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Many people can not say, but Sina, micro-blog’s advertising revenue grew rapidly

good data may not represent everything,

most of the people confined to the circle of friends have more than once Tucao "micro-blog is dead", once brush once three minutes, micro-blog frequency has shifted to another position. But in the past few years, it’s undeniable that you can still see the news events that have been watched by micro-blog, the live scripts and the interaction of fans and stars in this platform. As far as micro-blog’s earnings are concerned, they are still getting decent data.

Sina micro-blog yesterday released unaudited financial statements for the first quarter ended March 31, 2015. The report showed that micro-blog’s first quarter net revenue of $96 million 300 thousand, representing an increase of 43% over the previous year, more than expected. Advertising and marketing revenue grew by 53%, to $79 million 200 thousand, compared with $51 million 900 thousand in the same period of last year, and net loss was down 94% from $47 million 400 thousand a year earlier, to $2 million 900 thousand. In terms of users, micro-blog’s monthly active users in March 2015 (MAU) was 198 million, an increase of 38% over the same period last year.

micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei said: "in March 2015, micro-blog MAU (monthly active users) growth hit the most since IPO, of which mobile terminal MAU grew by 57%. A quarter of micro-blog’s advertising and marketing revenue growth, especially small and medium enterprises in this area revenue grew by 125%, thanks to the micro-blog self-help platform generated by the promotion."

of course, good looking data doesn’t solve the real problems: Zombie powder and spam, and a drop in user stickiness. With the rise of all kinds of new social platforms, micro-blog’s future is still worrying.

in addition, in the release of the first quarter earnings at the same time, micro-blog also expects the second quarter of 2015 net revenue: between $102 million to $105 million.

Local forum offline promotional experience sharing

face Adsense competition, many webmaster will turn to the local site construction. Indeed, but the promotion of local websites basically no shortcut at all, for local sites, especially local forums, we believe that the importance of offline promotion must be greater than online promotion.

today, Shuren technology and we talk about this matter, the author is Yangzhou Jiangdu people, so here and share with you our Jiangdu Forum promotion methods and experience. According to peer, this is absolutely dry yo.

one, local forum should pay more attention to the cultivation of

Jiangdu as the national hundred counties, the level of economic activity is still good, long Jiangdu will cooperate with Sina Sina Jiangdu, sina of Jiangdu forum as the first popular forum in Jiangdu is still quite popular, in this process we as an active member of the forum made most of the moderator, the earth round, Jiangdu it is so big, so the line we all know.

with the changes of the domestic network environment, as the official nature of the Sina forum in Jiangdu, more and more restricted, of course the main official website is probably never better than our personal webmaster’s diligence, we realize that they open a forum of the necessity and feasibility, so we have successfully launched the Jiangdu Forum, before the understanding of the moderator we easily pull up management forum. Here I want to say to the webmaster friend, operation a local forum, BBS management personnel is very important, I believe many webmaster and I have the same experience.

I will ask our private

timing forum management personnel to eat, in addition to the regular moderators gather up the party, every year we also arranged for the management of this forum 1-2 time traveling, so our forum moderator very honor. We have paid a considerable return, the moderators are very responsible for their own sections, and our website has earned income.

two, to participate in public service, improve visibility,

we have a dedicated forum forum is a public forum, of course, we also used it for the public, we thought not only online public propaganda, more important is the line of public advocacy, publicity and public propaganda do our website two not mistake, our specific approach is:

First, we use the

Forum’s influence in the forum, paste introduce difficult object or supporting object, the call and the members to participate in fund-raising, fund-raising, provide the corresponding forum.

second, relying solely on the forum’s post is certainly not enough strength, we are still in the city center square site fundraiser, banners: XXX site donation meeting, the following on the host: Jiangdu forum.


third, to raise money forum friends have cars members, car pull banners, with vigour and vitality is to donate one home, basically along the upper.

How to properly update the website, using user feedback and suggestions


this is the translation of Bowen’s "How to Properly Redesign a Website", which reads as follows:

in the Internet era today, website revision is very frequent. That’s thanks to the emergence of new technologies (everyone wants to follow technology trends), perhaps because of the changing rules. Whatever the reason, proper revision is important. Make sure the new design will bring you more advantages in front of your competitors.

we don’t want to change the website for the sake of spending money. The reason for the revision is because we feel that the site needs to be visually improved, and our visitors want to see something new from a visual point of view. We should consider the revision from the user’s point of view. Users should be our target when considering creating a new logo for our blogs, publications, and any other form of web page.


The bigger and more important the

site is, the more likely it is to fail to correct it. Why? Because you have to take all of the millions and millions of users into account, it’s hard to please all users – frankly, that’s not possible. I left one of my favorite websites, just because it was revised. If I leave the site forever, I’d like to know how many other users have done the same thing.

in order to increase the success of the website revision, here are a few points of attention.

makes sure your website needs revision,

when your site already has visitors back, most of them want to add some functionality. They know where the navigation is, where the search box is, how to find the document, and so on. Through revision, you are most likely to change these things.


pictures from buritikid

if you’re lucky enough to have an active community, you can have an online poll asking if they need a website revision. If you don’t have a community like this, the decision will be made by you. Try asking the chief designer for advice and see how they think about it.

let your users participate,

The second step in the

update process is to involve community users, which will help the site to suit your users. Because you get feedback from them and use feedback in Web design.

, it’s a good idea to try to keep the main elements in the same place, or at least make sure that the functions are similar at the same location. Moving the toolbar from the left to the right for the first time often results in confusion

How to make public article typesetting more beautiful

in the "universal WeChat, everybody is a friend", WeChat marketing is really too hot, not only is the small fart child talking, say, old experts in the enterprise, even some important departments are talking about. And now for enterprise network marketing, if only relying on search engines, has been far from enough, more and more enterprises began WeChat marketing, and WeChat public number has become the choice of many enterprises.

said WeChat public number operators or not, basically all the public number will push content, and push content is also related to the content of the reading rate and conversion rate of the problem, so in addition to the quality of the content, the contents of the public number of typesetting is particularly important. Take a look at some of the well done public numbers, and they all care about details, and the layout of the push is very beautiful.


undoubtedly, a good content, plus a feast for the eye and an unusual typography, is really brightening up.

However, WeChat

, the contents of the public number edit box is very simple, not much editing function, if you know some good code, available elsewhere in the layout editor then copied directly, so a little trouble, and most of the WeChat operator is not based on the code editor,

how to do?

wants to be good at it, so he must benefit from it.

actually, there are some things you don’t have to do. You can find the right way and you can solve it easily. Why don’t a lot of people make good WeChat content? They don’t want to do it. They see other people doing it. They feel very cow, but they don’t know how to do it, they don’t know the method, and they don’t have good tools. Now wood and wood will recommend some WeChat content editing tools, even if the technology is bad, but also easy for WeChat typesetting,


as follows is a WeChat editing tool, no difficulty, you go in and think about it.


is very simple, only need to select the appropriate style, and then to the left of the page under section, modify the text and color, and then copied to the right side of the edit box to edit, finally direct the edited copy to your WeChat public number OK. Templates are provided for you, and you just need to edit it. It’s easy, fast, and beautiful.

, here’s what I’ve done:






click the lower left corner to see more


An old webmaster confused and confused

Too many things happened recently in China for

, not a webmaster is to let people go, in addition to Alipay announced support for GODADDY.

first, the network of anti vice, sweeping, sweeping down on the one size fits all. This cut, but the webmaster effort. There are many old webmaster years of effort, it was so cut to a cut. Is there anything else besides heartache?. Immediately afterwards, the net of anti vice became larger and larger. Involved in the IDC, involved in the CN. I’m so numb when I look at it. In addition to wait-and-see or wait-and-see?.

I have previously registered more than 20 CN domains. Half of the successful filing, half of the successful filing. Now the fact is that the record is not successful, not to resolve. This has been verified. But the problem is that even if the record is successful, but also to review, if it is a personal registration, it was canceled. I don’t know what to say。 That half of the successful filing is registered in my own name. In this way, even a useful one is gone. Whether the news is true or false, I have to do both hands.

I started to go to us for help, finally began to re register all domain names are registered in the United States. This is to thank Ma yun. But I’m happy too early. The United States registered the domain name speed is fast, not what is needed. But a few days we can not register CN. You can only register COM for a higher price. So the day after a few days the muddle along without any aim. According to the grapevine, China is preparing to take stock of foreign IDC in the coming year.

, I’m starting to be speechless. I just bought a LP host. It cost 200 Chinese coins. The effect is not very good. Listen to such hearsay, I do not know how good, now. I want to bulk register domain name, want to buy the host of BLUEHOST. But now the environment is concerned. What should I do? Today, China’s cyber face has been attacked. Well, it looks like the situation is bad.

, I’m just a grass root. I’m just a little webmaster. For these things do not want to hear, and more qualified to comment. But I found myself living in the cracks. If I bought this bird host, Chinese and American if you are angry, I worked hard to earn money to naught. But if I wait and see all day, the cost of living is running low. Very confused ah. Grassroots is ultimately grassroots ah.


The Internet in Shaanxi lacks a soaring wing

      the Shaanxi webmaster always does things like this:

      Web search, is a free CMS code, and then just making a "template"

      where is the root of the problem?

      1; subconsciously lay bare the curse of technology. Re marketing, advertising, speculation, relations, and do not pay attention to technical and technical personnel. Would rather thousand yuan to eat wine, also do not want to cash several hundred dollars of technical bonus. Only see immediate interests, do not attach importance to technical personnel and technical team training. Maybe we advocate a big mouth Hu Ma Kung Fu, but we may not know the rows of Hangzhou Wensan road has many large and small software companies. I have seen Hangzhou a software company, as a result of staying up late and blinking astringent eyes, proudly demonstrate OA their own system of production, enterprise informatization in them already deep into the subconscious.

      2; since the start of the enterprise, there has been little technical cost. The phrase is "technical staff have plenty."". Encountered technical problems, and find some technical help when approaching, since it is "help", of course, with a few meals play the game. As a result, there is no accumulation of technical documentation and data, technology can not continue, affecting the normal operation of the business.

Website user viscosity that thing

is a cliche about user stickiness, but I find that the most commonplace thing is that many people, even SEO years old, often make mistakes:

SEO future development direction is not how much you send the chain, your optimization how to cater to the appetite of search engines. Competition is the user’s experience. If your website loyalty is very high, even if you SEO do bad, also can still thrive "". Conversely, the user experience is good, search engines will also like. Rankings will naturally be among the best. In the end how to do a good job user experience? Today, the rocket SEO and we explore the user viscosity that thing.

recently, many friends may have noticed a strange phenomenon in Baidu. Some 4-5 months of new sites, included only a few dozen, the relevant domain only two hundred or three hundred. But in the first place. This is the Baidu algorithm adjusted product – user viscosity high station, ranking first. In fact, this is not Baidu is the latest algorithm, Baidu algorithm has always been this item, but this algorithm is, after recent adjustment, more prominent.

a website is equivalent to a store in reality. The more people in the store, the more people will get into the store, forming the Matthew effect. How do you make the store more popular? It depends on how well the store is doing so. A lot of money in the store is going to be advertised, but it’s going to be booming, but if his store is empty and there’s no decent goods, the customer won’t be there for the second time. Even though he threw gold billion, will let him lose everything. So, we build the website, do not always think of, the chain hair hair. Put yourself in the position of customers.

for the sake of customers, the first point: it should be reflected in the title and description of the website. In Baidu search results, whose title is more eye-catching, who will be the first concern, if his description, but there is a good description for the website, the website from your search results into the probability will be very large. Therefore, in the title and description of the formulation, must not deal with it.


title must respond to some of the user’s most vital commitments: <, < how women over 35 can look younger; > >. And "free" and "new" these two words are the two words that can catch the eyeball of the user most. If you have some valuable things for free, then "free" can be used as your magic weapon. But unfortunately, we don’t want many things for free. The word "new" suggests good use. In addition, how, suddenly, today, announced, the introduction, here, the latest arrival, the significant development and improvement, and create a great sensation, amazing, amazing, history, an epoch-making miracles, magic, as the acme of perfection and dedication, fast, simple, needs, challenges, and advise the truth, honesty >

The fuse is broken, but the idea of standing is all right

The night before

wrote the article, the family melted through the fuse because of the excessive use of electricity and broke it…… Ten minutes of tossing and turning, and finally sit in front of the computer. But writing half of the program is completely rewritten.

well, do not write, since God will not let you complete this program, it will naturally have his truth, not Nitian trip!? quietly think of the last time seems to be scrapped, always in perfect drilling site features the horn lane to pull out.

stopped to think carefully about it! Do stand is nothing more than to make money (99% of the owners are basically the same idea!?), seen so much money ability is stronger than superman’s website (don’t seem to feel shy, Superman will make money: -)), a preliminary summary, these can make money the website is nothing more than three models — that is a unique resource model, function model and eye pattern.

1, first talk about the unique resources — such type of website to make money is certain, imagine if your website is dedicated to selling star undershirt (a metamorphosis, ha ha), so you don’t want to make money is difficult, but we are civilians and the poor, there is a unique resource, is not afraid of people have (take a bath every day rub down from the body of the two pounds of mud will have to


2, we can’t do the unique resource type, then we can only do the latter two.

first look for functional ones – big ones we can’t do, such as portals, mailbox services, and large communities (don’t say you want to be SNS too, or save your breath!). Small, small can do a lot, such as pig Witkey network (, such as gJj (, fast allusion net such as webmaster nets (, such as 51 (, these are examples of success, their success is to seize part of the needs of users, thus developed to meet the needs of this part of the demand of users website.

3, and the last kind of eyeball type – tend to capture the public eye in a short time, so

relies on selling its own products or selling ads to earn revenue. Such websites from the birth of the network,

is constantly emerging, such as the recent foreign Mini City (, the domestic four words

gold (, and some millions of squares and so forth.

now, I have decided not to stand blindly for a while and set my mind to see what kind of function I can give to some Internet users, or which way I can attract the attention of some Internet users.

A little confused the sentiment,

didn’t talk rubbish, what logic.

Wang Jialun about my long three years Blog Road

when rumors of blogging are going to close, the idea that blogs are dead has spread to the Internet, and at the same time, when SNS is hot, it makes everyone think that blogs are out of date. But as a continuous three years writing the blog, the author insists that the blog in China is still in rapid development, failure is the reason comprehensive mode with the team, related to the blog application still have a brilliant future.

2005 blog just came out, the author began to write on the DONEWS platform blog, and their articles are often recommended home page or reprint. After the start of the earliest blog LBLOG blog system set up the domain name registration, after LBLOG stops updating for ZBLOG system has been updated to insist on my blog now, from the statistical view three years wrote a total of more than 400 articles, on average every three days a. Through personal blog, I know all the Internet colleagues from all over the country, and also through the blog, I personally have a certain reputation in the Internet industry. It will be a great help to my future work. At the same time, through the blog to become famous, find a job, find a start-up partner, find investors, such cases are countless.

blog, that is, network log, is to record personal mood on the Internet, diaries and reading summary. I think of him as a personal online business card, just as the enterprise through the establishment of enterprise web site, so that the outside world is easier to understand the enterprise. If you want to know someone, go to see his blog. Everyone has the need to express himself. Blog applications just meet this need. In the early 99 years when the NetEase provided free space, most people used the original purpose is to show personal hobbies and articles.

Most of the current application of blog

is similar to the BSP mode of, this pattern is simply to provide a space and a set of templates, convenient for users to log, it ignores another big Internet applications – dating. The existence of the Internet makes it possible for us to broaden our interpersonal networks and meet more like-minded friends. And BSP’s independent blog is relatively weak about how to make the blog closer to each other. Each blog is like a relatively independent island. It’s hard to link up. Many authors actively seek blogs with common interests, and then contact each other for QQ and become friends. Therefore, the emergence of SNS will let people feel the blog is outdated, but closed community mode SNS makes his personal center to become the current domestic network name card, for users of the SNS still regard him as a platform for making friends and gaming platform, so SNS is not possible for the blog.

if someone can provide a platform or tool to different BSP and independent blog linked to each other, I believe it will greatly improve the development of blog, especially to reduce the domain cost makes more and more independent blog, trackback is actually a very good connection between blog tools, but because he used up more trouble the problems and the arrival rate.

Yellow 5 years, I sold online for five years adult supplies

1. Yellow 5 years – Fun shop those things

03 years from the beginning in January, up to now, 5 years from the hall, I a person, to the development of the 20 employees. Chunshuitang, is a fun shop name. In January 03, the name was born. At that time, still in the old section of the company, known as the village head of Zhongguancun, worked, when the passion had been exhausted, and knew that it was time for him to leave, so he began to plan the site.

next to the female colleagues turned over face said: chunshuitang? And jack heavy website. Bulkhead – immediately fainted like a few days name, actually, at that time, I only know A Gui, chunshuitang. Later, know that Taiwan is a famous teahouse, spring water. Many people first heard the name feel X L, ha ha, the river flows to the East, plus fun supplies in this industry, Lenovo is a rogue.

interviewed the Taiwan Zhongtian television station in 05 and asked the meaning of the name. I said, is intended to take on the word: love the first wind, blow a pond. I cited Yuanyang fragrant path, hand through Hong Rui let me happy… Most… A compliment, I have become the Chinese Academy of Sciences doctoral university students said: you entrepreneurs to create jobs, to contribute to the society, is the most real. Because it is a service industry, so many employees are young girls, at the end of the interview, always ask: do you have boyfriend? In fact tactfully asked: sexual experience? Because of the numerous times reported that female students encounter interview harassment, so, lest they be as one of the interview harassment. Because it’s a terrible thing for her and the company to have someone who has no sexual experience to do the spice industry.

08 years, the economy is in recession, a lot of friends doing business are in trouble, a lot of friends in work, where the enterprise is also in trouble. It is one of my great contributions to an employee who can maintain the employment of 20 people in the company. Inflation, recession, followed by the inevitable increase in unemployment. Yellow is one of the seven colors of nature. Yellow is yellow.

2. on the yellow boat – like these things,


91 years, freshman, the newspaper reported the first of stores the story of Adam and Eve, felt very fresh, unexpected, even in the heart sowed the seeds of.2000, was thrown out of the Internet bubble, when the company has 500 thousand, one of my partner & quot; you put the rest of the money and the computer away, " myself from evil mercenary world free, free to connect to the Internet to go to Internet cafes.

in the Internet bar removed after a month, finally the day before August 15, and the boss a "welcome to dispatch", let me in the 1 years after the return to entrepreneurial career. 1 years later, pay off personal debts, switch to Zhongguancun village head of the company, 1 years later, finally unable to endure, and then began to think, start it. Start thinking about what to do