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Nine Shanghai Dragon effectively improve secret chain persistence and stability of the

          website optimization cannot leave the chain, which is recognized the fact that each Shanghai dragon er. But the chain can only keep stable long-term let website ranking stability, so how to effectively enhance the lasting of the chain and stability? The author is engaged in Shanghai dragon industry for more than a year, according to my experience, summed up the following three methods and to share with you.
A, to write soft, the chain of long-term and effective

Love Shanghai MIP strong incoming Biao take you up

observer network query to August last year, with the launch of Facebook interactive media content creation tools Instant Articles, greatly enhance the mobile web performance, Google also launched a mobile web acceleration project Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


at present, mobile web page loading problem is slow, error, reading difficulties, interactive anomaly, mobile web experience poor are likely to cause the loss of customers. In this era of "power, experience is king of mobile Internet, can give users a comfortable experience is essential.

said Google AMP, the page loading speed is four times more than non AMP page. It is reported that the domestic search giant also love Shanghai for Google AMP studied, launched a mobile Web accelerator MIP (Mobile Instant pages) their.

earlier media reports, Facebook launched Instant Article, increased 20% hits, 70% reduction up, increased 30% share; and Google launched Accelerated Mobile Page, after the Washington Post use the increased amount of 30% users. The "Wall Street journal", "New York Times", "Financial Times", BBC, Buzzfeed and other dozens of publishers and technology companies involved in the project.

love MIP, by reducing the size of the pages, from the search results complete faster page loading, make web pages open instantly on mobile devices, browsing experience is not less than the original App. There had been a Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, the aim is to enhance the browsing speed.

observer network October 28th news today, people demand for mobile experience is also rising. I believe everyone will encounter a similar situation, if you use a mobile phone to search news waiting for a long time will feel impatient, slow loading time will be directly off the page. This is why love Shanghai launched MIP project. In October 27th, Shanghai VIP webmaster love auditorium and Changsha dragon station was held in Hangzhou, the theme is love Shanghai’s new MIP technology.

Gao Lei said, visit Faceboo>

According to the Shanghai

love in search of Shanghai senior technical manager Gao Lei at the meeting quoted two Google share data: mobile users are using APP for 27 months, while Android users on both the access WAP sites in more than 100. This shows that the use of APP saturation, WAP page is an important carrier of the mobile terminal.


How to find the keywords SEM B2C platform


for 1.3) here, because the cake industry is really do not know, do not know what are the cake alternatives, so give some examples of other industries, such as 1 cases: when we search in iPhone, then some iPhone high imitation products such as ciphone, hiphone often use "typical" the way to appear in search results (this in some C2C search in the most obvious cases: 2); there is such an example in the B2C industry, we fall in love.

Step one:

at the same time, in each of the above steps, can be divided into several small steps, when we enter the second logic level. For example, in the first logic level "1) keywords" you know this step, but also can be divided into: 1.1) with its own product oriented; 1.2) to industry product oriented; 1.3) to coexist and replacer oriented; 1.4) above the downstream industry chain oriented; 1.5) other some small steps, etc.. Of course, here is not to say that in the first logic level from 1 to 5)) contains the same small steps.

Step two:

B2C platform SEM how to find and set keywords, has been a problem in the SEM specialist headache, feel every word of every word can be set, and can not set a

here back to the text, how to search for keywords, I am here to put it into three big logic level, as shown below:


for the first level of logic, it is divided into the following steps. 1) according to its own products, use your common sense, lists some of the words; 2) by asking around friends, peers, customers get some keywords; 3) get some keywords through competition website; 4) with the help of some professional keyword analysis tools such as Wordtracker for further mining; 5) other methods.

on how to find the keywords, light theory, it is difficult to let everyone know. Here, with his actual case to show its. In the B2C website to sell cake online for everyone to come to this, any similarity is purely coincidental.

needs to pay attention, because I no experience in cake industry, is not associated with the industry professionals to exchange, so in this paper the cake should be how to optimize the B2C website, I just closed doors, mainly by my conjecture, so many places may and does not match the actual.

why want to use the method to search for keywords? For 1.1) and 1.2) is better understood, over here. So here we are from "1.3) to coexist and replacer oriented oriented" began to speak.


Love Shanghai gradually cancel the referer keyword display effect extension words and statistics on

by the way, CNZZ provides real-time visitor records of the last 7 days, Shanghai still slightly more powerful than love some statistics.

visitors only love Shanghai statistics, in addition to search words, and key account information, we can look at.

and Lenovo in May 15th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement says it will gradually cancel the referer keyword display, Shanghai love this change led directly to the website visitors part of search words cannot directly display.

2. for the antecedents of visitors, may be part of business cannot be displayed in the search word. To find these conversations in the IP information, statistics analysis, love Shanghai trend to find visitors in real time, and then determine the search term.

3. if you want to bid the flow of real-time monitoring of the search term, may need to constantly refresh the real-time visitor information statistics of Shanghai love.

before the business, if you see with bidding marked traffic, will easily point down the source link, so that you can know the situation of the qualifying search terms of your account. Of course, the premise is the need to switch into their IP and aim to promote regional consistency.


love Shanghai statistics now only record the last 500 time visitors details, so if you compare big website bidding flow, it is best to do the work as soon as possible, or when a few days and then check the data may have been covered.

here I put the bidding self-study network in May 17th in the same period, the search word report statistics, CNZZ, Shanghai love business made a comparison, as shown in figure

business bulletin table: 20 search words, visiting 36 times

Real time



1. bidding extension word with love Shanghai statistical data as the standard, CNZZ and business data may appear relatively large deviation.

can see, because love Shanghai to cancel the referer keyword display, led directly to the CNZZ and business statistics to search words cannot record some visitors.

come to talk about, this adjustment brought some influence and auction website statistics to us.


love Shanghai statistics: 40 search terms were visiting 75 times

CNZZ:21, a search term, visit the 43

recently found that this period of time, many business access sources are shown as " [Links]: www.baidu贵族宝贝", click on this link directly back to the Shanghai love home, but can not see any search term.

How to improve the search engine of the website content included the proportion

web content to the original, but the original is not equal to high quality

the content of a web site to be included in search engines, then this site must be search engine spiders crawl and climb, with the search engine on the web is more and more strict, is now very low part of the web site search engine, such as the traditional blog site if a few days do not update then the search engine spiders will be gone for ever, so as an ordinary webmaster we must improve the spider crawling rate, what is web content were monitored every day to grab a spider, the two is an analysis of why spiders crawl these pages, the three is to create conditions for the new web content more spider crawl. Do these three points we can enter the Everfount web spider.

many webmaster think that as long as their website content is original, so that a search engine will be included your web site, but in fact it is not a website original content is just a prerequisite for the search engine website content, more search engines see the website content relevance, freshness, vitality, do the three point search engine can be included in my station, so when we edit website content to let the site content and site related theme, and make the content of the website has a fresh, if can appear some of the Internet there have been no views or opinions, so these contents included will be higher.

website content to be included, the spider is included

static and dynamic equality, but the static than dynamic more easily included

website has been the focus of attention of the webmaster, compared with the traditional chain, the importance of the content is to enhance the search engine, the face of today’s Web site included status, as a webmaster and how to improve the search engine of the website content included ratio? The author detailed talk.


search engine from the public information point of view, the static and dynamic address are equal, but do not necessarily, collected from the current site, static website 90% included are included in the site better than dynamic, indicating that the search engine more love static web site, so we in the site before online will your site static or pseudo static, so that the entire site has a good collection of foundation, of course if your site is now dynamic does not matter, through the pseudo static code can also be completely transformed into a static address, hope that the webmaster to use static web pages, it contains only to ensure.

web content indexed by search engines is a lot of concerns, but from the current owners reflect the situation, most of the website content can not be recognized by search engines, the content does not recognize but due to various reasons, and want to let search engine to improve the website content included the proportion must start from many.


Although the

The web site is down right how to do data analysis

optimization is the three major search engines, each has their own rules of the ranking algorithm, but the core is to improve the user experience, to address the needs of users for the purpose, if your site is only for the Shanghai dragon to create content, so the user experience is poor, and the bounce rate is high that can not solve the needs of users, to experience the love of nature is also poor, Shanghai will not give good rankings and weight, so reflect the site right down is the most intuitive search engine rankings included and the decline of IP data, this time we should be the first time to the search engine ranking status collection, data analysis, find out and solve the problem.

in order to let the webmaster to create a higher quality of the website, webmaster exchange platform launched their own love Shanghai and 360 Sogou respectively, the webmaster only need to verify your site on the platform, we can understand that the new search engine algorithm and dynamic, can also learn the latest data on the platform (website the main web search show, the chain chain, etc.) if you stand on these problems, Webmaster Platform will push the relevant notice, this time it is necessary to analyze the investigation on its own website, to avoid the drop right, if you have the right to be reduced, it can also analyze the investigation of recent data.

web site server stability has an important influence on the website rankings and included, server instability will lead to slow or unable to access the website loading speed, do not say first of user experience is not good but more importantly will lead to abnormal long-term is crawling, spider friendly degree, would eventually lead to drop right. In this regard, I believe the use of foreign server webmaster is the most experience of the foreign server although cheap, but its stability is poor, often can not access or load the page is very slow, I have tried to use the Hongkong server station group, and several web sites are on the same server, because the server is not stable, and communicate with suppliers to no avail, resulting in 4 of 5 of the weight of the website is K, then, my heart was almost collapse, which saw the server stability on the site is very important.

2. Webmaster Platform data analysis

3. server data analysis

three search engine analysis


also is the site of the log server: Web log is recorded in the website operation record and search engine users, access to records, can understand the situation through the website IIS analysis tools, from the analysis of the data can also be down right before and after the web site is down right after the previous.

with the search engine update algorithm, Shanghai dragon Er pressure is also growing, not only improve the rankings included difficulty increases, the slightest mistake will hit love Shanghai dragnet causing the site to drop right, with superior and later large restoration work pressure, the website down right after the resumption of work to in this paper, and share with everyone: right down the website how to do data analysis and processing of

receiptAt present, our main object

The seasonal fluctuation and forecast hot site keywords

(original article, please indicate the author: 贵族宝贝xadmg贵族宝贝

and a few days ago Zhou Kehua was killed the news to some sites has brought a lot of traffic. In today’s highly developed network era, not the lack of hot news, all kinds of incident powder debut, how to see and capture these high traffic keywords is our webmaster to do some homework.

How to forecast the trend of

keywords, some keywords will fluctuate with the social hot spots, such as held a few days before the 2012 Olympic Games Forum, the words very engage in 2012 July search, but now the heat is much less than before, as shown below:

website keyword search index is not immutable and frozen, with the seasons, popular trend, and some other factors change. As before the television, sewing machine, DVD and some other words have less attention. Even if there is a high ranking website will not give much traffic. With the passage of time, the keyword search volume decreased, so your site keywords to do some changes along with the change of time, in order to cope with change. In these factors, seasonal fluctuation is the most obvious, also is the holiday and other words. In the love of Shanghai index is easy to see that this change, we have to "spring" as an example in Shanghai love index as shown below:

is the largest in the first month of 2012 to March of the search, this is the concrete manifestation of a word changes with time, as the "winter" index

of course through the hot words over the flow does not necessarily have the sales conversion rate, therefore not suitable for all sites. As our website is an electronic mall selling products, we introduce too much traffic brings hot social independent, how to sell the transformation, it depends on how we put their products and the introduction of the news, a certain logical connection. If the parties are unable to contact, flow into such is of no significance, unless you are linked to GGAD or click on the ads website.





is the highest index in 2011 10-12 months, we can conclude that the index is in under the influence of seasonal fluctuation is big, moreover is seasonal specific related products, such as the summer: Chiffon dress, t-shirt. Such as: winter coats, leather, cashmere coat etc.. Keywords, such as moon cake festival, the college entrance examination, dumplings, these products. A lesson in how to grasp the sales is our webmaster to do.

Keywords ranking stability is the key to play fast and loose

is the result of the website space, website inside some walking sites involved, recently moved to the other space, slowly improved, but still the snapshot is slow, it is only September 21st, but still have the keyword ranking, may also need a period of time slowly improved the website to slowly recover weight. Based on the keywords ranking unstable phenomenon, I think it should be an antidote against the disease situation is stable, keywords.

Hello, I am Shanghai attracting network. Love Shanghai algorithm changes sometimes mean the mood of the webmaster, this is not a year or so, recently keyword ranking fluctuation is very large, sometimes after the home page, and dropped to 100, when the site snapshot, site keywords ranking is very good, is in the first page of the top position, when no time to snapshot, almost all in 100, and this phenomenon has experienced a period of several months, a few weeks before the love Shanghai snapshot returned to August 21st, serious correction, keywords immediately disappeared.

Through the analysis of

by a love of Shanghai period, keywords ranking is relatively good ranking is more difficult, especially some of the more popular keywords, cannot say casually appear good rankings, and if the site keywords appear large fluctuation, we can carry out a full range of inspection on the site, such as the stability of the chain, now love Shanghai for this requirement is relatively high, if the chain lost too much, will cause the site to drop right, keywords ranking drop is inevitable, in addition to some other factors such as server, site security etc..

three months after the station ranking is not stable

love Shanghai for new sites keywords ranking seems to have a care stage, although it is new sites in low weight, but the keyword ranking will get a good ranking, but the good ranking won’t have too long time, generally have a maximum of about a month, or even one or two weeks the keyword ranking will disappear for this, "normal", owners must first be prepared, do not think that it is so easy to do keyword ranking, it belongs to a normal stage, not because the keywords ranking is good or happy or sad.

how to do?

personally feel love for Shanghai recently website related domain requirements to improve the general quality of the poor will be eliminated, we should timely remedy, or once love Shanghai domain losing too much will lead to the site to drop right, for this I think the practice of the chain must pay attention to methods, not only do you love the chain for example, many webmaster love visiting the forum, often leave the link in the Forum; some owners love blog the chain; some owners to use soft Wen to promote love, these are not too single, like many webmaster said love is in the sea on the blog the chain to strengthen the management of the poor quality of some of the deleted, if it is too narrow, the site.

new sites keywords ranking unstable

how to do?

How to do the long tail keywords

1. tools. For example, Jinhua keywords development tools, development tools like Shanghai keywords, love Shanghai index, after WordNet, great data

: what is the long tail keywords

1. to prepare high quality original content, improve the amount collected

long tail keywords named Incredibles is relatively long, usually consists of 2-3 words. Sometimes it is a phrase. Long tail keywords generally exist in the website content page title and content. According to authoritative statistics, the main keywords occupies only 20% of traffic, although the long tail keywords search volume keywords core was not so much, but a long tail keywords Many a little make a mickle., with several to dozens of traffic, so it can be accounted for 80% of the total flow. And the long tail keywords competition is lower, at present there are few people who know how to optimize the long tail keywords, so system, realize the long tail keywords is a good thing for us.

3.51, cnzz and other statistical tools to observe what the customer search keywords in the.

. Long tail keywords some competition is relatively low, as long as the long tail keywords according to write a high quality of the original article, very easy to page ranking. In addition, the amount collected is fundamental to numerous keywords ranking, not included any talk about ranking, so improve the amount collected is the priority among priorities. A A5 article, ten trick to help your site quickly included, which details the rapid collection of practical measures, we can refer to.

4. free combination of long tail keywords such as: model + core keywords, keywords

2. title appears long tail keywords

believe that the Shanghai dragon have heard of the long tail theory, and target words in general with the home page optimization, long tail keywords generally exist in the web page content, although the search volume is very small, but the number of such words can be infinite, do the long tail keyword optimization, can bring huge traffic to the site for Everfount. What is the long tail keywords, how to find the long tail keywords and how to do the long tail keywords


also remind you: parity, contrast, ask the long tail keywords class and area of the search for the highest conversion rate. We can focus on the long tail keywords

2. Shanghai

two: how to find the long tail keywords

+ core area This is the basis of To optimize the long tail keywords appear to

in the title, "

love the search drop-down box and relevant search love Shanghai, this is recommended.

The use of

here I have written an article published in the A5, how to write business title allows users to quickly search for you, there are thirteen methods of how a combination of keywords, we can refer to, here is not to repeat the.

three: how to optimize the long tail keywords

Website optimization to comply with the three must

: the first must have a positive attitude


each have their own set of optimization techniques, with good success. Use well, right down to K station is a heap then. K webmaster often to the forum posts for help, there are many enthusiastic friends will put their lived experience to share one out, let them know how to restore. Since it has had mixed success. The optimization is a bottom line, are out of the K may be more than the bottom line, or on the bottom line often wandering back, leading to the search engine is unbearable, you don’t have to endure. Direct K off. So we optimize the site when the search engine to abide by the bottom line, impassable, not casually to challenge his bottom line. My personal experience, website optimization process, the three must comply with the.

and worry!

saw a small title, some people will think so, now I’m not farming, what is hard work. If you think so, is wrong! Here’s hard work is not in the traditional sense. Here refers to the hair of the chain, update the content, do Links some small details. These my personal opinion or person as do, after all, now so developed, can be replaced by software, but the software is dead, you set it, it will give you instructions according to the immutable and frozen hair. Others are directly see the advertisement, especially the chain, we are not in the chain chain! But to be more friendly to search engine. Solve all roads lead to Rome state and, for users to find our website and the pure promotion to the outside chain are not too long, maybe a month, two months, three months would fall, not up to the long-term stable condition. There is content, content update is every webmaster must do every day, there is a lot of software can be collected, but those are collected online repeatedly in a high degree, no real significance. For example, you see an article for ten times, it will look eleventh times? Unless the brain >

must work hard

website optimization spell is patience. Who stick to the end, who is the winner. Is not a saying? The last laugh is the biggest winner! So we do stand is the same. Stick, is a must do the work station. Three days fishing nets two days of drying is not suitable for people to stand. Because they only have a moment of passion, think of today do stand fun, make money fast, immediately bought the domain name space. A few days later, found that the website ranking is not to go. At the beginning of the enthusiasm faded out, sometimes a few days do not look at the website. Do not stop. Rather than give up anything. So the correct attitude, when you do stand, the first thought is not how much money, but can not stick to it. Only they want to give a good planning to have a chance of success. A famous person said: there is no clear plan, what is difficult to succeed! Website optimization mentality is the most important, and is included or not up, not included