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Three highways in our province will be opened to traffic next year

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this year, under the protection of about 20000000000 Yuan investment, the province’s transportation construction and achieve leapfrog development. Tea card to Golmud high-speed beltway, Xining, South Yashenga to Tongren has been basically completed high-speed roadbed engineering, was opened to traffic next year; and the little people to gorge, Kawaguchi to River home and a number […]

Three into a new growth point of employment in our province

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reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department learned that this year, the province’s employment continued to maintain a stable and good momentum. At the end of March, the province’s urban employment 15 thousand and 200; urban unemployed employment 7257 people; employment 436 thousand and 200 people labor transfer of agricultural and pastoral […]

This holiday 95 thousand people take the opportunity to travel

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This year’s National Day holiday seven days, Xining airport a total of flight protection of 780 sorties, transporting passengers of about 95 thousand passengers, compared with last year’s National Day period grew by 3% and 4.4%.

Provincial and municipal health institutions to do a good job of influenza a H1N1 influenza preventi

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the afternoon of May 4th and the morning of 5, the province’s response to influenza a H1N1 joint prevention and control work coordination group responsible person jointly with the Department of health emergency office, disease control department, medical department responsible person to the provincial hospital for infectious diseases, disease prevention and control center and the […]

Wang Qinmin, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee to investigate the development of non-pub

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6 month 19 days to 21 days, the vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the National Federation Chairman Wang Qinmin to youth research, attended the seventeenth session of the youth fair Huanhu third electric vehicles challenge the opening ceremony of the seventeenth session of the youth fair of private enterprises, Hong Kong and Taiwan […]

The whole system of professional management of tax sources in an orderly manner

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The day before, Xining tax system tax professional management work in the District, a comprehensive and orderly implementation day before, Xining tax system tax professional management work in the District, a comprehensive and orderly implementation. is a district, the timely convening of tax professional management work mobilization meeting, the specialized management of tax sources will […]

The depth into the The Belt and Road Zhang Jianmin attended the forum held

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One of the important activities of as the seventeenth Green Fair, depth into the "The Belt and Road forum held in Xining yesterday. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin attended. depth into the "The Belt and Road forum organized by the Qinghai provincial government, the provincial development and Reform Commission, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai […]

Xining metropolis financial circles gradually formed the development of financial institutions activ

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regardless of key projects or development of small and micro enterprises, can quickly get financing; large domestic and foreign financial institutions on the future development potential can be quickly settled, and flourishing"…… The financial development of a city is not only a symbol of strength, but also a reflection of urban development potential. November 28th, […]