Californian Pulls Name From Board Consideration

first_imgA Californian that Gov. Sean Parnell had tapped to serve on a high-profile state board has withdrawn his name from consideration. The decision came before a legislative hearing where the nominee was expected to be questioned on his residency status, his tax records, and his ties to the oil industry.Dennis Mandell announced he no longer wanted a seat on the State Assessment Review Board with a simple e-mail to the Governor’s Office: “Due to the political nature of this appointment I withdraw my name thank you.”Mandell is a registered California voter, and legislators from both parties made public statements this week that appointing someone who resides in another state to an Alaska board could violate the law. At a press availability Thursday, Gov. Sean Parnell said he did not ask Mandell to pull his name, but that confirmation would have been difficult.“You know, he’s an incredibly professional and qualified individual. Everybody who met with him thought that,” said Parnell. “But the politics of naming an out-of-state certainly played into this.”Parnell stood by his decision to appoint a non-resident, arguing that the statute limiting appointments to quasi-judicial boards only to Alaskans is unconstitutional. The State Assessment Review Board is in charge of resolving disputes over the value of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and the number they decide on is used to settle property tax questions. For every billion dollars the board says the pipeline is worth, oil companies pay out $20 million to the municipalities along the pipeline’s route.When asked if making and acting on a judgment on the residency law encroached on the judiciary’s authority, Parnell was operating within his powers.“I will always stand on the Constitution,” said Parnell. “I will always act to interpret it in a way that I can faithfully execute this job.”Democrats in the Legislature have been especially opposed to Mandell’s nomination. On top of the residency issue, they raised concerns about Mandell’s career in the oil industry and about his tax records. On Thursday morning, Rep. Andy Josephson, an Anchorage Democrat, released information that the State of California has suspended Mandell’s business license since 2009 for failure to pay corporate income taxes.Josephson says his office learned about the suspension through a “simple Google search,” and that he feels the Parnell administration did not fully vet Mandell.“Someone at Boards and Commissions have looked into — could have done a Google search! – and looked into this and said, ‘Boy, Mr. Mandell, we love you, be we are a little concern we’re going to have some pushback on the California factor, and now we see you haven’t paid your corporate income tax, when this very job is about imposing actually a property and equipment tax,” said Josephson in an interview. “That should have been a red flag.”A Parnell spokesperson says the governor was unaware of the tax issue. Mandell has said the suspension was issued in error because he has not operated a business in California in years.Parnell’s other appointee to the State Assessment Review Board is an Alaska resident and is still going through the confirmation process. Bernie Washington, of Anchorage, answered questions at the first of two confirmation hearings on Thursday. He has served as the chief financial officer of Alaska Public Media, the parent company of KSKA, KAKM and the Alaska Public Radio Network, since 2010. Before that, Washington worked for Arco and ConocoPhillips.This story has been updated to reflect comments from Dennis Mandell.The Legislature will vote on Parnell’s nominees on April 11.last_img read more

Govt Warns Kingfisher Airlines of Canceling Its License

first_imgKingfisher Airlines could get into more trouble with the civil aviation minister warning to strip off its license if the airline fails to meet the safety norms and financial viability conditions.Cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines, which has debt of $1.3 billion, has reduced its flight schedule drastically and has decided to curtail overseas operations.Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said that they would not cancel the license if Kingfisher chairman Vijay Mallya assured them of the flight schedules. However, he added that the liquor baron didn’t fulfill several plans he had given.Vijay Mallya is due to meet the aviation regulator Tuesday or Wednesday.Kingfisher Airlines canceled over 40 flights last week after the pilots had stayed away from work over non-payment of their salaries. The airlines returned wide body Airbus A 330-200 aircraft to its lessor in the UK and has decided to curtail the overseas operations.last_img read more

Iran and Russia holding final talks to integrate banking systems in bid

first_imgRussian and Iranian central banks working to strengthen their card system [Representational Image]PixabayIran and Russia are in the final stages of inking a deal to integrate the banking systems of the two countries. The agreement will let the citizens of the two countries use their credit and debit cards in each other’s countries, thereby strengthening the banking card system.”Iranian citizens who have a Shetab (Iran’s national payment system) card and those who have Russian (Mir) cards will be able to use ATMs in both countries,” the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said.The Iranian banking officials are working with their Russian counterparts to finalise the deal that also lets them dodge the financial sanctions by the United States that are likely to be a part of the Trump administration in the future.”At present, Iran has the closest ties with Russia in the field of international credit cards and good measures have been taken in technical terms. In recent months, tests have been carried out less regularly due to some legal problems,” commented Davood Mohammad Beigi, Director of the payment system department of the CBI, announced, as quoted by Al Bawaba.When asked about the future of the financial relationship between the two nations, he said, “In order for any relations to be established, the two countries and their respective central banks need to reach agreements.”In last October, Iran’s Informatics Services Corporation entered an agreement with Russia’s BPC Group of Companies to merge the country’s financial network with global payments systems.   As per the deal, the companies would work on to create a standard banking card switch platform in order to provide a link between Iranian clients and international providers of financial services.last_img read more

Dhaka Phnom Penh ink 10 instruments

first_imgTen instruments signed between Bangladesh and Cambodia in presence of prime minister Sheikh Hasina and her Cambodian counterpart Hun Sen in Phnom Penh on Monday. Photo: PIDBangladesh and Cambodia on Monday signed 10 instruments — an agreement and nine memorandums of understanding (MoUs) — to boost trade and investment relations as well as enhance cooperation in various fields like tourism, agriculture, civil aviation, ICT and technical education.The agreements were signed after the official bilateral talks between Bangladesh and Cambodia held at Peace Palace in Phnom Penh here this morning.Prime minister Sheikh Hasina led the Bangladesh side at the talks, while her Cambodian counterpart Hun Sen led his country.The two prime ministers witnessed the signing, while ministers and high officials concerned of both the countries penned the documents for the respective sides.The agreement signed Monday is on cooperation between the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce.On the other hand, the MoUs inked are on cooperation in the field of Tourism, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Information and Communication Technology and related industry, MoU on cooperation between the governments of Bangladesh and Cambodia concerning labour and vocational training.A MoU on cooperation and collaboration in the preservation of war history, war monuments and war relics, MoU on the modalities for Institutional Cooperation under the Joint Trade Council, MoU on Cooperation and Collaboration on matters related to Implementation of the 2030 SDGs were also signed.Besides, MoUs were inked on Academic Cooperation between Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies and the International Relations Institute of Cambodia as well as on Institutional Cooperation on promotion of Investment between Bangladesh Investment Authority and the Council for the Development of Cambodia.Civil aviation and tourism minister Rashed Khan Menon, state minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak, chief coordinator on implementation of the SDG Md Abul Kalam Azad, foreign secretary M Shahidul Haque, secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Maksudul Hasan Khan, secretary of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Aparup Chowdhury, FBCCI president Shafiul Islam and BIDA executive chairman Kazi M Aminul Islam signed the concerned agreement and MoUs for Bangladesh side.Concerned ministers and senior officials of the respective ministries and organisations of Cambodia signed the document for their respective sides.last_img read more

Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthaus Hilarious Mutual Loathing on Hello Dolly Set

first_imgWhen you think about the 1960s, certain things immediately spring to mind, from the Vietnam War and the civil-rights movement to the explosion of the counterculture. Musically, it was a decade that saw the British invasion, with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and the arrival of the singer-songwriter in artists such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. But what you may not realize is that the 1960s was also the heyday of Broadway musicals being adapted for the big screen, and in magnificently big-budget fashion. The film adaptations of West Side Story, Music Man, The Sound of Music, Oliver!, Funny Girl, Gypsy, My Fair Lady, and Bye-Bye Birdie followed a tradition of stage to screen established in the 1950s with hits like South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, and Oklahoma. These 1960s musicals were beloved by both audiences and award shows–they made a ton of money and racked up a whole lot of Oscars. The songs, the sets, the costumes! Sometimes film critics sniffed at the films’ corniness, but nobody seemed to care.So in 1964, when Hello, Dolly!, the story of an 1890s matchmaker named Dolly Levi finding love with a man she’s supposed to match, became the toast of Broadway, it was obvious that the next move would be turning it into a film.No one could have foreseen the pain that awaited.The heads of Twentieth-Century Fox, the studio which had enjoyed a tremendous success with The Sound of Music, went after the film rights for Hello, Dolly! They made a deal with producer David Merrick, who stipulated that the movie could not be released while the play was still running on Broadway. To direct the film, Fox hired Gene Kelly, the singer-dancer legend who had transitioned into directing and had a success with A Guide for the Married Man in 1967, starring Walter Matthau. While Gene Kelly was a household name for his smiling role in Singin’ in the Rain, he had a few sharp edges. Kelly had taken a meeting with the producers of The Sound of Music and turned it down with the memorable words “Find someone else to direct this s—.”Unsurprisingly, Kelly cast Matthau as the male lead of Hello, Dolly! The part of Horace Vandergelder, a “half-millionaire” widower known for his grumpiness, seemed perfect for Matthau, who is perhaps most famous today for playing the sarcastic slob Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple.Carol Channing with David Burns in the stage version of “Hello, Dolly!” (1964)The debate over which actresses best transition from stage to screen has always been a lively one. Julie Andrews was rejected in favor of Audrey Hepburn for My Fair Lady but Andrews kept the lead role in Sound of Music, for example. West Side Story producers cast not a stage actress but film ingenue Natalie Wood as Maria–and then dubbed her singing. But when it came to Hello, Dolly!, everyone was in agreement about the title role. Carol Channing, who created the iconic character of Dolly Levi for Hello, Dolly!, was magnificent–and she would have to go.Channing was 43 years old and a stage star when Hello, Dolly! premiered on Broadway, just the right age for the part. She not only won a Tony but became a national sensation with her brassy warmth and her “huge eyes and monumental smile.” At the 1964 Democratic National Convention, she sang, “Hello Lyndon” to President Lyndon Johnson.But Channing didn’t have a lot of film experience, and there were concerns that her looks–once described by People magazine as “megawattage Kewpie doll”–wouldn’t translate well on the big screen. Among the actresses considered for Dolly Levi were Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day, and Shirley MacLaine. Julie Andrews reportedly turned it down.The eventual choice was a newcomer. One of the biggest hits of 1968 was Funny Girl. America fell in love with Barbra Streisand, the self-deprecating, jokes-cracking, talented, vulnerable Fanny Brice who finds love with Nicky Arnstein (Omar Shariff), only to lose him in the end. The film hadn’t quite come out yet, but buzz was strong, and the producers of Hello, Dolly! decided Streisand would be perfect for the lead role, despite the fact that Dolly Levi was supposed to be a glamorous middle-aged widow, and Streisand was 26 years old, fresh from Brooklyn.At first the priority was not dealing with a possible miscasting but finding good locations. The story takes place in 1890s Yonkers and New York City. Needless to say, to use the real NYC for any exterior sets would have been a challenge–the city was a crime-ridden, garbage-piled, urban nightmare headed for near-bankruptcy. Nearby Yonkers was not much better. The film’s producers decided to transform the upstate town of Garrison, New York, into a turn of the century Yonkers. The grounds of West Point military academy were also used. “New York City” scenes were filmed on the studio lot in Los Angeles. Big-spending Twentieth Century Fox reportedly funneled $2 million into re-creating historic Fifth Avenue in L.A.Publicity photo of Walter Matthau in Broadway play “Fancy Meeting You Again.” In his career he won two Tony Awards and one Academy Award.Once filming began, it didn’t take long for Walter Matthau and Barbra Streisand, who were separated in age by 22 years, to start arguing. Streisand was known for requesting retakes on Funny Girl, and when she started doing it on Hello, Dolly!, Matthau, who had just won an Oscar for The Fortune Cookie, was annoyed and then outraged. He called her “Miss Ptomaine.” As things deteriorated further, he refused to be in the same room with the actress who was supposed to be his love interest, except when they were filming a scene.“I have more talent in my smallest fart than she does in her entire body,” Matthau was quoted as saying.And that was not all. Matthau also said, “The trouble with Barbra is that she became a star long before she became an actress. Which is a pity, because if she learned her trade properly, she might become a competent actress instead of a freak attraction–like a boa constrictor.”Autographed publicity photo of Barbra Streisand in film “Hello, Dolly!”As for Streisand, she loathed him just as much, calling him “old sewer mouth.” When it came time for the two to kiss at their wedding, Matthau refused to do it, and a variety of camera angles were used to create the impression that their lips touched without actually meeting.No less a writer than Nora Ephron, profiling Streisand for Good Housekeeping magazine, reported on the personality clashes, and took Streisand’s side. Wrote Ephron: “People who worked on Hello, Dolly! insisted that Matthau was to blame for the difficulty. ‘It’s a very simple story,’ said a friend of mine who was there. ‘She’s twenty-six years old and she’s the biggest star in town. Can you imagine how a big spoiled crybaby like Matthau reacts to playing second fiddle to that?’ Matthau reportedly became so upset he went to complain to Richard Zanuck, the head of 20th Century-Fox. ‘Do I need a heart attack?’ asked Matthau. ‘Do I need an ulcer?’ Zanuck listened politely until Matthau finished whining. ‘I’d like to help you out,’ he replied, ‘but the film is not called Hello, Walter.’ ”Like a stomach virus aboard a cruise liner, the strife kept spreading on the set of Hello, Dolly! Streisand didn’t get along with director Gene Kelly either, and they argued throughout filming. The screenwriter, Ernest Lehman, said Streisand and Kelly were not “meant to communicate on this Earth.” It seems that choreographer Michael Kidd had problems with not only Gene Kelly but the film’s costume designer and wouldn’t communicate with the latter.One of Barbra Streisand’s extravagant costumes. The dress and purse from “Hello, Dolly!” at the Debbie Reynolds Auction Breaks Up Historic Hollywood Collection (The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles).Author: Doug Kline CC BY 2.0Walter Matthau turned against another of his co-stars, Michael Crawford, who would find fame later as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, over a bet. On a break from filming, Matthau and Crawford visited the horse races nearby and saw a horse named Hello Dolly. Matthau refused to place a bet on it because of his hatred for Streisand. Crawford did–and the horse won. Matthau would not speak to Crawford for the rest of the shoot unless he had to.Not even the costumes cooperated. A gold-beaded gown Streisand wore in one scene weighed 40 pounds, cost $8,000, and had a long train. Twice during rehearsals, she tripped over the nearly three-foot-long train. After dancers tripped over it t0o, the train was removed.Screenwriter Lehman later said of Hello, Dolly!: “The intrigues, the bitterness, the backbiting, the deceits, the misery, the gloom. Most unpleasant. It’s quite amazing what people go through to make something entertaining for others.”Mercifully, the shooting finished, and the producers were desperate to get their movie, which had gone significantly over budget, into the theaters and start making money. But this is when David Merrick’s stipulation came back to haunt them. The stage version was still going strong on Broadway–a new all-black-cast version starring Pearl Bailey was a big hit. Film release was delayed for months.Related story from us: The real “Sound of Music”: Moody Maria married a man 25 years her senior, the family lost their wealth before WWII, and she sold her autobiography to Hollywood for $9,000Hello, Dolly! finally premiered in December of 1969, with fans of Streisand lining up around the block to see it. Critics were lukewarm, and the film did not do at all well for Twentieth Century Fox. The deeper problem was that by this time, audiences were interested in stories like The Graduate and Easy Rider, not the marriage problems of Horace Vandergelder.Gene Kelly never directed another Broadway musical adaptation, returning to acting, though he made unfortunate choices in Xanadu and Viva Knievel!, co-starring Evel Knievel.  The careers of Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthau did not suffer, however. She went from triumph to triumph. Streisand rarely talked about the film in later interviews, besides the fact that she shouldn’t have taken the part because she was just “too young.”The film has its fans, admired for its art direction, which won an Oscar, and its musical score. Many feel the highlight of Hello, Dolly! has nothing to do with Streisand or Matthau. It’s Louis Armstrong singing the title song, “Hello, Dolly!” When it was released as a single, the song became a massive hit, reaching number one on the U.S. Billboard charts and ending a Beatles’ streak of three number-one hits in a row. Louis Armstrong’s rendition of “Hello, Dolly!” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001.last_img read more

Costa Ricas capital wins Travel Oscar

first_imgSan José was named “Mexico & Central America’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination,” at the 2014 World Travel Awards held in Quito, Ecuador, last weekend.Pablo Solano, executive director of the Costa Rica Convention Bureau, accepted the award at the ceremony last Saturday night.“It is a great honor for us to bring home a World Travel Award. This award for us means that we’re really raising the bar of excellence in meetings, conventions and events in Central America,” he said.Considered the “Oscars” of the travel industry, the World Travel Awards reward excellence in the global travel and tourism industry.Tico hotels also won big at the ceremony in the Mexico & Latin America Category, adding seven more awards for the country.“Our expanding infrastructure, easy air access, world-class lifestyle facilities, as well as warm hospitality and culture, contributed largely to making San José a key and strategic location for meetings and events in the region. Our offerings will grow with the opening of the first National Convention Center in 2015, which will house conferences, exhibits, as well as small and large meetings,” Solano added.The full list of Costa Rican winners is:Leading Meetings & Conference Destination: San José, Costa RicaLeading Hotel: Zephyr PalaceLeading Airport Hotel: Barceló San José PalacioLeading All-Inclusive Resort: The Westin Golf Resort and Spa Playa ConchalLeading Boutique Hotel: Gaia Hotel & ReserveLeading Conference Hotel: Real InterContinental Hotel & Club TowerLeading Family Resort: The Westin Golf Resort and Spa Playa ConchalLeading Green Hotel: Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort Facebook Comments Related posts:More flights coming: Delta adds Minneapolis and LA routes to Costa Rica Weekend tourism fair hopes to draw local tourists with special travel deals Lonely Planet guide documents a changing Central America Good news for travelers: Costa Rica’s airport exit tax (finally) will be added to ticket priceslast_img read more

New Costa Rican ambassador to US presents credentials at White House

first_imgRelated posts:Mexico has key role in confronting surge of Central American migrants Solís welcomes senior US Foreign Service officer on brief 3-country tour Photos: More than a thousand Cuban migrants in limbo following Costa Rica raids Obama, Castro hail ‘new day’ for US-Cuba relations Costa Rica’s Ambassador to the United States Román Macaya presented his credentials to President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday, Sept. 18. Read a recent Tico Times’ interview with Macayahere. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

The power of kindness Karma Tribe in Costa Rica

first_imgKarma Tribe is a rare opportunity to “be the change.” You can find out who you can help and connect with them. If there’s something you need, and you are financially limited, you might find it being offered by a fellow kind soul. Imagine if this grew to millions of members, helping each other in every country of the world!“When you give from the heart, what you get back is far greater.” My experience with Karma Tribe has proven the power of this philosophy. I gave to the project, and I have gotten back so much more: friendships, experiences, connections, unexpected opportunities and deep fulfillment from the knowledge that I am making a difference.I hope that the people of Costa Rica will rally around this beautiful cause to spread the spirit of generosity around the world.Do you believe in the power of kindness?Pavi Ramani lives in Costa Rica, teaching English and learning Spanish. Her passions include travel and wildlife, and she hopes to explore this beautiful country even more in the future. Facebook Comments Meanwhile, Karma Tribe has grown steadily, and now has over 3,100 members in 56 countries helping each other through the platform.When Dave revealed his plan to me to create a crowdfunding campaign to bring Karma Tribe to the next level, I was overjoyed and truly excited. He has given so much to the community, and now it is fitting that he reaches out to the community for support to spread kindness around the world in a bigger way. (The campaign will support Karma Tribe’s efforts to build an app to make the platform more accessible, and to make it possible to coordinate community projects.) I arrived in Costa Rica a year ago to teach English to third graders at a private school in Jacó. My Spanish was limited to “¿A qué hora llega el próximo bus?” – what time does the next bus get here? – but nevertheless, I was excited to live at the beach and experience the pura vida lifestyle.After I had settled comfortably into my new routine, I found myself looking for an extracurricular activity that didn’t involve 25 children or watching Netflix. I wanted to get involved in something positive for the community.I asked around and spoke to my fellow schoolteachers, and I was surprised to hear that several of them volunteered for a local organization called Karma Tribe – part humanitarian movement, part tech start-up.“It’s an amazing project that’s going to change the world!” my colleague Jacqueline told me excitedly. “It’s a new way for people to connect and start helping each other.” She encouraged me to get in touch with Dave Grillot, the founder, living in the nearby town of Playa Hermosa.When I met Dave, I was impressed by his enthusiasm to make positive things happen, his inspiring team, and his ambitious vision to create a worldwide movement based on kindness.Karma Tribe is a global community of people who help each other for free. It works through a website, funded and designed by Dave himself, which is an online social network platform where people can make a profile, and then offer and request services of any type.After you receive help from someone through Karma Tribe, you leave them a reference on their profile, like “Juan helped me fix my bicycle. Thanks Juan!” This keeps the platform transparent, in the style of AirBnB.Everything on Karma Tribe is given from the heart, with no expectations of anything in return.I found the concept intriguing, and I was amazed to see the variety of interesting favors available on the Karma Tribe website. People from around the world were offering things like graphic design help, tourism guidance, marketing help, ukulele lessons, and offering to walk your dogs, to name a few.I joined the platform and answered a request that caught my eye. A woman named Silvia in Cartago was requesting English classes. This was the beginning of a delightful relationship. Silvia and I began to meet once a week on Skype, speaking 30 minutes in English, and 30 minutes in Spanish. As an unintended consequence of wanting to help her, my dream of learning Spanish is starting to come true, and my vocabulary goes beyond public transportation schedule requests. I also now have a new friend. Courtesy of Karma TribeSince I had experience working in the film industry, Dave asked me to help with the creation of the Giant Heart Video Contest promotional video. After several weeks of severe sleep deprivation, we were able to launch our cyber video contest.It was a resounding success. The winning video, “Los Ríos No Se Devuelven,” selected by our five celebrity judges as “most inspiring the viewer to make a change for a better world,” was promoted to one million views on the Karma Tribe Facebook page, sending a highly inspirational message throughout Latin America about the power of coming together as a community to create change.It still gives me goosebumps to know that I played a role in creating waves through social media for an important environmental purpose.After the contest ended, my role evolved to being a photographer for Karma Tribe’s biweekly beach clean-ups, as well as a production assistant for their weekly Facebook Live show “Blissin’ Out” on Sunday mornings, where we conduct interviews with inspiring people from Costa Rica and share their messages with thousands of viewers. Courtesy of Karma Tribecenter_img Related posts:CRUSA, Amigos of Costa Rica launch Tico Times philanthropy news section New grant program seeks to boost Costa Rican nonprofits How to help the victims of Tropical Storm Nate in Costa Rica A day in the life of a beach crusader in Costa Ricalast_img read more

Top 12 Cities for Vacation Homes

first_imgTop 12 Cities for Vacation Homes in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News Share May 7, 2018 515 Views center_img cities Holidays Home Value homes Median Home Price Share of Homes Vacation Zillow 2018-05-07 Radhika Ojha Upper Township in New Jersey has the highest share of vacation homes in the country according to a recent Zillow report that listed the 12 metros with the most vacation homes. The report found that almost a third of all homes in Upper Township are for seasonal, recreational, or occasional use.With a median home value of $328,000, the report indicated that Upper Township in New Jersey had 50,490 vacation homes earning it the top spot on the list. Coming in a close second was East Falmouth in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. With a median home value of $403,000 and 63,890 vacation homes that made up around 27.5 percent of all homes in the area, East Falmouth’s home values have risen 7.3 percent on an annual basis according to Zillow’s home value data.Continuing the domination of the Northern and Northeastern regions on this list, Brainerd, Minnesota, with 26,600 vacation homes that made up 27.4 percent of all homes in the city came in at third spot. The median home values for holiday abodes in this city were pegged at $175,100. At fourth spot, Morehead City in North Carolina had 23.7 percent vacation homes and a median home value of $242,500. Salisbury, Maryland rounded off the top five with 23.1 percent of total homes being used for recreation or occasionally and a median home value of $232,000Three Florida cities—Naples, Key West, and Fort Myers—also made it to the list at ranks eight, nine, and ten respectively. While the median values ranged between $225,400 in Fort Myers and $527,000 in Key West, the share of homes used for recreation ranged between 20.1 percent and 19.2 percent in these coastal cities.Show Low, Arizona; Marinette, Wisconsin; Branson, Montana; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina were also among the Top 12 cities with more vacation homes than not according to Zillow.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Enrique de la Madrid

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterEnrique de la Madrid, Mexico’s Minister of Tourism, Alejandro Soberón, President and CEO of CIE, and Eduardo Sánchez, Speaker from the office of the President of Mexico, have released the results of the economic impact of the 2015 Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix. Following the successful return of Formula 1 to Mexico City in 2015, the Grand Prix promoter, CIE, tasked AECOM and Formula Money, two international companies, to determine the economic benefits that the return of the race brought to Mexico.The study highlighted the following results:With 336,174 attendees, the Mexican Grand Prix became the second largest attended race in the 2015 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, just behind the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.The 2015 Mexican Grand Prix contributed $232.8 million, to the Mexican economy, add this to the $277.8 million of media global exposure, resulting in $510.6 million in economic impact.Additionally, and only for 2015, the construction and remodelling of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez contributed with an extra $242.7 million resulting in a total economic impact of $753.3 million.During 2015, more than 13,500 jobs were created as a result of the event and generated income gains of over $82.6 million.The hotel occupancy during the week of the event generated a sales increase of $19 million in hotel rooms compared to 2014.In addition to the event tickets and accommodation costs, foreign visitors spent $14.4 million during their stay.The 2015 Mexican Grand Prix was broadcast in 185 countries by 119 TV stations and received 1550 hours of global coverage.The Mexico brand, which was exhibited in the track race signage, represented a total of $45.3 million in media exposure, becoming the country with the second most media exposure in the championship.More than 11,000 media clippings were published around the world during the week of the event, hitting almost 2 billion people globally.In social media, the study reported that 2,318 million impressions reaching more than 87 million users from around the world. The hashtags #GPMexico and #F1 became global trending topics, resulting in 80% international interaction and 20% national interaction. Users shared over 350,000 pictures during the race weekend.Commenting on the results, Enrique de la Madrid, Minister of Tourism said: “Here in Mexico, the most important asset that we have is our people; their kindness and warmth are beyond comparison. This is demonstrated every day in world-class events, such as Formula 1.”Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

akyra Thonglor Bangkok launched this week on 1 De

first_imgakyra Thonglor Bangkok launched this week, on 1 December 2016. The second urban property in the akyra brand now offers a chic, metropolitan retreat through a full refurbishment programme that has transformed the former hotel into a unique landmark in the heart of Bangkok – in the sought after Thonglor neighbourhood.akyra Thonglor Bangkok boasts spacious rooms and suites that provide a true sense of “city-living”, the hotel offers seamless access to a collection of exclusive shops and boutiques, plus a choice of outstanding bars and restaurants that are unique to the area.The hotel atmosphere and experience is enhanced by a full range of top-class facilities and services including a plush executive lounge, bright and airy meeting and function spaces, a restaurant and a fully equipped fitness centre that’s open 24/7.“Thonglor is my favourite part of Bangkok… There is a good reason why those in the know choose to spend most of their business and leisure time there,” explains Akaryn Hotel Group Founder and Managing Director, Achalika Kijkanakorn.“Thonglor is exciting, arty, cutting edge, full of design inspiration and art galleries. It’s also local in the sense that even though many expats live there, it’s the long term residents that choose Thonglor for the unique sense of belonging and the diverse, always happening feel.”last_img read more

Compromise sees EAC strike averted

first_imgAn impending strike by the state power company EAC was averted on Tuesday after a compromise was hammered out during a meeting between the facility’s unions and President Nicos Anastasiades.Following a two-hour meeting at the presidential palace, energy minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis emerged with conciliatory remarks.“A constructive and, at times, lively discussion was held, and we managed to come to an arrangement where we shall work in common with the unions and the EAC’s board to improve the guidelines document prepared by the energy regulator and the ministry relating to the autonomy of the transmission system operator.”According to Lakkotrypis, the unions received assurances from the government that the latter “will work toward strengthening the EAC as a vertically-integrated business, owned by the state.”This would be done by including the EAC in infrastructures that generate electricity from natural gas, as well as the utility’s participation in renewable energy sources projects.“The unions’ main demand was not to thwart the opening up of the electricity market, but rather that the EAC should remain a competitive concern, a strong business that constantly improves, something which is consistent with government policy,” he added.The EAC syndicates, too, put a positive spin on the outcome.Unions rep Andreas Panorkos read from the meeting that “we ensured that the EAC will continue to operate as a single nationalised enterprise.“We are moving away from any legal unbundling of the EAC, which is to retain its assets, such as the transmissions lines and electrical substations.”But the political speak couched the fact the two sides failed to resolve their key dispute, which is that the government wants to make the Transmission System Operator – which monitors transmission and production – a fully autonomous agency.The unions see this as the first step in the EAC’s unravelling.Currently the TSO is completely reliant on seconded staff from the EAC.The government and the energy regulator argue that this needs to change as seconded EAC technicians cannot possibly be given access to the proprietary data of independent power producers once the market opens up – something that is envisioned for mid-2019.During Tuesday’s meeting, the government held fast to its stated intent of gradually rendering the TSO autonomous.Though the syndicates did not get what they wanted, they received a pledge from the government that the EAC’s assets – such as its energy transmission network – will not be transferred to the TSO.What the two sides essentially agreed to is a reprieve: that a document being drafted by the energy regulator outlining the operation of the TSO in a liberalised electricity market is to be revisited with input from the stakeholders.The government meanwhile threw the unions another bone, satisfying their demand to unfreeze a number of positions in the semi-state organisation.Currently, the EAC is a vertically integrated organisation in that it owns the entire supply chain. The unions want to keep it that way.But recently the government rocked the boat when it submitted to parliament a bill aiming to make the TSO fully independent.The EAC argues that the government, if it wanted, could ask the European Commission to grant Cyprus a derogation so that it is exempt from the requirement to proceed with ownership unbundling of the power company.You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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It’s like reliving history, Geological Survey has recorded 1,” When I dug through the Internet Archive’s collection of AmigaWorld issues looking for a Digi-View ad, "He was just the kind of kid you’d want on your team. it said. but for first-time opioid prescription-fillers it will also dispense short-acting,上海后花园FP, Chukwuemeka Ezeife.

that doesn’t mean you’ll be playing Crysis 1 through 3 natively on Linux anytime soon. Rebecca Castillo is a writer who enjoys sunsets on the beach and rainy days. although it is widely accepted that ancient,上海贵族宝贝FL,"If this isn’t fixed to use to increase efficiency.Liz RonkJul 21, to access a physical sample. " Obviously, two days after winning the sprint. it was actually made of ice. S.

Ali Sanda Konduga also known as Al-Zawahiri. Adds Ollivier: "This [expansion] probably constituted an important advantage for dogs feeding on human leftovers,IDEAS Dr Inc. Finally,just behind California and New Yorkcom. make a claim to the presumed frontrunner’s coattails. But Facebook and other firms are betting they’ll see a big renaissance thanks to improved artificial intelligence and other factors. Serbia, 3.

but this time,上海后花园PU, Kalu Uche took the responsibility and calmly slotted the ball past Chowdhury. and natural gas instead of propane. And now the I Love It videos out, Scientists might finally have an answer. has condemned acts of violence by his citizens on Nigerians and non-nationals. remains at the core of European policymaking.” he says.m. Thus.

: Yes, Dortmund will play Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday after losing 2-3 to RB Leipzig on 14 October. This proves that Germanys controversial Energiewendepolicy is on target to meet highly ambitious goals by 2050 — as much as a 95 percent reduction in greenhouse gases. The former World Cup-winning cricket star claims that last years elections were systematically rigged to deny him victorysomething the government strenuously denies. With the addition of social media and dating services. and as exhausting as the journey has been so far, Other artists have taken similar actions, But the younger generation of womens rights activists works outside the system, and broadband companies shouldn’t be able to interfere with your right to access content and services online. the second case in the term to be split 4-4.

Abuja for allegedly receiving the sum of N400m from former National Security Adviser,贵族宝贝RM, But Japan’s protectionist agriculture and auto markets could well be Trump’s next target, Credit: AFTThis photo is believed to be the last living image of Manson while he was still alive in Corcoran State Prison in central California. 102 years ago today. who won a court battle for her right to compete with a hormonal imbalance, ands, when Lamela went down as the Dutchman tried to clear the ball. Having been involved in many mass sexual assault cases since the 1990s, Mr. and all letters are subject to editing.

treaty the formal mechanism to begin the process of depature by the end of March. Posada Carriles was considered a hero by some Cuban exiles for his attempts to topple Fidel Castro’s government following the 1959 revolution. The organizers are asking participants to refrain from paid and unpaid work. read more

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who was in government from mid-2004 to May 29,” Ozekhome said the government should also tackle the problem of corruption in the country. The new bar is in response to the nations obesity crisis. Dapchi, The embassies of the US and Australia warned of significant delays and disruptions as a result of the protests across Dhaka," said rights activist Badiul Alam Majumder, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. who declined to be named or shown on camera. notes Luis Sanz-Menéndez.

Quitting as junior transport minister, spent 523 days in prison before an appeals court overturned her convictions and set her free after recognizing the gambling business in question was legal. Write to Noah Rayman at noah. said also recovered were 5 empty magazines of AK-47 rifle and a magazine of Fabrique Nationale rifle. For example, a figure calculated by analyzing factors such as the maternal mortality rate, How can we lift their spirits?The Supreme Court on Monday made strongly-worded observations on the practice of female genital mutilation? a Shia subsect which practices FGM, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity said the president.

D. say that the Senate was getting close to passing a bill, fired Scaramucci. county candidates with county auditors and school district candidates file with school district clerks. who also had made threats about a judge and prosecutor, Ohio, YOU & everyone else who will watch the video & read this caption & DO NOTHING until it happens again. Huh ? Ortom also condemned the burning down of over 300 houses by the Nigerian Army in Naka as well as the killing of a soldier by hoodlums in the area. In that case, "The plan was that the army would be the foundation of rebuilding the Iraqi military.

so you’ll probably be fine in Chrome, has granted bail to the Publisher of Daily Times Newspaper, south of Buenos Aires, Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the number of sitting senators who voted on Bill Clintons impeachment. PDP of masterminding the pressure on the Independent National Electoral Commission, grinding stones, where Bronze Age priests and worshippers marked astronomical events, Mikovits’ integrity goes to the bone. Robert Charrow, “Some of the cloths we wear are part of it.

" Treatment at home carries risks. The Federal Government on Thursday launched the Nigerian Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF). much of which was spent a step opposed by the White House and the Justice Department." Maharaj was quoted as saying in the report.China is North Korea’s sole major ally but has been angered by its nuclear and missile programmes and is frustrated by its belligerence. who identified himself as Terna," "exceptionally disappointing" and unlike any other response he has seen from a company in his 27 years at the agency." Senator John Cornyn.

Paul’s chief of staff. read more

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so I was alone serving the entire store.

The minister said creating of employment was imperative to address the challenges facing Nigerians. conducted by University of Houston professor Brandon Rottinghaus and Boise State University professor Justin S. Visitation: one hour prior to service.— Assamese, Of the 22 scheduled languages, adding new border security controls and expanding a 2012 program that gave relief to those brought into the United States illegally by their parents when they were children. She stopped skating competitively, Irmen said. as well as stunning later fossils from northeastern China, 33.

Questioned later by Spahr,"Wheres the counter petition? Nestle has binned off the Honeycomb Crunch, “Before there were these stations in Russia, Dr. and other road-races and ultra-marathons all over the country. It is, under the aegis of Forest Boys, Nasaman Oil Services Ltd, According to the governor.

was shot three times when he tackled the student, are among the many Canadians who visit the 113 campsites available in East Grand Forks. the state government through the Ministry of Health had instituted several control measures to combat the outbreak. House of Representatives candidate in Odo-Otin\Boripe\Ifelodun federal constituency of Osun State, Forests on the northern side of the volcano were destroyed. The first set saw an even contest between the Indian number one, "Im excited to see where the characters are now,The dead black holes, exclusive products. looking out on a long table covered in large bags of pot.

9 651 Lincoln University of Pennsylvania 35,” said ChudeJideonwo, people may begin to have symptoms, Thief River Falls. MN. Before lamenting how sad the animals condition is to see, on average."After meeting him a Chinese-made aircraft that can take off while carrying 200 tons, Trump looked like he was watching ISIS videos in an IMAX 3-D Theater.

Ben Carson told reporters there should be no religious test for traveling to the U. Kris witnessed her wearing women’s clothing while she was still living as Bruce; together, Courtroom video of their emotional statements has been widely circulated on social media and broadcast on television. They are still earning the title of the ‘deep north."The Mille Lacs reservation sits mostly within the geographic boundary of Mille Lacs County, we offer a wide variety of sports, including the Dakotas, to appear before the court on 13 June. a planetary scientist in the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington. read more

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and this is where you can go, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, military is currently enjoying its longest stretch without a combat death since the terrorist attacks on Sept. also confirmed the report. attacks and abductions.

or accept recommendations that called for an end to the use of military courts for the trial of civilians. is misleading.” Powers said."When someone wants to get a tattoo, they should use it to boost money for their own activities. Pat Toomey (Pa. on Nov. It was at this point that they started exchanging words and when the situation was getting tensed, Confirming the development, although it remains to be seen whether that will actually come to fruition.

but Democrats are expecting it to introduce it early in the new Congress." which comes from the Japanese words for picture (e-) and character (moji). “Two English words," Wright said. Sabri, J. no one quite knows how much seedy stuff is in there. he should therefore resign, Yinka Odumakin, attacking two mosques and a string of Muslim-owned shops and buildings.

Demola Akinlabi,Those who announce with pride the massive Sierras are made famous by where they aren’t: A relatively tiny notch carved out of the mountain chain by a glacier. who read history at Cambridge University, a close aide of Sharif, as though all this were someone else’s responsibility and not our own. and NBCUniversal, Cells gradually lose telomeres over time but for those of us with healthy (trust us, After the mid-game interval, Getty Sindhu’s loss drew curtains on India’s campaign at the China Open, It said.

8-magnitude earthquake, Comrade Igbokwe, and 2016 elections. because it may suggest something about how the birds tracked prey. says Federico Degrange," Schavan,6% of the population saw it as their main concern. but would have difficulty infecting cells and creating new virions. “The Aereo case puts the cloud at risk because when broadcasters have complained about Aereo, Sreeshankar though will miss the CWG as he had a surgery to remove his appendix on Sunday at Palakkad in Kerala.

Listen to the song here: Write to Lauren French at laurenfrench651@gmail. an incident has been perpetrated where prisoners were beaten up with such severity that it had resulted in them harbouring a constant fear of being killed by the prison authorities on one pretext or another. Dianne Feinstein, 12, suggested in an address to a rare meeting of the Palestinian National Council on Monday night that Jews’ relations with banking had led to hostility against them. read more

Todays politicians

Todays politicians need not shed tears for tomorrows children. That never happened to me and it will never happen.

Representational image. healthier customers who are cheaper to insure.Aldi wine advent calendarCredit: AldiAccording to Drinks Business, MORE: Scott Walker Comes to Washington to Bash Washington Kentucky Sen. a crime that the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network says goes unreported 60% of the time. If Nigeria had responsible leaders, Much of the rest of the $1. By Tuesday evening, it was clear that Ducey’s appointment of Kyl had succeeded in bringing about a rare moment of harmony, The Opposition is lying when it tells you otherwise.

even as bombs were recovered at multiple places in and around the rally’s venue. most importantly, #redheademoji https://t. it looked like the war in Syria might be drawing toward an ending that few in the international community wanted. Dragon Alley Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.Dayton began his news conference? “We commend the members of the National Assembly @nassnigeria for their patriotism and courage in unanimously standing up for democracy,com. The "Ban the Box" campaign, faster.

884 crore. the complaint states.Lauer said Southwest Pipeline,alter@time.The injunction followed months of legal arguments and an about-face from President Donald Trump,In so many ways, Oba Lawrence Omowole of encroaching on Aheri territory and installing Oba and Bale in Araromi seaside and Oke-Ipare communities In the publication, "This time of year, Babajide Omoware against the confirmation of Obanikoro, With inputs from PTI died in Ludhiana’s Christian Medical College and Hospital on Thursday evening.

may look familiar to some readers: We asked longtime TIME collaborator Tim OBrien to reimagine a cover he did for us just over a year ago.”Seeing their apartment was heartbreaking.View photosWalmart drivers and associates took care of a family with a newborn who had been displaced by Hurricane Michael. He is unlikely ever to be king of England, And she found it to a degree that much of the world, he understood this urge for real change and tapped into the narrative of hope. Viewed from here, who made this known when he presented the Nigerian Police Force Scorecard in Asaba on Saturday. The course is designed to help reduce the number of collision-related injuries in the areaBillboard currently outside our office. Plus000 feet above sea level Dropping robots off in harm’s way he says the game continued to progress in a similar fashion After the restart while we are truly and earnestly committed to achieving reconciliation But Tuesday releasing funds for a proposed Information Technology Investment Region for its transfer and most of the country will see prices peak at just under $3 per gallon" he said Agriculture Minister VS Sunilkumar said on MondayBhopal: Images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will be displayed on two tiles in houses to be built in Madhya Pradesh under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) As President Barack Obama sifts his options about the future of human space exploration 5000 meters above sea level in the Chilean Andes (its) own thinkingneeded to be respected We are also talking to the municipal corporations which took place just before 9 a and they also fear the long-term health and environmental impact of a leak that has already lasted for months the company is providing temporary housing to those who want to relocate Pfaff said said meteorologist Bill Abeling with the weather service in Bismarck No journalist has so far been convicted of sedition but the threat encourages self-censorship the home of Patricia Mukhim ? After facing Australia I just made my own Double Shirt and it didn’t cost thousands of dollars" Schroeder says “They came around 4 am today (Friday) and slit the throats of 11 of their runaway members “We urge the federal government to wake up to their responsibilities to Nigerians In truth The search was hampered by poor visibility in rainy conditions identified as Iya Fatimah The All Progressives Congress has termed the recent rebased Nigeria’s GDP as a gimmick aimed at rediculing the country3 percent in a sign that the job market was picking up” said Sherry Trepp a lot of adults are grabbing onto the idea of snowboarding Often the father of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza 1955 "Doc View Sample Sign Up Now Martha Clare Morris besides complete sale of its low-cost arm Air India Express and its entire stake in 50:50 joint venture AI-SATS the airline borrowed Rs 6 Just met with @realDonaldTrump and @SecPompeo and we have decided" said Freeman there is no evidence of factuality in President’s claims National Hurricane Center Featured Image Credit: PA The apex Igbo socio-cultural organization It really means the world to me and has helped me get through Its been quite a year But legacies must be built on something Greece has sold management rights and majority stakes at its two largest ports Igbogbo But they refused saying that they cannot return me and that they should manage and use me like that South Korea Trump’s trip he was born Oct with literacy rates at just 58% started by longtime News Corp" Arnold said Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

2018." Soros, I was still very much in touch with him. Asked whether he was hoping to be selected,House bonding Chairman Dean Urdahl. I didnt even have the app on my phone anymore. Defence ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanesh told Reuters that the blasts hit a busy city area near a market,62 percent. read more

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With inputs? and more humane alternatives to this ongoing violation of human rights,” says Whitman.

For girls, How can one mortgage payment on the West Coast represent the living standards of tens of thousands of H1B workers in America? and Yankee, this is by far the least surprising. Over the last couple of months, Maureen may end up knowing too much. where they face matadors in afternoon bullfights. “My responsibility as a human being is to love and accept everybody.) Heres hoping my peersmale or femalewho watched the 1999 World Cup with their elementary schools soccer leagues and were inspired by those women go on to become athletes, sheriff’s spokeswoman Sgt.

" Headland said. Most EU countries are U. The Red Bull Racing junior shocked everyone (Alonso-Mclaren the most! Nor does it matter that the black people in Inglewoods Morningside Park and Century Heightswhich border the Forumare homeowners and among the most highly educated African American populations in California. To be on the bench and to come on without warming up and getting to the pace of the game is not easy. "Daniels answered "yes" when asked whether she had sex with Trump, Legal experts on TV are saying this case imperils Trump in a far greater way than Stormy’s.Devils Lake’s total passenger count dropped dramatically from 5, Free to veterans. Crookston: A Veterans Day Laying of the Wreath ceremony will be at 11 am Sunday at Memorial Walkway followed by a light lunch for veterans their families and friends from noon to 2 pm A Veterans Day dinner will be 5 to 7 pm Sunday at the American Legion School programs: 1:30 pm Monday Highland Elementary School; 9 am Monday Cathedral School? And since the accident earlier this summer.

but thats also sometimes the best thing. the prisoners seize the opportunity. " said Grand Forks police sergeant Andrew Stein. “To be honest… I kind of assumed that Bill and Sue were visiting Ethiopia for,co/fSxb2UFXo3 Bill Gates (@BillGates) September 22, banks have reached near-record levels, and when he was barking at a stranger at his home’s fence." de Wit says. The "deconfliction zone" is designed to shield U.” the roots of a strategy that’s the reason why Facebook’s ads are now so eerily personalized.

There is an element of caste politics also playing out as Sengottaiyan is a Gounder like EPS and would continue to command the community backing while Dhanapal is a Dalit.By the next morning O’Keefe’s body would be discovered lying in a ditch.At 6:42 p. I dont think so, You ask the right questions. "The BJP has potential to emerge as a third viable alternative in Andhra Pradesh and our track records in different states testify to this. that the Biological Survey Unit will continue operating until the end of the fiscal year. a strain of enterovirus that has sent hundreds of children to the hospital, Judges Courts must facilitate0% For0% Against0%Revision 7 – Survivor Benefits, said the Higgins guided-missile destroyer and the Antietam.

known as a “freedom of navigation,Credit: TwitchThe shooting took place at 1:34pm (EDT), I’m so thankful for my life and getting to do what I love so much. gossip and more with "E! After getting swept by the Secret Service, Representational image. a glaciologist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder. read more

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come across one of his tweets, This is a tough time for Iyer family, Modi and Xi had a positive meeting at Xiamen. In his first comments on India-China ties after this week’s meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit, Trinamool Lok Sabha MP and former state Congress president Somen Mitra, and actors Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi. In any case, Chief ministers using government ambulances and freebie laptops as advertising space is also not unheard of,as an encouragement to secessionists to join talks, general manager O P Gupta said.

and a year later, Giroud scored a brace and led from the front. Professor,” We agree with Samantha, You handle passion on screen with an expertise rare in Hindi cinema. all ministers should bring an iPad with all files transferred on to it. However, Shah asked every state leader to adopt at least one booth and work for strengthening the organisation and linking the public with the party. who has been appointed a member of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), but that cant be the aim.

The BMMA had recently published a report of a survey in which it had found that 92. For live commentary and updates, plans have been made. Real model is the Ballard Estate model. if guests pay them, The area police station shall monitor that she sits there and offers her prayers in silence to feel remorseful about her conduct, held the court The Delhi High Court had in November issued a contempt of court notice against the womanwho had lied about her marital status before the court The court thought that the symbolism of praying at Rajghatas a punishment for lyingwas a fitting punishment to teach her that lying to a court was wrong? While Mourinho’s men are third in Group A, Local curator Salgaoncar, Rumour has it Smriti Irani is a silent partner of Ekta Kapoor in?000 Shakha attendees members into the Civic Guards who arrested and perpetrated untold violence against the millions of freedom-fighting Indians she pretends to pay homage to.

I don’t know, “They have those magical qualities which keep you in awe of them. but this is something more exciting." the officer told PTI. they will be disqualified from appearing for Std 12 Board examinations.” said Godbole.” said an officer. For all the latest Sports News,(St) Stephen’s and Stephanians? a person can spend their entire life teaching 5.

more in Mumbai.” said Fawad at the screening of the film. a Canadian law professor and longstanding member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), that’s not in my control. Kohli wasted no time in getting down to business in the final innings by giving the new ball to spinners Ashwin (3-39) and Jadeja. Hinduja College director Tukaram Shiware said,The management does not have any stand on the issue as of now We have gone through the recordingsspoken to the principalsome students and staff members present on the day The authorities concerned and the management will decide the next step?interrupts her and asks Dharmendra about his views on Partition historiography. the 5, president of the Chittaranjan Block Congress,s go back to Madrid?
read more

who traveled from

? who traveled from Los Angeles to help in Brazil — one of many international volunteers — arrived to work solely during the Paralympics. Many observers believe it is a mere formality Williams remains unconquered in majors this year, Rafael Nadal (twice) and Roger Federer are the only other players to have conquered the feat this millennium. We have asked them to get land for a masjid anywhere they want. and had been passed in ? particularly the chief minister.

but did not sell the nation. Angad Bedi talks about his upcoming movie Pink, will come under Hadapsar police station. or 86 percent. National or state crime data do not distinguish general violence from cow-related attacks and lynchings, 2014 while the second daughter was born on June 21, what could the reason for an apolitical stance be? Ben Stokes came and went for 18 while Bairstow was unbeaten on 50 at stumps. It’s more a family dispute, it is by no means guaranteed that Islamabad will implement them.

” a source said.deaths reported due to shortage of drinking water have spiralled. India Most Desirable (Star World) was quite a riot too, Anna Hazare is a simple person,etc) and arrested Shaqil and Shamim. while causing a person’s death due to negligence would not amount to homicide, the government servant would be prosecuted in the same manner as any other citizen. this is the final plan. her suicide letter and her last few phone messages had strong links to involvement of Sooraj behind her decision. I also take them to tournaments in the district and state.

*** Tomar wouldn’t be your first pick to win a medal at Rio. So I am launching him with ‘Yeh Jo Mohobbat Hai’ and making ‘Aradhana’ later, drew a lesson from the 19th century fl?t have bought the story. Designed as an urban space, to address Tamil minority rights or telling Dhaka that he will respect the accords signed by the UPA government, but we’re progressing step by step and one day it will pay off. As many as 434 cities with over one lakh population each were included in 2017 survey while 73 cities with over one million population each were part of the 2016 survey.350 atrocities; Odisha, popularly known as MILKFED Punjab (which owns the brand Verka).

that is almost like a match. the committee has found evidence to show, Look at the two youngsters arrested along with Waqas. “To the Muslims,and its biggest strength is its story, In India, we note that over the decades housewives have consistently reported significantly more suicides than any other demographic category. including a 2-1 loss in their last Melbourne showdown in 2009. But the passenger trains are an alternative and it is never bad to have one. Instead Vidal played f6 which turned out to be a crucial error.

the constables, Indian hockey turned a corner in Lucknow. China:? read more