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Kowall testifies before House Judiciary panel

first_imgRep. Eileen Kowall, R-White Lake, testifies before the House Judiciary Committee regarding House Bill 5104, which would give patients better access to alternative ways of consuming medically prescribed marijuana. The idea for the bill, which would amend the definition of useable medical marijuana to include plant resin or extract, was brought to Kowall by constituents who expressed a need for alternative delivery methods. Categories: News 05Dec Kowall testifies before House Judiciary panellast_img read more

Rep Price sponsors Breast Cancer Awareness Month resolution for October

first_img01Oct Rep. Price sponsors Breast Cancer Awareness Month resolution for October Categories: News LANSING – State Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, sponsored a resolution today to name October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”“This is the most common form of cancer in women in the state of Michigan, and the second most fatal,” said Rep. Price on the House floor. “We need to recognize our continued commitment to fighting breast cancer in the state of Michigan.”Rep. Kathy Crawford, R-Novi, joined Rep. Price for her remarks before the House membership. Both representatives are breast cancer survivors.The resolution passed unanimously.last_img read more

Rep Scott VanSingel RGrant State of the State 2017

first_img Tags: #SB Categories: Featured news,Infographics,News,VanSingel News 19Jan Rep. Scott VanSingel, R-Grant: State of the State 2017last_img

House approves Rep Lucidos bill protecting taxpayers against unfair property tax suits

first_img Categories: Lucido News,News The Michigan House today overwhelmingly approved state Rep. Peter Lucido’s legislation to protect taxpayers from unwarranted personal liability lawsuits in property tax cases.The bill, approved with broad bipartisan support in a 106-1 vote, ensures that an individual or business is not personally responsible for any unpaid property taxes or special assessments unless they owned the property at the time the tax bill came due.“We’re doing what’s right here, making sure taxpayers are protected against groundless lawsuits,” Lucido, of Shelby Township, said after the vote. “You can tell by the vote total today that my colleagues agree this is the smart thing to do.”The legislation is designed to prevent lawsuits or other collection efforts against a prior owner of a property that has been transferred to a new owner, including cases where the transfer has gone unrecorded or misreported. In some cases, previous owners have settled suits by paying a portion of unpaid property taxes they likely were not responsible for to avoid a more expensive legal battle.Lucido’s bill advances to the Senate for consideration.###The legislation is House Bill 4285. 08Jun House approves Rep. Lucido’s bill protecting taxpayers against unfair property tax suitslast_img read more

Rep Lucido invites residents to local office hours

first_img29Aug Rep. Lucido invites residents to local office hours Categories: Lucido News State Rep. Pete Lucido of Shelby Township will host “Coffee and Conversation with Pete” during the months of October, November and December.Residents can discuss issues or concerns regarding legislation or problems they may be having navigating state government.“This is a great way to speak with your state representative and get answers to any questions you might have or get help with issues involving state agencies,” Lucido said. “Most importantly, this is an opportunity to have your voice heard so I can bring your ideas back to Lansing and fight for what is important to you.”“Coffee and Conversation with Pete” will be held on the following dates:Morning coffee hoursMonday, Oct. 16 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Shelby Township Senior Center, 51670 Van Dyke Road in Shelby Township;Monday, Nov. 6 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Washington Township Municipal Building, 57900 Van Dyke Road in Washington Township; andMonday, Dec. 11 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Washington Township Senior Center, 57880 Van Dyke Road in Washington Township.Evening coffee hoursMonday, Oct. 23 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Washington Township Senior Center, 57800 Van Dyke Road in Washington Township;Monday, Nov. 13 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Shelby Township Senior Center, 51670 Van Dyke Road in Shelby Township; andMonday, Dec. 11 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Shelby Township Senior Center, 51670 Van Dyke Road in Shelby Township.No appointment is necessary. Residents who are unable to meet during the scheduled hours may contact Rep. Lucido’s legislative office by calling (888) MICH-REP or by email at read more

Rep Mueller begins busy first Michigan House term with four committee assignments

first_img Categories: Mueller News,News Legislator’s background provides natural fit for key panelsState Rep. Mike Mueller will give the residents he represents in parts of Genesee and Oakland counties a voice on several issues facing Michigan after the first-term legislator was named to four different House committees this week.Committee appointments and chair assignments were formally announced by House Speaker Lee Chatfield.Mueller, of Linden, will serve as vice chair for the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee. The committee is responsible for deliberating on various policy issues that relate to the state’s veterans and military members, while also reviewing measures that ensure safety for residents. Mueller is a veteran who served in the United States Navy.Mueller will also serve on House committees relating to health policy, agriculture and energy. He operates a family farm and apple orchard that has been in existence in the Linden community since 1941, and has listed mental health as a priority after working as a sheriff deputy for 19 years.“I’m honored and excited to have this responsibility across a broad range of topics while representing the 51st District,” Mueller said. “It’s important for the future of our state that we continue to pursue and review impactful plans that promote a stronger, more prosperous Michigan. We can do this for the brave Michigan men and women serving in our military, our hard-working farmers and the communities we call home.” 17Jan Rep. Mueller begins busy first Michigan House term with four committee assignmentslast_img read more

Gates Foundation against Releasing Results of Teacher Evaluation

first_imgShareTweetShareEmail0 SharesFebruary 27, 2014; Washington PostThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is well known for its support of measurement and has invested heavily in promoting a system to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers in the classroom. This system is called the “Value-Added Method” of evaluation, or VAM. However, as the Gates Foundation describes it, VAM is intended as a tool to help identify which teachers are successful and effective, and which need some form of development to improve their efforts in the classroom. In other words, its use is intended to be private, between the teacher and the district.In Florida, a judge ruled in a lawsuit by the Jacksonville Florida Times-Union that VAM results are public, and therefore must be disclosed. The newspaper had fought for release of the data for more than a year, arguing that parents have a right to know how teachers are doing, and the public should have a look at VAM to see whether and how it works. As quoted in the Washington Post, the Gates Foundation has come out against this:“We at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation oppose the public release of individual teacher information because there is no evidence to suggest it will lead to improvement in teacher performance. It will not attract new intelligent and passionate individuals to the profession, and it will not make our schools more effective.”VAM is a complex tool that measures the impact a teacher has on students against the achievements expected of those students. Based on standardized testing, a formula projects how the students in a given classroom are expected to improve over the course of a year. At the end of that year, if they have done better, it is assumed that the teacher has had a positive impact, and is evaluated accordingly. If the students have not improved to the anticipated level, the teacher is assumed to have had a problem, and a development strategy will be worked on with them to help them be more effective. A good overview of VAM can be found here.Florida wrote this kind of evaluation system into law with Section 1012.34(a)1 of its statues, reading:“Performance of Students. At least 50% of a performance evaluation must be based upon data and indicators of student learning growth assessed annually and measured by statewide assessments or, for subjects and grade levels not measured by statewide assessments, by district assessments as provided in s. 1008.22(8), F.S.”Reactions to the release of VAM scores by the teachers in Florida and their union have been strong. The system itself has little support from the profession, who accuse it of reducing the act of teaching to an algorithm, and releasing the results could lead to misinterpretation by parents who do not completely understand it.The Gates Foundation states, “If we want to truly help teachers improve, we must develop evaluation systems that give personalized feedback collated from multiple sources, and we must then give teachers the time, support and resources they need to use that feedback to improve their practice.”Now that scores intended to be private have been released, will parents demand new teachers for their child based on poor VAM scores? It sounds like it; one reader of the Washington Post article comments, “I also believe teacher evaluations should be available for parents to look at. We as parents should be able to within reason choose teachers that teach our children.”—Rob MeiksinsShareTweetShareEmail0 Shareslast_img read more

Nonprofit Sues Local Government for Interfering with Contract with Feds

first_imgShare5TweetShare1Email6 SharesJuly 22, 2016; New Orleans AdvocateNPQ has lately been writing about the sometimes-tangled relationships between nonprofits and local governments when the governments have provided resources like space at reduced rent. Among other things, the boundary issues that arise can have profound effects.The New Orleans Advocate reports that a federal judge is set to rule on letting a nonprofit healthcare provider, suing over its eviction from two government-owned buildings in Jefferson Parish, remain until the case is resolved. Jefferson Parish is located just south of New Orleans.During a five-hour hearing, the Jefferson Community Health Care Centers (JHCCC) argued that the Jefferson Parish Council voted in May to oust the group from its buildings “only because the group’s leaders repeatedly refused to be influenced by [one of the parish councilmembers].”The buildings are in that councilmember’s district. The JCHCC provides low-cost or free healthcare to indigent patients.JCHCC’s attorneys urged the judge to issue a preliminary injunction blocking the clinics’ eviction until the case can be tried on the merits; the judge has jurisdiction, they say, because federal dollars are involved. Continued access to the facilities would allow the nonprofit to satisfy the conditions of its grants from the U.S. government.In response, an attorney for Jefferson Parish said the contracts allowing JCHCC to operate out of the buildings rent-free were terminated based on agreements it had signed when it became a tenant—and that those agreements allowed the contracts to be canceled on short notice. JCHCC has other facilities from which it could offer health services to the public, but the group says it is having trouble securing a parish permit to occupy one of them, and the other contains its administrative offices.The judge said that she wasn’t sure she had jurisdiction to intervene in a local government matter, but that the parish government’s decision to oust JCHCC “made no sense to her.” The Advocate reports that the parish is seeking another group to run the two facilities but has not yet secured a contractor, meaning that there will be a reduction in services to the public until they find one.JCHCC’s CEO testified that her group’s problems began after she refused to hire an attorney recommended by the local councilmember, in addition to other disputes involving his political allies and an ongoing feud between the two.—Larry KaplanShare5TweetShare1Email6 Shareslast_img read more

Federal Program Should Be Ecumenical in Protecting Nonprofits from Terrorist Harm

first_imgShare14TweetShareEmail14 Shares“Mittleman Jewish Community Center.” Credit: Portland SeminaryMay 9, 2017; HamodiaIt is no news to anyone that a wave of anti-Semitism swept the country before and after the 2016 presidential election. Anti-Semitism seems never to actually leave the building; it lurks, waiting for a time of general intolerance when it can show itself again. During election season, it evidenced itself in threats and anti-Semitic posts to publications and a stream of threats to community centers.“The best analogy I can give is that the campaign turned over a rock and a lot of stuff began crawling out from under it,” said John Podhoretz, the editor of Commentary magazine. “There were these code words and dog whistles that let it appear that people who had been doing things in the shadows could now start marching forward.”Some of these groups were already prepared to some extent because of a largely unknown federal grants program. The Nonprofit Security Grants Program (NSGP) started in 2005 and provides funding support for “hardening and other physical security enhancements to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack and located within one of the urban areas receiving funding under the…Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI).” Congress recently voted to increase this grant program from $20 million to $25 million.NGSP was created due to influential Jewish lobby groups as part of a national post-9/11 response to heightened domestic terror threats, and funding has primarily gone to Jewish organizations. From 2007 to 2010, 734 grants, or 73.7 percent, went to Jewish organizations. Although legislation and the rules defining eligibility do not give preference to Jewish institutions, the numbers communicate otherwise.Buried within the scoring criteria, nonprofit institutions with a religious affiliation get their eligibility scores multiplied by three, which gives these institutions a distinct advantage. Additionally, the definition of “terror threat” is vague: “Identification and substantiation of current or persistent threats or attacks (from within or outside the U.S.) by a terrorist organization, network, or cell against the applicant based on their ideology, beliefs, or mission.”But Jewish institutions are not the only ones under consistent threat of this sort. Recently, Muslims and Muslim institutions have been the target of religiously motivated crime. In 2016, the Council on American Islamic Relations 2017 Civil Rights Report recorded that anti-Muslim bias incidents jumped 65 percent from 2014 to 2016, and that hate crimes against Muslims surged 584 percent. Anti-Islam acts targeting mosques have also shifted from efforts to block expansion or construction to more direct destruction and vandalism. These statistics alone should support a greater funding effort for Muslim organizations in the United States.The same issue at a state level was recently covered by the Forward, which noted that Florida’s budget includes a $650,000 grant for security at Jewish schools—a line item that’s raising questions among civil liberties advocates. “The fact that the funding singles out one religion raises serious concerns about unconstitutional discrimination, whether intentional or not,” ACLU of Florida legislative counsel Kara Gross told the Miami Herald.Readers may remember that Muslim nonprofit organizations recently rejected more than $2 million in federal aid to prevent the radicalization of community members, citing the Trump administration’s rhetoric against Muslim Americans and Islam and their new policies as their reasons for rejecting funding. It is not clear whether their objections might extend to this grant program.In February, Muslims across the country raised over $160,000 using the crowdfunding platform LaunchGood to assist in repair costs for Jewish cemeteries that had been vandalized. The funds were initially raised to assist a synagogue in Pennsylvania; however, it gained so much support that the excess funds allowed for assistance in Illinois, Missouri, and Colorado.Maybe there is a lesson here; while the NSGP may be important for many nonprofit organizations, they seem to create a divisive competition for limited resources. Instead, it may be important for the federal government to support organizations creating national collaboration efforts towards emergency preparedness.—Suja S. AmirShare14TweetShareEmail14 Shareslast_img read more

Almost twothirds of UK TV viewers will watch this

first_imgAlmost two-thirds of UK TV viewers will watch this summer’s Olympic Games online, according to Riverbed Technologies.Research from the technology company identified the men’s 100m sprint final as the Olympic event most likely to be watched online with an average of 55% of respondents saying they would view it online. The next most popular online event was the men’s diving final (29%), followed by the men’s 100m freestyle swimming (27%).The study, carried out on behalf of Riverbed and conducted by research company OnePoll, surveyed more than 1,000 people across the UK. It also found that the almost half of UK online Olympic viewers would be unwilling to tolerate delays of over two minutes when streaming services before moving to a different source.Jim Darragh, senior vice-president and general manager, Stingray Business Unit, at Riverbed said: “Europeans are changing their viewing habits. And global sporting events like Olympic Games often create traffic spikes as people use their PCs, laptops or mobile devices to watch their favorite athletes, get real-time updates on events, and purchase event-related merchandise. Organisations must take extra measures to meet the demand spike created by the Olympics. If they do not, and their websites are not responsive at peak times, then they could see their viewers giving up and choosing to watch the Games through other means instead – that potentially means lost advertising revenue and forgone e-commerce opportunities.”last_img read more

Adult content specialist Blue Hustler has secured

first_imgAdult content specialist Blue Hustler has secured a carriage deal for its Blue Hustler channel on Belgian cable operator Telenet’s platform.Blue Hustler is available on channel 801 in the Telenet Plus package, available for €13.99 per month.“With Blue Hustler, we have added a top brand in adult entertainment to our channel lineup,” said Benny Salaets, Telenet vice-president, content management media relations. “This launch fits perfectly into our strategy to propose the best available content from the most renowned brands in every content category.”last_img read more

The BBC has launched a free weather app in the UK

first_imgThe BBC has launched a free weather app in the UK, rolling it today out on iOS and Android devices.The app can detect a users’ location and give an overview of weather conditions, as well as 5-day forecasts or detailed hourly reports. Users can also save various destinations – in the UK and abroad – to a customisable list of favourite places.The app gives information about UV, pollen count, wind speed and humidity and follows a “huge increase in users accessing BBC Weather’s services from mobile devices over the last year,” said the BBC.“So many of our audiences access BBC Weather from iOS and Android devices – we can now offer them an even better way to keep ahead of the weather on-the-go. This represents a significant milestone in our commitment to provide a world-class weather service to audiences across four screens – desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TV,” said James Metcalfe, senior product manager for weather, BBC Future Media.last_img read more

Kabel Deutschland has abandoned its appeal against

first_imgKabel Deutschland has abandoned its appeal against the German Federal Cartel Office, the Bundeskartellamt’s blocking of its acquisition of smaller cable operator Tele Columbus.According to Reuters, Kabel Deutschland took the decision because it does not want to be involved in a protracted legal battle following its acquisition by Vodafone.The acquisition of Tele Columbus was blocked earlier this year by the Cartel Office on the grounds tht it would have an adverse effect on competition, particularly in the housing association supply market in eastern Germany.The Bundeskartellamt ruled that KDG’s proposed €618 million takeover of Tele Columbus could only be approved if it sold off 60% of its networks in eastern Germany, something the cable operator found unacceptable.Kabel Deutschland in March filed a complaint challenging the decision, which was passed to the Supreme Administrative Court of Düsseldorf.last_img read more

Transmission services provider Chello DMC has name

first_imgTransmission services provider Chello DMC has named Matthijs Zwart as linear operations director at its facility in Amsterdam. Zwart previously worked as director of product management and innovation, television, telephony and internet for Dutch telecom company KPN. At Chello DMC he will be responsible for content management, media operations, post production, scheduling and playout.last_img

Requests on the BBC iPlayer catchup service grew

first_imgRequests on the BBC iPlayer catch-up service grew by a third in 2013, with 2.2 billion requests for TV shows and 800 million radio requests across all platforms, according to the latest statistics released by the UK public broadcaster.Requests from tablet devices grew by 104% in the course of the year, with a total of 20% of total TV and radio iPlayer requests in December coming from tablets.The BBC iPlayer mobile app has meanwhile been downloaded 20 million times, with 942,000 downloads over the Christmas period.PCs remain the biggest platform, accounting for 43% of all requests over the course of the year. However, mobile and tablet requests overtook PCs for the first time over the Christmas holiday period.Top Gear led the list of programmes requested, accounting for 10 of the top 20 shows, led by 3.4 million requests for its Africa Special Part 1 and 3.2 million requests for the first episode of series 19. Other top shows requested included Doctor Who, Bad Education, Miranda, The Voice UK, Africa and the film Madagascar.Victoria Jaye, head of TV content for BBC iPlayer, said that the BBC plans to launch more exclusive content for iPlayer this year, following the success of mini-episodes of Sherlock and Doctor Who created exclusively for iPlayer as well as the premiering of certain shows on the platform.“2013 has been a fantastic year for iPlayer. We’ve begun the journey to transform iPlayer from a TV catch-up service into an online TV destination in its own right with the introduction of iPlayer exclusive content and programme premiering,” said Jaye. “We’re delighted by the audience response to both. As we move into 2014, we will originate more exclusive programmes for iPlayer, as well as offer an ambitious range of content to complement our biggest brands and events.”last_img read more

Jette NygaardAndersen Millennials are the main d

first_imgJette Nygaard-AndersenMillennials are the “main disruptive factor” for the TV industry, are increasingly saying “no” to linear TV, and their viewing habits are not changing as they get older, according to Jette Nygaard-Andersen, EVP and CEO, central European operations, Modern Times Group (MTG).“[Millennials’] consumption pattern and way of watching video is not changing as they grow up,” said Nygaard-Andersen at the Connected TV Summit in London this morning, adding that this was the most significant demographic group by far in terms of the audience TV companies had to address. “This is the largest generation ever in the US,” she said.While millennials are watching video, 86% do other things while watching TV, she said.Millennials are turning to self-created YouTube stars and e-sports rather than traditional TV or movie stars for inspiration, said Nygaard-Andersen. E-Sports has a growing following, with a recent event in Katowice, Poland, generating 20 million online views, she said.MTG had invested in two big e-sports companies last year. Gaming is now second only to music videos in terms of web viewing.MTG like other media companies, has invested in MCNs over the last few years. Specifically, said Nygaard-Andersen, the company has invested in Zoomin.TV, a global MCN, Splay Networks, which strong in the Nordic markets, and Talents, a Bulgarian MCN with a strong local following.Nygaard-Andersen said that online is growing significantly in central and eastern Europe, and that MTG has invested in digital video and integrated vertical platforms in this region. “The first thing is building local MCNs,” she said. Premiering Big Brother in Bulgaria generated one million linear viewers but many times that number on digital platforms, she said.Nygaard-Andersen said that it made sense to invest in a range of MCNs spanning global and local audiences.She said that MCNs are currently about finding a distinct voice with a brand and focus. It makes sense, she said, to use individual performers’ identities as brands rather than to focus on the brand of the MCN itself.MTG is now accelerating its investment in digital platforms, following its launch of SVoD platform Viaplay in 2011, she said.Nygaard-Andersen said that growing consumption of video on mobile is one key trend, adding that it will be crucial to have ad monetisation models that work on mobile.Social viewing is closely allied to mobile video growth, she said. People are sharing video and views on programmes, but are also increasingly viewing content on social platforms, she said. Nygaard-Andersen said that advertising technology – including the likes of programmatic – was becoming increasingly important, with a growing emphasis on accurate measurement of how content is viewed on different platforms.last_img read more

Altice is to acquire leading video advertising mar

first_imgAltice is to acquire leading video advertising market-place provider Teads in a deal that values the latter at €285 million n a cash and debt-free basis.Teads is credited as the inventor of ‘outstream’ video advertising – the native video ad format that automatically plans whenever a web user navigates near it while reading a text-based article. The format is distinguished from ‘instream’ video which typically plays pre-roll or post-roll a video publisher’s content. Use of the format is growing rapidly, reacting video inventory that did not exist previously.Altice said that acquisition would help it deliver data-driven, audience-based advertising solutions on multiscreen platforms including TV, digital, mobile and tablets.Publishers are working with Teads to create new video inventory and manage their existing inventory, monetizing it through their own sales force, Teads sales force, or programmatic buying, according to Altice.Pierre ChappazThe acquisition purchase price is subject to Teads achieving certain revenue targets in 2017. 75% of the acquisition purchase price will be due at closing. The remaining 25% earn-out is subject to Teads’ 2017 revenue performance and will become payable in early 2018.Teads revenue grew by 44% in 2016 to an estimated €187.7 million. The company claims to have relationships with 94 of the top 100 advertisers globally and has partnerships in place with8 over 500 premium publishers and over 8,000 specialised publishers.The senior management of Teads, including executive chairman Pierre Chappaz and CEO Bertrand Quesada, will continue to lead the business going forward and have agreed to reinvest a significant portion of their proceeds. Chappaz will join Altice’s Management Board responsible for all of its advertising activities.Bertrand QuesadaThe acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close in mid-2017.Teads had previously indicated that it envisaged developing independently and at one point was reportedly considering an IPO. More recently it was rumoured that a sale to News Corp could be in the offing.Michel Combes, CEO of Altice, said: “Convergence of telecoms, content, and advertising is at the core of our business. There is significant incremental value to be generated from our assets. Teads, a powerful business in itself, with major presence in Altice footprint notably in the US and France, will enable us to offer a truly unique value proposition to brands and agencies on the one hand and the media industry, programmers and distributors on the other. It is that value proposition – data-driven, measurable and multiscreen – which will enable us to significantly grow our advertising business. We are very excited to partner with Pierre, Bertrand and their talented team.”Chappaz said: “We are excited to start this new phase of Teads and become part of the internationally renowned Altice team. Since our inception we have strived to offer our clients with superior advertising solutions based on measurable performance and technological innovation. As part of Altice, we will be able to offer even more tailored, data-driven solutions and take our value proposition from the digital world to a multiscreen platform, which includes TV, digital, mobile and tablets. It is this differentiated offering which will allow Altice and Teads to uniquely prosper in the global advertising market.”last_img read more

Canadian multicultural lifestyle channel Edgy TV i

first_imgCanadian multicultural lifestyle channel Edgy TV is to debut in the UK on Vision247’s Freeview channel.Vision247’s Freeview portal – channel 264 – provides access to the UK free-to-view platform via hybrid IP delivery to connected boxes to over 30 channels.Edgy TV will also be available on the website, on mobile apps and on EE TV set-top boxes.The channel, basedo n online magazine Edwige Magazine, is targeted at women aged 20-55 from Asia, Africa, Latin America, The West Indies, Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle East with a mix of lifestyle, glamour, music, fashion and entertainment.Petra Oblak, CEO of Vision247 said: “We welcome Edgy TV to our VisionTV platform where it is in good company with a bouquet of other channels from around the world. We are very excited to have this newinnovative fashion and life style channel from North America in the portfolio and look forward to helping it grow its presence in the UK.”last_img read more

Discoveryowned Eurosport has struck a partnership

first_imgDiscovery-owned Eurosport has struck a partnership with United World Wrestling that will see World Championship and European Championship wrestling brought to Eurosport viewers between now and 2020. The pair will also launch a TV and digital campaign to support Eurosport’s coverage in the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Championship.The agreement, which runs until 2020, will see Eurosport showcase the World Championships and European Championships across Europe in 54 countries and territories and 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region on linear, online and Eurosport Player.Eurosport’s coverage begins with highlights shows from the World Wrestling Championships in Budapest this October. Next year, Eurosport is set to add to its coverage of the sport by screening highlights shows from the World Championships as well as the best of the action from the European Wrestling Championships taking place in Bucharest, Romania. In 2020, Eurosport show wrestling from the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo.Following today’s partnership announcement with UWW, Eurosport has now committed to showing screening 26 of the 33 sports set to feature in Tokyo 2020 on its various platforms – linear, online and Eurosport Player – across its network.Laurent Prud’homme, Eurosport SVP, rights acquisitions and syndication, said: “We want to emphasise that sports such as wrestling are more than a series of events that only takes place at the Olympics. This partnership strengthens Eurosport’s ambition to tell year-round stories of current and future Olympians. Securing an agreement with the UWW will allow fans across Europe and the Asia-Pacific to follow their heroes in the lead-up to Tokyo. Equally, this also gives us the opportunity to educate sports fans who perhaps don’t know too much about wrestling.”Nenad Lalovic, president of United World Wrestling, said: “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Eurosport and improving the level of exposure across Europe. We believe this partnership took a significant step forward last year during the successful World Championships in Paris and look to build on that for our major Championships and in the lead up to Tokyo 2020.”last_img read more

South Korean telecom company KT Corp has partnered

first_imgSouth Korean telecom company KT Corp has partnered with live IP technology company TVU Networks to deliver Ultra High Definition broadcast over KT’s 5G enterprise network.KT and TVU Networks will collaborate to establish an enterprise 5G network and related broadcast capabilities in Korea. TVU Networks will work with KT to provide 4K UHD broadcast technology and services that meet KT’s 5G device standards, while KT will provide technical support such as device standards and a testing environment.“We’re clear that 5G networks will be critical as we provide our customers with the optimal mobile video experience,” said Park Hyun-Jin, senior vice president of KT’s 5G Business Unit.“The data capacity, speed and low latency in the network will enable innovations unlike anything we’ve seen before. We know that TVU Networks is the ideal partner to take this next step in our company’s evolution and we’re positive our customers will agree.”TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen said: “We’re thrilled to be part of such a pioneering effort that reflects our own continued commitment to the power and possibility of 5G.”“Video is now what most people watch on their smart phones, but to take the quality of services offered and accessibility of video to the next level requires low latency, high speed, and ultra-connectivity that 5G provides. The backbone of the 5G network pairs perfectly with our ability to acquire, manage and deliver the ultimate 4K video over IP.”The news comes after KT tested 5G services during the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in February 2018. It also broadcast a concert by K-pop group Wanna One on its IPTV service, Olleh TV, earlier this year via set-top boxes and mobile devices using its 5G network.KT is expected to reach ‘full-scale commercialisation’ of the network in April.last_img read more