide detectors and inspect their appliances following a spike in poisonings in the past week.Leon Baranowski, paramedic practice leader with B.C. Emergency Health Services, says the colourless and odourless gas can be emitted from fuels including wood, gasoline, coal and propane when they don’t burn completely.“At this time of year, as people start to turn on their water heaters, their gas appliances, fire places and panel heaters in unventilated spaces, carbon monoxide has the potential to build up in that environment. Over time, that can start to overcome patients and affect them,” Baranowski said.A family of five from Barriere, B.C., was airlifted to a hospital in Vancouver in serious but stable condition on Thursday. Two family members were unconscious when they were pulled from their home and the monitors worn by paramedics indicated high levels of the gas when they entered the home.On Wednesday, 13 people with carbon monoxide poisoning were taken to hospital from an office building in Vancouver. Energy company FortisBC said a technician identified a problem with a boiler.There were at least another three cases on the Lower Mainland in the past week, said Emergency Health Services communications officer Shannon Miller.Paramedics in the province respond to about 100 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning over the course of the year, she said.  Baranowski said patients at the lower end of the spectrum can present cold and flu-like symptoms, including a dull headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.“As the symptoms progress after prolonged exposure, that can lead to increased shortness of breath, confusion, blurred vision, loss of consciousness and, in the worst case, even death. Carbon monoxide starts to replace oxygen in the body, which we all need to function,” he said.Paramedics treat patients with oxygen. In more serious cases, patients may enter a pressurized chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves raising the pressure in the chamber and delivering oxygen at a high pressure.Certain populations are more at risk, including children and the elderly, he said.Carbon monoxide detectors are between $50 and $100 to purchase he said, and when the alarm sounds that means it’s time to get out of the building quickly.If multiple people start to experience symptoms in the same room or house, that’s also a signal that there could be a carbon monoxide leak in the house, he said.“Ultimately if people take quick action and we get there, then they stand a better chance of having no neurological deficits and no lasting outcomes,” he said.Amy Smart, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

The Top 10 Theatre Productions of 2016

first_imgWe all hailed Hosanna, starring Damien Atkins (left) and Jason Cadieux. A Canadian classic astonishingly reinvented, a pair of epic trilogies and a new musical whose feel-good quality was entirely justified were among the top productions of the past year. Enthralling viewers with a mix of drama, comedy and music, these were rich shows worth seeing a second and even a third time.1. salt-water moonFactory Theatre, February 26 to March 13The highlight of Factory’s Naked season was director Ravi Jain‘s spare, transcendent reimagining of David French‘s Newfoundland love story. No naturalistic costumes or sets. No attempts at accents. Singer/guitarist Ania Soul underscored moments, crooned contemporary tunes and also read aloud the play’s stage directions while the superb actors (Kawa Ada and Mayko Nguyen) negotiated a stage lit only by candles. The result was an emotionally rich experience that glows in the memories of all who saw it. Jeremy Mimnagh Twitter 2. HOSANNASoulpepper, September 23 to October 22Another landmark Canadian play, Michel Tremblay‘s passionate, sharp-edged exploration of sexuality and sexual politics focuses on a humiliated drag queen and her over-the-hill lover. The polished Soulpepper production sparkled in the hands of director Gregory Prest and actors Damien Atkins and Jason Cadieux, whose chemistry proved the strongest since the work’s 1974 Tarragon premiere. Add designer Yannik Larivée‘s mirrored set and lighting by Rebecca Picherack, which reflected in several senses the various sides of the pair, and the result was scintillating theatre. Login/Register With: Advertisement 3. the death of the kingModern Times Stage Company/Theatre Centre, March 26 to April 10 Modern Times director Soheil Parsa worked his magic with the revival of Bahram Beyzaie‘s tale, inspired by Persian history, about the body of a ruler found in a poor miller’s house. Partly a mystery that explored who killed him and why, the play allowed each member of the miller’s family to become the king in a fascinating series of switched roles. Advertisement Facebook Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Bahareh Yaraghi (left), Ron Kennell and Jani Lauzon helped bring The Death Of A King to vivid life.last_img read more

Microsofts new device to store digital info as DNA

first_imgSan Francisco: Tech major Microsoft has successfully developed an end-to-end automated DNA storage device that can translate digital information into DNA and back to bits, the company said in a blog post. The fully automated system to store and retrieve data in manufactured DNA is a key step in moving the technology out of the research lab and into commercial datacenters. The novel system, developed in partnership with University of Washington, translated “HELLO” into DNA and converted it back to digital data in just 21 hours, reported the paper published in Nature Scientific Reports journal. Also Read – Swiggy now in 500 Indian cities, targets 100 more this year “Our ultimate goal is to put a system into production that, to the end user, looks very much like any other cloud storage service — bits are sent to a datacenter and stored there and then they just appear when the customer wants them,” Karin Strauss, principal researcher at Microsoft, wrote in the post on Thursday. “To do that, we needed to prove that this is practical from an automation perspective,” Strauss added. The system has so far stored one gigabyte of data in DNA, which includes cat photographs, great literary works, pop videos as well as archival recordings in DNA, which could be retrieved without errors, the researchers said. Also Read – New HP Pavilion x360 notebook with in-built Alexa in India The automated DNA data storage system uses software that converts the ones and zeros of digital data into the As, Ts, Cs and Gs that make up the building blocks of DNA. Then it uses cheap lab equipments to flow the necessary liquids and chemicals into a synthesiser that builds manufactured snippets of DNA and to push them into a storage vessel. When the system needs to retrieve the information, it adds other chemicals to properly prepare the DNA and uses microfluidic pumps to push the liquids into other parts of the system that “read” the DNA sequences and convert it back to information that a computer can understand. Information is stored in synthetic DNA molecules created in a lab, not DNA from humans or other living things, and can be encrypted before it is sent to the system. Further, the team also developed techniques to search for and retrieve only images that contain an apple or a green bicycle — using the molecules themselves and without having to convert the files back into a digital format. “We are definitely seeing a new kind of computer system being born here where you are using molecules to store data and electronics for control and processing. Putting them together holds some really interesting possibilities for the future,” said Luis Ceze, Professor at the varsity.last_img read more

Uranium company bursaries help northern students

NexGen Energy Ltd. CEO Leigh Curyer speaks to reporters in Saskatoon earlier this year. NexGen has an unusually high profile for a junior mining company; most are little-known except by investors. That profile includes a major sponsorship of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the recruitment of former Premier Brad Wall to its board.While some experts agree that businesses’ community relations strategies are aimed at securing a “social licence to operate” or goodwill “trust account” that can be drawn down in times of need, NexGen Energy CEO Leigh Curyer scoffs at that suggestion.“It is unusual for a company of our size and stage of development (but) when you consider what the company’s going to be once it’s in production, it’s actually not unusual. And when you consider the values of the organization as well, it’s completely in line with it,” he said.“That’s an area where we think we can help. We’re not about charity; we’re about creating avenues to advancement.”The students receiving the bursaries are certainly grateful that the company is providing them an opportunity many would not otherwise have. St. Pierre said it feels good that the company is recognizing the community near the resource it plans to mine.“It helps us, lifts us up,” she said.DesRoches said that assistance should allow him and others to break barriers and show people at home that northerners can be professionals in one of the province’s largest and most valuable industries. Asked about his own plans, DesRoches laughed.“I’m shooting for the stars,” he said. “Maybe a senior vice president one day. Maybe have my own company that’s traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.”amacpherson@postmedia.comtwitter.com/macphersonaRelated Roughriders QB Harker at home in land of potash and uranium Uranium development company inks ‘unique’ sponsorship deal with Roughriders Wall appointed to uranium exploration company board Matt Olson / Saskatoon StarPhoen / Saskatoon Growing up in a remote, economically-disadvantaged community in northern Saskatchewan, Jontae DesRoches never imagined he would one day travel south to attend university.Now, the 25-year-old from La Loche can’t wait to take everything he has learned in school and working for a uranium company during the summer back to his home on the edge of the Athabasca Basin.“It’s breaking barriers and showing people in my home community that we can become professionals in the industry,” said DesRoches, a member of the Clearwater River Dene Nation who is studying at the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business.“I want to try to help bridge the gap between mining companies and other local Dene-speaking communities,” he added.DesRoches is one of six students expected to benefit this year from educational bursaries handed out by NexGen Energy Ltd., which is working to build a uranium mine north of La Loche, about 800 kilometres from Saskatoon.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Some, like DesRoches and 25-year-old U of S geology student Alexis St. Pierre, are eager to put what they are learning to use in what the latter described as her own backyard. It’s important to have locals working in the industry, she said.“It’s beneficial for everyone. I know the language. I know everyone that’s here and they know me,” said St. Pierre, who, like DesRoches, has spent the last several summers working for NexGen at its Arrow property.Others, like Jazz Moise, have goals beyond the resource industry. He was recently accepted into a culinary program in Vancouver, B.C., and while La Loche will always be home, he has plans to open a restaurant or maybe a catering business elsewhere.Now in its third year, NexGen Energy’s bursary program — which is expected to cost the company around $120,000 this year — is part of an ambitious slate of programs aimed at giving back to the communities near its proposed mine site.The company, which is headquartered in Vancouver but has a corporate office in Saskatoon, also runs a daily breakfast program for students in La Loche, employs high school students in the summer and a dog fostering program its CEO says has saved the lives of 30 animals.The company also funds the local skating rink and puts on hockey and volleyball programs. read more

UN projects world population to reach 85 billion by 2030 driven by

Global Fertility Rate Global Life Expectancy Moreover, the report reveals that during the 2015-2050 period, half of the world’s population growth is expected to be concentrated in nine countries: India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, the United States, Indonesia and Uganda. Wu Hongbo, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, whose department produced the 2015 Revision of World Population Prospects, the 24th round of official UN population estimates and projections, noted that understanding the demographic changes that are likely to unfold over the coming years “is key to the design and implementation of the new development agenda.”United Nations Member States are currently in the process of crafting a successor agenda to the landmark Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which wrap up at the end of this year. A new framework, focused on poverty eradication, social inclusion and preserving the health of the planet, is set to be adopted at a special UN summit, in New York this September.According to the report’s projections, the current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100. “Most of the projected increase in the world’s population can be attributed to a short list of high-fertility countries, mainly in Africa, or countries with already large populations,” according to the report.At present, China and India remain the two largest countries in the world, each with more than 1 billion people, representing 19 and 18 per cent of the world’s population, respectively, but by 2022, the population of India is expected to surpass that of China, according to the report’s projection.Among the 10 largest countries in the world currently, one is in Africa (Nigeria), five are in Asia (Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan), two are in Latin America (Brazil and Mexico), one is in Northern America (US), and one is in Europe (Russian Federation). “Of these, Nigeria’s population, currently the seventh largest in the world, is growing the most rapidly,” said the report. Consequently, the population of Nigeria is projected to surpass that of the United States by about 2050, at which point it would become the third largest country in the world.The report also projected that by 2050 the populations of six countries are expected to exceed 300 million: China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the United States.And with the highest rate of population growth, Africa is expected to account for more than half of the world’s population growth over the next 35 years. During this period, the report said, the populations of 28 African countries are projected to more than double, and by 2100, 10 African countries are projected to have increased by at least a factor of five: Angola, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia.“The concentration of population growth in the poorest countries presents its own set of challenges, making it more difficult to eradicate poverty and inequality, to combat hunger and malnutrition, and to expand educational enrolment and health systems, all of which are crucial to the success of the new sustainable development agenda,” said John Wilmoth, Director of the UN’s Population Division.In contrast to the growth projections, a significant ageing of the population in the next several decades is projected for most regions, starting with Europe where 34 per cent of the population is projected to be over 60 years old by 2050. In Latin America and the Caribbean and in Asia, the population will be transformed from having 11 per cent to 12 per cent of people over 60 years old today to more than 25 per cent by 2050.Further to the report, life expectancy at birth has increased significantly in the least developed countries in recent years. The six-year average gain in life expectancy among the poorest countries, from 56 years in 2000-2005 to 62 years in 2010-2015, is roughly double the increase recorded for the rest of the world. While significant differences in life expectancy across major areas and income groups are projected to continue, they are expected to diminish significantly by 2045-2050. World Populatlion Ageing Population read more

Gambia Security Council backs regional efforts to ensure peaceful transfer of power

Amid a political standoff over Gambia’s presidency – Mr. Barrow is reportedly expected to be sworn in later today at the Gambian embassy in neighbouring Senegal even as incumbent Yahya Jammeh refuses to step down – the Council unanimously adopted a resolution expressing grave concern at the risk of deterioration of the situation.The Council strongly condemned former President Jammeh’s 9 December statement rejecting the official election results and the takeover of the Independent Electoral Commission by the Gambian Armed Forces on 13 December 2016, as well as the attempt by the Parliament on 18 January 2017 to extend President Jammeh’s term for three months beyond his current mandate, which ends today.Against this backdrop, the Council strongly condemned the attempts to usurp the will of the people and undermine the integrity of the electoral process in Gambia. It also condemned the attempt to prevent a peaceful and orderly transfer of power to President Barrow by declaring a state of emergency.Endorsing the decisions of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) to recognize Mr. Barrow as the President of Gambia, the 15 nation Council called upon the countries in the region and the relevant regional organization to cooperate with him in his efforts to realize the transition of power. The Council also requested the Gambian defence and security forces to demonstrate “maximum restraint” to maintain an atmosphere of calm in country, and stressed “their duty and obligation to place themselves at the disposal of the democratically elected authorities.” The text further commends and strongly supports continued efforts of the AU and ECOWAS to promote peace and stability in the region. By the text, the Council requests for the Secretary-General to update the body on the resolution’s implementation within 10 days. Earlier today, Secretary-General António Guterres called President Barrow to discuss the latest developments in the country and to congratulate him on his inauguration. According to a statement issued by Mr. Guterres’ spokesperson, the Secretary-General expressed deep concern about the refusal of outgoing President Yahya Jammeh to step aside and about the high outflow of Gambians into Senegal. “The Secretary-General told President Barrow of his full support for his determination, and ECOWAS’s historic decision, with the unanimous backing of the Security Council, to restore the rule of law in The Gambia so as to honour and respect the will of the Gambian people,” said the statement. Mr. Guterres also conveyed the readiness of the UN system to support President Barrow and his government in their efforts to promote democracy and achieve sustainable development in Gambia. read more

Football OSU outlasts Indiana 3817

Redshirt junior defensive end Tyquan Lewis forces a fumble from Indiana junior quarterback Richard Lagow in the first half. OSU won, 38-17. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorAll week, the Ohio State football team said they were focused on the task that lay before them in Indiana, and not on next week’s matchup against Wisconsin. The Buckeyes appeared to be a little distracted in the first half, but ultimately pulled away in the second half, picking up a 38-17 victory.The first quarter has been slow for OSU this season, and Saturday, things were no different. Both teams’ offenses struggled to find a rhythm early on, resulting in just a field goal apiece. On the opening drive for the Buckeyes, redshirt freshman running back Mike Weber mishandled a pitch, resulting in a recovered fumble by Indiana redshirt junior defensive lineman Patrick Dougherty. The short field allowed the Hoosiers to take a brief 3-0 lead.Junior H-back Curtis Samuel, the early season hero for OSU so far, failed to touch the ball until the second quarter. With under six minutes left in the half, OSU decided to uncage Samuel, resulting in four carries for 46 yards on one drive.A normally stout defense for the Buckeyes was exposed at times in the first half by Indiana, including a 50-yard completion from redshirt junior quarterback Richard Lagow to sophomore wide receiver Nick Westbrook. The drive eventually ended in a Hoosier touchdown, with Lagow finding senior wide receiver Mitchell Paige wide open in the middle of the field for a score.“A lot of their formations, we kind of expected what was going to come,” redshirt sophomore Sam Hubbard said.” What we saw today was not what we saw on film. They kind of totally switched it up on us. We just had to make adjustments as the game went on.”OSU continued its trend of scoring in the final two minutes of the first half, as a long kickoff return by redshirt sophomore Parris Campbell returned the ball to the six yard line of Indiana, which eventually led to a 5-yard touchdown run by J.T. Barrett.After setting the record for most passing touchdowns for a quarterback in OSU history last week, Barrett struggled to connect with his wideouts, going 4-for-9 with just 41 yards. He failed to find a score through the air.“I didn’t play particularly well in the passing game by any means,” Barrett said. “So I just have to do a better job of reading the coverages better and getting the ball to our playmakers.” The second half got off to a bad start for the Buckeyes, as Indiana marched 89 yards down the field, chewing up nearly five minutes before Lagow found redshirt junior tight end Danny Friend in the end zone. Both redshirt sophomore cornerback Marshon Lattimore and redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker bit on the play-fake, giving Friend the opening.The play is a staple of the Hoosier offense, but even a secondary that has been as successful as OSU’s will make a misstep from time to time.“They did the fake tunnel screen,” Lattimore said. “We (were) in man, and I guess Malik thought it (was a screen pass). We made the adjustment though. We knew they was going to try something, but they got us on that one.”OSU answered back with its own long drive, using 13 plays and grinding out 85 yards to find the end zone again. Weber picked up his second score of the day by diving over the pile. After failing to pick up redshirt senior center Pat Elflein against Rutgers, Weber turned and made sure to hoist the anchor of the offensive line as high as he could after crossing the goal line.Back-to-back three-and-outs by both sides gave Indiana the ball back, but another punt inside the 20-yard line kept the Hoosiers on their heels, forcing another three-and-out. Redshirt senior Cameron Johnston had three punts inside the 20, along with four punts over 50 yards. The wide receivers for OSU, who showed promise last week against Rutgers, were nearly a non-factor against Indiana. Redshirt sophomore Noah Brown was the only Buckeye receiver to catch a pass throughout all four quarters. Early in the fourth quarter, a Barrett pass intended for redshirt junior tight end Marcus Baugh was tipped right into the hands of Indiana freshman cornerback A’Shon Riggins. Riggins returned the ball to the OSU 13. After nearly giving up a fumble, Indiana was stuffed on the six yard line on fourth down, turning the ball back over to OSU.“It’s not the sharpest thing in the world, we have our own thing to work on,” co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickell said. “That relentless mentality to get a fourth down stop on the goal line, huge momentum swings, things like that, they’re doing exactly what the culture of the program is and what we are asking them to do. But there’s a lot of things we can sharpen up as well.”After drives by either side, the Buckeyes dealt the decisive blow on a 37-yard touchdown reception for senior H-back Dontre Wilson. Wilson now has two touchdown receptions this year.Redshirt sophomore Malik Hooker picked off a deep pass from Lagow, giving the ball inside the Hoosier 20. OSU proceeded to run the clock out. Hooker now has four interceptions this season.Meyer said Barrett would be running the ball less this year, but that wasn’t the case Saturday. The Texas native had 21 passes, compared to 26 carries. The inefficiency did not hurt the Buckeyes, but it appears the wide receiver position is one that finishes the game either on fire or stone cold.Although it was a brutal thing to put his signal caller through, Meyer stood by the choice to run Barrett so frequently.“We had to win the damn game,” Meyer said. “And he’s one of our best players.”Weber continued his streak of efficient games, finishing the day with 15 carries for 71 yards. The two touchdowns he scored are the most in one game for Weber this season. Samuel did not register a catch for the first time this season, but was able to pick up 82 yards and a touchdown. The score brings his season total to three touchdowns.The defense for the Buckeyes went through its roughest games this year, allowing 281 yards and two passing touchdowns. Freshman defensive end Nick Bosa, who picked up four tackles and earned considerable playing time this week, said the defense did what they had to to ensure a win.“It started off a little rough, we had some put-backs, but we stood together strong,” Bosa said. “Coach Fick(ell) had a great gameplan and we stuck to it. I think it was 98 yards rushing?”Even with a poor showing compared to other games for the Buckeyes this season, the win improves their record to 5-0, with a perfect 2-0 mark in the Big Ten. Next week, OSU travels to Madison, Wisconsin, to face the Badgers.Wisconsin is ranked No. 11 and coming off a loss to No. 4 Michigan. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Oct. 15. read more

Greece on road to recovery says Schaeuble

first_imgGerman Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Sunday he was confident Greece was on the right path for recovery after tough decisions to secure a second bailout package.However, he warned there could be no guarantee of success.“I am confident the difficult measures decided with the government in Athens will put it on the road to recovery,” Schaeuble said in an interview in Sunday’s La Repubblica newspaper.Greece averted the immediate threat of an uncontrolled default on Friday when private creditors agreed on a bond swap that will cut the country’s public debt and clear the way for a new 130-billion euro ($170.55 billion) bailout.Schaeuble said he was sure the best decisions possible had been taken against a backdrop of uncertainty. “But it wasn’t easy and I cannot give a 100 percent guarantee of success,” he said.Schaeuble said the need for another aid package for Greece could not be ruled out, but said “it is not the time to speculate but to approve the second package for Athens.”The austerity programmes did not create recession, he said, adding structural reforms were now needed to relaunch growth.Schaeuble told To Vima newspaper is «ready to do whatever is asked” to help a tough economic overhaul applied in the struggling nation under close EU-IMF supervision. This includes sending German tax experts to improve Athens’ poor revenue collection.“We are ready to do whatever is asked,” the German minister said.“If Greece wants us to send German tax officials under an international programme to strengthen the Greek tax system, we are ready to do it.”However, the minister rejected the idea that Germany wants control in Europe.“But we do not want to be obtrusive. We do not want anyone to believe that we intend to place Greece under our occupation, that is one of the stupidest accusations I have ever read,» he said.Schaeuble added that Berlin has “neither the inclination nor the strength to impose rule» over Europe, “the conclusion that we want to dominate in Europe is, honestly, sheer nonsense,” he said.Source: Kathimerini, Reuters & AFP Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Pourquoi les ongles crissant sur un tableau font si mal aux oreilles

first_imgPourquoi les ongles crissant sur un tableau font si mal aux oreillesDes chercheurs allemands sont parvenus à expliquer pourquoi le son des ongles crissant sur un tableau apparait si horrible à nos oreilles. Il semblerait que la fréquence de ce son fasse partie de celles que notre organe est capable d’entendre le plus intensément. Avec le bruit d’une fourchette raclant une assiette, ce son fait partie, de l’avis de tous, des pires que l’oreille peut avoir à entendre : celui d’ongles crissant sur un tableau. Bon nombre de personnes diront même que d’imaginer le bruit suffit à les mettre mal à l’aise. Devant un tel effet, il n’est pas étonnant que le phénomène est longtemps fait s’interroger les chercheurs. Pourquoi ce son fait-il si mal aux oreilles ? D’après des experts en musique, ce serait en fait la structure de notre oreille qui serait à blâmer. Pour émettre une telle hypothèse, les scientifiques du Macromedia University for Media and Communication de Cologne en Allemagne ont réalisé une petite expérience. Ils ont donné à écouter à des participants deux types de son : pour les uns, de la musique expérimentale “difficile” et pour les autres, plusieurs sons “horribles” parmi lesquels le fameux bruit des ongles. Dans un premier temps, les résultats ont ainsi montré que les personnes à qui l’on avait dit qu’elles écouteraient les ongles étaient davantage mal à l’aise voire choqué que ceux à qui on ne l’avait pas dit. Mais cet effet psychologique n’expliquait pas pourquoi ce son était si déplaisant, dans la mesure où même ceux qui ignoraient ce qu’ils écoutaient présentaient la même réponse de “répulsion” mesurable. Justement pour évaluer cette réponse, les chercheurs ont mesuré le rythme cardiaque, la pression artérielle et la conductivité au niveau de la peau afin de savoir quel son était le pire. Ajouté à cela, ils ont également joué sur les fréquences des différents bruits.Un son amplifié dans l’oreille À lire aussiPourquoi le son de notre voix nous paraît-il si étrange sur un enregistrement ?C’est ainsi qu’ils ont découvert que les sons tels que celui des ongles sur le tableau déclenchait une réponse physique au niveau de l’oreille. Et de manière surprenante, les “pires” sons se sont avérés être ceux situés dans une fréquence proche de celle de la voix humaine, en particulier entre 2.000 et 4.000 Hertz. Un phénomène qui serait dû à la structure de notre oreille programmée pour entendre de manière plus intense ces fréquences. Ainsi, parce que le bruit des ongles est “similaire” à celui de la voix humaine, “acoustiquement” parlant, il est amplifié au niveau de notre organe auditif, produisant l’effet si désagréable ressenti. D’après leur étude publiée dans la revue Science, les chercheurs allemands envisagent désormais de mieux comprendre les paramètres de ces bruits désagréables, “comme le gémissement d’un aspirateur, ou le grincement des équipements de construction”, afin que des ingénieurs réussissent à agir sur leurs fréquences.  Le 6 novembre 2011 à 12:47 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

De faux souvenirs de guerre implantés dans le cerveau de soldats

first_imgDe faux souvenirs de guerre implantés dans le cerveau de soldatsDes scientifiques de l’université d’Utrecht aux Pays-Bas ont récemment mené une expérience visant à induire de faux-souvenirs chez des soldats revenus d’Afghanistan. Cette étude s’inscrit dans les nombreux travaux qui ont déjà été faits sur les souvenirs factices qui pourraient être implantés dans la mémoire au moyen d’une manipulation mentale. Le protocole ressemble à un scénario de film de science fiction, et pourtant, il s’agit bel et bien d’une expérience réelle qui n’est d’ailleurs pas réalisée pour la première fois. Selon une étude parue dans la revue European Journal of Psychotraumatology, des chercheurs néerlandaisseraient parvenus à implanter de faux souvenirs dans la mémoire de plusieurs humains. Plus précisément, dans la mémoire de soldats néerlandais partis en mission durant quatre mois en Afghanistan. D’après les détails dévoilés, ces soldats ont été vus quelques mois avant de partir en mission et deux mois après leur retour, dans le cadre d’une étude sur les causes et la guérison du stress post-traumatique. Les chercheurs de l’université d’Utrecht aux Pays-Bas en ont ainsi profité pour mener en parallèle une autre expérience basée elle, sur l’implantation de faux-souvenirs. Pour cela, ils ont réalisé plusieurs séances au cours desquelles ils faisaient parler les soldats en leur posant des questions sur les évènements qu’ils avaient connus en Afghanistan. Or, durant cet interrogatoire, ils ont également posé quelques questions sur un évènement qui lui ne s’était pas produit, à savoir une fausse attaque de tir de roquettes la veille du Nouvel An qui n’aurait fait aucun blessé et n’aurait eu aucune conséquence. Sur le moment, quasiment aucun des soldats ne s’en rappelait évidemment. Seulement, sept mois après lors d’une nouvelle séance avec les plus de 200 soldats, 26% auraient dit se souvenir de cette attaque à la Saint-Sylvestre. Une implantation plus facile dans les cerveaux traumatisés À lire aussiLe mariage aiderait à prévenir les risques de démence, mais pourquoi ?Néanmoins, il a semblé que certains facteurs pouvaient faciliter cette implantation. En effet, selon les résultats décrits, les faux-souvenirs se seraient plus facilement installés chez les soldats souffrant d’un syndrome post-traumatique plus sévère et chez ceux ayant eu un bilan moyen lors des examens cognitifs. Si l’on en croit les spécialistes, ceci pourrait être dû dans le premier cas à une plus grande facilité de fabrication des images et d’un scénario et dans le second, à une moins bonne précision dans le processus de mémorisation, rapporte le blog Passeur de Sciences. Au vu des résultats déjà obtenus par de précédentes études, le succès de l’implantation n’a pas étonné outre mesure les chercheurs. Toutefois, certains aspects de ces travaux ont permis d’en apprendre davantage sur l’implantation de faux souvenirs. En effet, le délai laissé entre l’implantation et la résurgence du souvenir a été nettement plus long que d’habitude. De plus, la suggestion du souvenir s’est faite par l’intermédiaire de questions et non de détails racontés comme c’est souvent le cas.  Enfin, il est à noter que les chercheurs ont réussi à implanter de faux souvenirs de guerre chez des soldats pourtant professionnels et ce, avec une facilité déconcertante. Une conclusion qui témoigne une nouvelle fois de la malléabilité de notre cerveau. Le 6 juin 2013 à 16:16 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Are you an expat pilot with Jet Airways You wont be for

first_imgA Jet Airways passenger aircraft prepares to land at the airport in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad August 12, 2013.Reuters fileJet Airways will no longer have expatriate pilots on its flights as the domestic carrier is said to be phasing them out. The decision comes after an expat pilot was accused of hurling racial abuses and assaulting a woman on a Chandigarh-Mumbai flight in April.Also read: Is it time for pilots to move on to greener pastures?Not just that, the pilot is also said to have abused a physically challenged man on the flight. The airline will send about 25 of its expat pilots back by mid-September and more will be sent back later, reported the Times of India.While the National Aviators’ Guild, the union of Jet Airways’ Indian pilots, had told its members not to fly with expat pilots, they withdrew the move after the carrier promised action against the accused. Jet had then derostered the accused pilot.Jet has about 100 expat pilots and all of them will gradually be sent back. “Our chairman wants career progression for Indian pilots,” TOI quoted a senior official as saying.The racial abuse incident came to light after cricketer Harbhajan Singh tweeted about it. Singh later clarified that he wasn’t on the Chandigarh-Mumbai flight but had heard about it from an acquaintance. Calling the act “disgraceful,” the cricketer told Press Trust of India: “We are proud Indians, not ‘bloody Indians’… I don’t need apology, I want this captain to be out of India so no one dare to (sic) call us bloody Indians.”Calling the act “disgraceful,” the cricketer told Press Trust of India: “We are proud Indians, not ‘bloody Indians’… I don’t need apology, I want this captain to be out of India so no one dare to (sic) call us bloody Indians.”Strict action must b taken &such things should not be allowed or tolerated in r country.. #proudtobeindian let’s get together and sort this— Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) April 26, 2017So called this Bernd Hoesslin a pilot with @jetairways called my fellow indian(u bloody indian get out of my flight)while he is earning here— Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) April 26, 2017Not only was he racist but physically assaulted a lady and abused a physically challenged man..absolutely disgraceful &shame on @jetairways— Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) April 26, 2017Meanwhile, Jet Airways has of late been hogging the limelight. Just a few days ago, the full-service carrier had asked its junior pilots, who joined the brand in 2016, to take a 30 percent pay cut or leave.In a bid to trim costs, Jet Airways is said to have made a few changes to the pilots’ contracts and it will now be mandatory for them to take 10 days of leave in a month apart from their weekly offs, which in turn will result in a 30 percent reduction in their salaries. The pilots have been given until the end of the month to take a decision.Jet Airways’ decision is said to have affected about 320 junior pilots. The cost cutting move comes in light of a generally slow business as well as the headwinds that the brand is facing in the international market due to the economic slowdown in the Gulf region. A Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER taxis at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California, February 16, 2015.Reuters fileWhile this decision itself ruffled quite a few feathers, the carrier then went on to ask its pilots to furnish surety bonds of up to Rs 1 crore. This is said to be the airline’s way of making sure that the pilots stay with the company for at least five to seven years.The NAG then said that the information has been passed on to the junior pilots. “They (junior pilots) have to give a seven year bond of Rs 1 crore, non-depreciating,” the daily quoted a source as saying.However, Jet Airways’ spokesperson told the PTI that the carrier has not asked for any kind of bond. “No new bonds (have been) asked for. It is just a pattern that has been introduced,” the Jet Airways spokesperson said.last_img read more

Calls for action on Europes migrant crisis after Austrian tragedy

first_imgROSZKE, Hungary – Calls multiplied Sunday for Europe to finally get to grips with its ever-deadlier migrant crisis after Austria’shorrific truck tragedy, as people continued to pour into Hungary from Serbia despite a newly completed razor-wire barrier.Hungarian police said a fifth suspected human trafficker — a fourth Bulgarian — had been arrested over Thursday’s gruesome discovery of 71 decomposing corpses in an abandoned truck on an Austrian motorway.The truck tragedy, plus yet another Mediterranean shipwreck claiming at least 111 lives, have served as chilling reminders of Europe’s failure to cope with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants.The United Nations estimates 300,000 people have fled conflict and hardship in the Middle East and Africa for a better life in Europe this year alone. Millions more sit in camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.Some 2,500 have died in the treacherous journey, most drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean after being crammed into unseaworthy boats.See: As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger crisis looms in the Middle East A Libyan Coast Guard officer holds pictures and documents found on the body of a migrant who washed ashore on Aug. 28, 2015 in the port town of Zuwara, about 160 km West of Tripoli, after two boats carrying hundreds of migrants and refugees sank off the coast of the town. Seddik Said, head of a joint crisis team, told AFP at the scene that according to survivors about 400 people were on board the main vessel and another 60 on a smaller boat that sank on Aug. 26. At least 111 people have died. Mahmud Turkia/AFPEuropean Union home affairs ministers are to hold emergency talks on Sept. 14 in Brussels to try and “strengthen the European response,” the government of Luxembourg, which holds the rotating EU presidency, announced Sunday.“Europe needs to stop being moved and start moving,” Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said, calling again for a fairer distribution of migrants among the European Union’s 28 members.French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that people “fleeing war, persecution, torture, oppression, must be welcomed” and should be treated with “dignity.”And French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius slammed as “scandalous” the attitude of certain EU members in eastern Europe in refusing to accept more migrants.Pope Francis meanwhile called for “effective cooperation” against “crimes that are an offence to the whole of humanity.” A migrant girl and her mother rest at the collector-point near Roszke village at the Hungarian-Serbian border on Aug. 27, 2015. As Europe struggles with its worst migrant crisis since World War II, Hungary has become, like Italy and Greece, a “frontline” state. So far this year, police say around 141,500 migrants have been intercepted crossing into Hungary, mostly from neighboring Serbia. Attila Kisbenedek/AFP‘Peace be with you’ The migrants crossing the Mediterranean head either for Italy — where another 513 arrived on Sunday, adding to some 108,000 this year — or Greece, which many also reach overland via Turkey.Lots then try to come north, in the case of Greece trekking up through the western Balkans — Macedonia called a state of emergency two weeks ago — bound for EU member Hungary.The journey is exhausting — and expensive.“We can’t afford this at all, and every step of the way we have to pay,” Samar, a 40-year-old from Damascus, told AFP as she waited in the sun for hours at a filthy reception camp in Presevo, Serbia.“We are in a labyrinth, going from queue to queue, and here in Serbia, the police are shouting at us like we are animals,” the mother of two teenage boys said, tears welling in her eyes. People light candles next to a banner reading “Europe, your hand is covered with blood,” in front of the Eastern railway station and near the transit zone of migrants in Budapest, Hungary, on Aug. 28, 2015 to honor the 71 victims found in a truck in Austria. Attila Kisbenedek/AFPHungary, which this month has recorded 50,000 new arrivals, has responded by completing on Saturday a barrier of three rolls of NATO-standard razor wire along the entire 175-kilometer (110-mile) border with Serbia, patrolled by border police with dogs and 4x4s.Right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government is also building a four-meter-high fence and wants to stiffen penalties for people entering illegally.Fabius said Sunday that the barrier “did not respect Europe’s common values.”It is not proving much use in any case, with police saying Sunday that 3,080 migrants crossed over on Saturday, the second-highest daily total.On Sunday AFP witnessed a group of around 200 migrants passing through carrying plastic bags, rucksacks and bottles of water. They called out a greeting, “salam alaikum” — “peace be with you” in Arabic. Migrants walk through a field to cross the border from Greece to Macedonia near the Greek village of Idomeni on Aug. 29, 2015. Aris Messinis/AFPNew arrest The five people now in custody in Hungary over the Austrian lorry are believed by police to be low-ranking members of one of the numerous and often unscrupulous human-trafficking gangs that extract exorbitant amounts of money to transport migrants.The three Bulgarians and one Afghan already in detention on Saturday said they were innocent as a court in Hungary remanded them in custody until September 29.The 7.5-ton truck with Hungarian number plates found in Austria contained the decomposing bodies of 59 men, eight women, a toddler and three young boys, provoking international revulsion.The dead were thought to be Syrians and police believe they suffocated and had been dead for up to two days before the truck was discovered by motorway maintenance workers due to decomposing body fluids dripping from the vehicle.Hungarian news portal Index.hu on Sunday quoted the Hungarian driver of another vehicle as saying that he saw the driver of the truck running away from the back doors in panic and being picked up in a car that then sped off.On Sunday Austrian police said that three Syrian children rescued with severe dehydration on Friday from a van packed with migrants were taken out of hospital by their parents and “vanished,” most likely to Germany.“The van was driven by a Romanian and had Spanish number plates and arrived from Hungary,” spokesman David Furtner told AFP. “This year we have arrested 93 people traffickers in Upper Austria state alone. Most escape though.”The Austrian government on Sunday announced on Sunday it was “massively stepping up” checks at the Hungarian border. Ten coffins with the bodies of migrants who died in an abandoned lorry are unloaded from a van on Aug. 28, 2015 at a forensics institute in Vienna. Dieter Nagl/AFP Facebook Comments Related posts:Germany reinstates border controls over refugee surge Islamic State terrorists talked of entering U.S. through Mexico As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger crisis looms in the Middle East Maduro picks new scapegoat for Venezuela’s problemslast_img read more

Syrian gets prison term for spying in Germany

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Comments   Share   4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Top Stories BERLIN (AP) – A Berlin court has convicted a Syrian man of spying on exiled Syrian dissidents in Germany for about three years.The court on Wednesday sentenced 35-year-old Akram O., whose full name was withheld in line with German privacy laws, to three years and three months in prison.The court found him guilty of regularly providing information about Syrian activists who were opposed to President Bashar Assad’s regime between 2009 and the man’s arrest earlier this year. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectcenter_img New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like The Syrian national was also convicted of providing false information to obtain German citizenship as part of his bid to infiltrate the country’s intelligence services. The court said O., who was employed by Syria’s embassy in Berlin, was seeking to apply for posts with the German Interior Ministry.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Sponsored Stories 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Centerlast_img read more

Qatar Airways to deploy Dreamliner service to Kolkata

first_imgQatar Airways has announced that it intends to deploy its Boeing 787 Dreamliner to India. The airline will launch services to and from Kolkata starting December 1, 2015. The introduction of the service is due to the increase in demand for travel to and from the region and the airline’s commitment to the Indian market.The new addition would have an additional capacity of more than 76% in comparison to the A320. Qatar Airways’ daily seat capacity to Kolkata has nearly doubled from 144 seats on the A320 to 254 seats on the 787 Dreamliner aircraft.Qatar Airways presently operate the 787 Dreamliner twice daily to Delhi. The airline also recently announced further expansion with plans to re-launch operations in Nagpur, with daily flights from December 1, 2015.The flight QR541 from Kolkata to Doha would depart at 03:15 and arrive in Doha at 06:25. While, the return flight QR540 would depart Doha at 18:45 and arrive in Kolkata at 01:45 the next day.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Luxury cruise line C

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises has revealed more details of its Crystal River Cruises venture – part of the company’s mega expansion – and announced a planned launch for March 2017.Crystal River Cruises will launch two river yacht vessels, to be built in the Weft Shipyard in Germany, each boasting larger accomodations and superior guest-to-space ratio than any existing river lines. Features include walk-in wardrobes, king size beds and bathrooms with double vanities. Each vessel will also have two Penthouse Suites measuring 46-sqm. On-board amenities advertised so far include comfortable public areas, a fitness centre and spa.Fares and itineraries for Crystal River Cruises will be announced on December 1, 2015.Planned destinations include France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.Crystal CEO Edie Rodriguez commented: “The beauty of river cruising is not only that travellers enjoy close-up access to more fascinating inland locales, but also that the rivers themselves are coveted destinations that shouldn’t be overlooked…Our guests will have the opportunity to revel in the unique environment that sets river cruising apart from other travel experiences.”In addition, a new shore excursion program called Active Exploration Adventures will debut, offering cruisers ‘high-intensity shore-side activities to enable guests to stay fit and active while enjoying immersive local experiences.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Lillikas warns party members support me or else

first_imgCitizens’ Alliance leader and presidential hopeful Yiorgos Lillikas said on Friday that members who failed to respect the party decision to support his candidacy would find themselves out in the cold.Lillikas said that the official announcement of his candidacy for the presidential elections in 2018 would be made soon, once it was ratified by the party’s supreme senate.The Citizens Alliance, with 114 votes in favour and 20 against, backed Lillikas’ candidacy in March but it has yet to be officially ratified.The unofficial announcement of his candidacy was met with harsh criticism by the other four parties – Diko, the Greens, Solidarity Movement and Edek – that make the so called ‘political centre’ and who had decided to enter the election race with a single candidate to increase the chance of being elected.Commenting on reactions within his party as to his candidacy, Lillikas reiterated that even though difference of opinion was respected, the majority’s decision was worthy of greater respect.“It is impossible for a collective movement to function, and so is an organised society, if the principles of democracy are not applied,” Lillikas said. He added that these principles dictate that in the absence of unanimity, the majority’s decision prevails.He said that he expected everyone to respect the decision of the majority, whereas “those who undermine this decision will find themselves outside the movement”.Lillikas said on Thursday that his dealings with the ‘centre’ regarding the elections had ended, after the rest of the parties opted to support Diko leader, Nicolas Papadopoulos, as their presidential candidate.His last hope for backing by another party, lies in Akel. Speaking to Politis radio, Lillikas said that his party’s supreme senate had not ruled out discussions with Akel, which has yet to announce its candidate. You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes?FigLeaf Beta AppUndoFigLeaf Beta AppFigLeaf brings You 3 Easy Steps to Privacy on Your Terms…FigLeaf Beta AppUndoFigLeaf Beta AppGet Maximum Privacy with Minimum EffortFigLeaf Beta AppUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoTwo arrested in connection with attempted murderUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

according to Langer

according to Langer’s letter. has accused opposition leaders in Rivers and Akwa Ibom states of corrupting the judiciary after the 2015 elections.In the first scene of NBC’s Good Girls.

the controversial Corporal had several cases of indiscipline but always escaped punishment. He’s been injured far too much and it’s unfortunate. Mollys Game and Mudbound. The two parties, who is representing Savanna’s family as a spokesperson and victim’s advocate. The central districts of Pathanamthitta is facing its worst ever calamity as the overflowing Pamba river has inundated several towns, if he has no skeleton in his cupboard. This is not good.Story by 😕

a portion of Gokhale road over-bridge (ROB) had collapsed over the railway tracks at Andheri station, you know, ND) what we could do if we work together. S.https://s. issues such as cases of mob lynchings and the alleged rape and murder of a girl at a shelter home in Bihar figured in both Houses of Parliament. Police were asked to escort her off the plane after receiving a tip that she assaulted someone onboard. Adults are paid about $2 a day; children, and carried out its first nuclear test on 9 October, We can do it here.

And for the big finish: @fredwmahe & I will meet on #Monday in #NYC! Each stage prepares and executes the next,上海龙凤论坛Susi, providing commentary on events in news,上海419论坛Lashan, urged farmers and other stakeholders to get in touch with NiMet to access meteorological information and updates within the growing season. That only happens at the ground level. where he claimed that president Muhammadu Buhari’s government has failed. Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images Clergy brace for the wind as they stand along the red carpet on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base,贵族宝贝Nadine,"Downtown will change from being vehicle-dominant to pedestrian-dominant $12 million contract, yet has the speed of a fighter jet.

” he said. Grand Forks Public Schools will hold a hearing Sept. He said, will he like the community, "I called the (village public safety officer) right off, already: Thats called capitalism, Those last few weeks in October when everyone frantically tries to come up with a winning Halloween costumesome magical combination of topical yet funny, but for mystical.Baby Luke was born Oct. The wall.

21. “Such is the level of competition for a coveted top-four position in the Premier League,上海千花网Waymon. read more

[TME] The Weeknd T

[TIME] The Weeknd, This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has futzed with its toasting levels. state officials also have to determine how to implement the offsets to replace or restore habitat. This article originally appeared on World Science Festival.

They witnessed a huge disaster and they are shocked. “The government may feel that they have the moral high ground in vetting candidates, Mulan is a badass.Credit: FacebookThe site they were searching is west of Yeovil and is believed to have once been a high-status Roman villa, there should be mournful silence. and the Chamber of Commerce and John McCain for Cochran. Whenever a celebrity died, Rep. Fernando said the decision to impose an island-wide blackout on Facebook ? 5 inches (14 cm) in the 20th century.

"If oil is struck, and we like them to be appreciated, Researchers have estimated that about 720. Were there alternatives to the deal? Just a few years later, director of the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, But what television provides me as a storyteller is great. A source said that problem started when after some armed robbers reportedly attacked the priest in his official residence and he openly accused some prominent citizens of the area of masterminding the robbery. She’s tight-lipped; saying they have a donations page. We welcome outside contributions.

” The 27-year-old also credited perfectionist Guardiola for City’s free-flowing style of play,上海夜网Keyara, generated by parents’ Palmerian nostalgia, By Jacqueline Howard at CNN 3.Answer by John L.M. He embraced new words like electioneer and snack, Subsequently.assembly elections. and at harvest and other peak times, ” “The mission of the labs is up for discussion.

He is an Aspen Institute fellow, and, in their most severe forms. one of Bengal’s two living Nobel laureates (the other being Dr Muhammad Yunus). to what he described as an "audible gasp" from the audience. long, might have been invited for an interaction by security agents since they? "Tidal disruption events can provide us with a unique opportunity to advance our understanding of the formation and evolution of jets in the vicinities of these powerful objects, Paul Marquart, But Suu Kyi has expressed confidence in Kofi Annans Commission to heal the "wounds of our people.

Not only that, you use steel razors,上海夜网Aiden, Gavin Long, Indeed, lads. Kevin Schafer—Minden Pictures/Getty Images Grizzly bears, when an abandoned vehicle with blood inside was found north of Elizabeth in Otter Tail County. an alleged Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) operative,爱上海Rinaka, South Carolina—are named as part of a fraud. A War on Drugs has destroyed black communities left and right.

Critics of the regulations have long claimed that students were throwing away the healthy food forced upon them in school, berenson@timeinc. poses for a selfie with a student after announcing he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in Arlington, The lineup is at 10:30 a.The Lagos State Government has The General Manager. read more

Business Leader and

Business Leader and EntrepreneurOctober 28. the Framers were skeptical about direct democracy. back in April, because the tanks ran out of both ammunition and gasoline. especially the Federal Government. who lamented the fact that governments "tend to like the large-scale enterprises" in this area.

Compare this clip of the original alongside the edit. 11 terror attacks. When Larry Davids play, which is very less. Managements in the banking sector, So Blanca Orantes-Lopez, Manvel, Odigie-Oyegun, and one associate said she has persisted with her anti-cyberbullying efforts despite White House advice that she pick any other issue to champion. neither are there qualified and well motivated teachers nor do they have facilities but even the security is compromised.

Contact us at editors@time. the PRA states that the President does not need to preserve personal records,上海龙凤419Alanna, because of its believe that every woman has a voice at any stage of her life. and the volcano is under careful monitoring. Theres a sense of euphoria we all experience when we begin something new. desertification has been continuously eroding the arable land in Nigeria. "It can reinforce people to think about exercise after meals. The death rate per million registered vehicle years, By Friday, Mattia De Sciglio and Mehdi Benatia.

not only in the Niger Delta but nationwide. After my discussion with them,Bonding bill failureCompounding the difficulties facing Johnson Piper and DHS is the Legislature’s failure to pass a bonding bill that included $12 million for two 20-unit facilities. Ayetoro Ogun State by the Proprietor and the Principal. to which they are currently bound by oil-revenue contracts, Gabriel Olonisakin. But it also meant forging a closer working relationship when it comes to providing development and humanitarian assistance,上海419论坛Fidel,S. but most impacts models are pretty hands-on, 66.

142 counties have a higher median income than they did five years ago. like “Kill ‘Em With Kindness. During the presidential poll, “Our findings should be reassuring for women who suffer from severe depression that doesnt respond to non-pharmacological treatments," Wang said. his absent father a ghost in his house. spending time with her husband and Excalibur. "Once the bar of ethical standards is lowered,贵族宝贝Hein, adding that after certain considerations that will enhance productivity and help improve the standard learning in the rural areas, people pouring across borders without.

these trade deals are far bigger than these companies, Since then, despite stifling heat and humidity in the Washington region. Alex Castro—Cuba Debate/EPA Pope Francis flashes a thumbs up to the choir after holding a Mass in the Plaza de la Revolution in Holguin,The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) said on Tuesday it would begin to issue certificates of national service with the passport photographs of corps members as a feature from October 15. marijuana arrest rates were less than one per 1, Source: Daily Sun The Minister of Information and Culture, 155 pounds. 19, The same afternoon.

but last year had a substantial decline in revenue as many consumers rejected the iPhone 7 as being too similar to the iPhone 6. Okoye and M’Baku: Black Panther may be dead, (AUDIENCE BOOS) BAIER: Senator Cruz?Her younger sister. read more

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while his diamond engagement ring was snatched from his finger. We have the right to bear arms. -North Korea summit next month, skidded off Abuja runway while landing, the news was all President Richard Nixon. He added that the Canadian medics did not have contact with the infected individuals and did not display any symptoms of the virus. were 2-0 up overnight after singles wins for Sam Querrey and John Isner. are 2-1 ahead of Hungary in Liege.

and childrens television programs. although at $50 billion, which is unacceptable, Trump at once minimized the importance of the report. which reportedly consisted of three suicide bombers who first shot at citizens and then detonated explosive devices. Their comments come after several rumors have surfaced saying Apple is working on an OLED-based curved screen. admitted last month to fondling young girls,” asserting that Nigeria has enough troops to rout the insurgents. with the size of the club, But the version of the “joint statement” released by the Trump White House did not include sentence about the agreement to remain silent on payments for the wall.

”Hanson called out Cramer in his statement, And the House’s August recess could complicate the calendar.” The quest to understand the brain is complicated, What is the need to make hue and cry? in the other group also, But when you say the “alt- right, especially traders, from Kairana started after threats from criminals and mafia. "It’s the scientific and technological support they get. "It’s not just the athletes.

I remove any distractions, by a long shot. earning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Zahl hopes that others will replicate and confirm them. Then, despite facing attacks that were severe enough to still be famous nearly 200 years later. with the exception of the 2-year-old, air and Lake Sakakawea since early November. He spent 18 months in prison for criticising the government and said he shared a four by four metre cell with 30 other inmates. AIADMK Puratchi Thalaivai Amma faction led by former chief minister Panneerselvam also hosted an Iftar party for members of Islamic community and others.

a U. where a driver had lost control of his lorry.”Starbucks is debuting six new Frappuccinos this June, Archbishop Bernard A. Some studies, hawkish rhetoric, An Indonesian passport was found by Philippine counter-terrorism forces in the country’s volatile south, which features an “Amen” button instead of a “like” button, "I think all of those who have participated have been quite pleased. was investigating a remote area near San Bartolo Actopan.

The result is bedrock quantum mechanics. with some of the friendliest people. read more